"Home for the Holidays" One shot contest

Title: Welcome Home

Author(s): FrogQueenLaurel

Rating: M

Pairing: Japser/Bella/Emmett

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but wish Jasper was mine.

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A/N: Just a quick thanks for GGTwinmom2006 for helping me come up with the idea for this story!


This has been the longest flight of my life. The final stretch. The last leg of my journey home to my family. I have been on one plane or another over the past few days getting from Iraq back to Washington. For good. I have finally finished my second enlistment and I can get on with my life. The life I planned with the ones I love most in this world.

After what seems like forever, they finally announce that we can disembark. I jump up out of my seat and open the overhead compartment to grab my carry on. As I close the compartment door, an older man comes up to me and offers me his hand. I take it and he shakes it vigorously. "I just wanted to thank you young man for your service."

"You're welcome sir." I see the tattoo on the inside of his arm. "Thank you as well." Before the words were even out of my mouth, the people in the cabin start applauding me despite my insistence that they really didn't need to. With all modesty, I just wave at them, my head down and walk off the plane.

The walk down the gangway leading to the terminal is torture. I swear it's getting longer and longer. I pick up my pace until I am at a full out run. Finally there at the end of the walkway is the most incredible sight I have ever seen. It stops me in my tracks just to take it in. There isn't a piece of art, a photograph, a painting that has ever or will ever capture the beauty of this vision. My family is standing there waiting for me. The three people who I love more than my own life. Two I am intimately familiar with, one is brand new and a mystery to me, but I love them all the same.

My Bella, my wife. She's the woman of my dreams. She's more beautiful than my memory allowed me to remember. Her dark waves surround her face. Her lips are curled up in that breathtaking smile that first caught my attention all those years ago. Her deep brown eyes are talking to me already. They are telling me how much she loves me too. I could never make it through this life without her, and God willing, I will never have to try. She is my lifeline, the one who has gotten me through my darkest days. She is also the one who has given me the greatest gift ever.

Then there is our Emmett. Our unexpected blessing. He came into our lives and made us whole when we didn't even know we weren't. He stands there a foot and a half over our Bella. His arm around her shoulder proudly, holding her close. His face is beaming from love. Over the last five years, he has given me more than any man possibly could. More trust, more support, more love. I never in a million years thought I could or would love a man other than as a friend or family member, but Emmett changed my whole way of thinking about love.

Then I see him and I can't hold back the tears. Our pride and joy. Jackson McCarty Whitlock. Our son. The child of all of our love. Today is the first time I have actually seen him without the interference of a webcam lens and thousands of miles. His little three month old arms and legs are just flailing as his gorgeous mother holds him tightly. She looks down at him, her free hand rubbing his cheek. She says something that calms him down and he snuggles into her.

I can't stand it anymore and I run the last ten feet into their arms. They throw themselves into me and we all stand there crying, holding each other. Jackson lets out a little peep and catches our attention. We all laugh a little as we ever so slightly loosen our embraces.

"Oh Jasper. I can't believe you're home." Bella says through her tears. I gently touch her face and bend down to kiss her for the first time in about a year. Oh how I missed those lips.

"Yes darlin'. I'm home and I'm not going to leave you," I look up at Emmett then back down into her eyes, "any of you again." I lean my head down and kiss her again. "I love you. I can't tell you how much."

I reach up and pull Emmett into a tight hug so I can whisper in his ear. "I love you too baby. I wish I could kiss you, but this would have to do for now..." I kiss his sensitive spot directly behind his ear. Before he lets me go, he whispers, "I know my hero. I love you too. I'm just so glad you're home." He squeezes me before letting me go.

"Jasper, it's high time you met our son." Bella raises her arms to hand me Jackson. I immediately reach out my hands for him, cradling him into the crook of my left elbow. He is so tiny, so precious. I knew I loved him from the moment I heard Bella was pregnant, but what I am feeling in this moment is indescribable. He looks up at me with his mother's thoughtful eyes. "Hello Jackson. I know you don't know me yet, but you're are so precious to me. I love you, my son." Jackson squeals in my arms making us all laugh.

"Come on Soldier, let's get you home." Emmett says picking up my bag, leading us toward baggage claim. I walk with pride through the terminal with our son in one arm and my other arm around Bella. Emmett walks on the other side of me with his hand on my neck, his fingers stroking the exposed skin. He asks what bag to look for on the carousel and tells me and Bella to go sit on the bench to wait for him.

"Bella he's so gorgeous. He's perfection. How did the three of us get so lucky?" I ask not taking my eyes off of Jackson's.

"We're just blessed." She smiles at the two of us.

"Yes we are. In so many ways." I look up into her tear filled eyes. "Bella, we are going have a great life now. No more separations. You, me, Emmett and Jackson. One big, happy family all under one roof."

She smiles that smile again. "I know and I couldn't be happier."

"So tell me, what's the plan for Christmas? I assume we're going to my parent's again this year."

"Of course. Do you think Esme would let us spend Christmas anywhere else? Especially since she's a grandmother now?"

I laugh at the ridiculousness of my question. "You're right. How silly of me to think otherwise. At least we get a day alone before heading over there."

Emmett walks over to us with my bags in his hands. "Ready to go?"

"Yes sir. I need to get out of these fatigues and into you two." I wink at them and they both smile knowingly. "I love him dearly and want to spend time with him but please tell me someone is watching this little guy tonight." I beg them.

Emmett bends down and whispers in my ear. "We could never deprive you of one more night, babe." He stands back up, motioning with his head for us to follow him. We head out to the short term parking and find his new Escalade. "So this is your newest toy." I say in awe of the beautiful black SUV.

"Yeah. It's big enough to haul the family type stuff, but still cool enough for me to protect my rep!" He lets out his deep belly laugh that I have missed so much. He opens up the back and puts my bags in while I strap Jackson into his carseat. I go to climb into the backseat with him and Bella stops me.

"Why don't you sit up front with Emmett." she smiles at me.

"Thanks darlin'." I cup her face in my hands and pull her in for a kiss. Before I can help it, my tongue is sweeping across her lips and she automatically parts them for it. Our kiss is way to passionate for public, but honestly I could care less. It has been a year since I have had my mouth on hers. I can hear cat calls from across the garage followed by "Welcome Home Soldier!" I pull back from my wife and without breaking eye contact I wave in the direction of the voices and yell "Thank You."

From the front seat, Emmett clears his throat. "I'd like to get home so I can get my kiss too please." We all laugh. I kiss the tip of Bella's nose and help her up into the back seat before shutting the door for her. I get in the front seat and look around and see no one around. I put my hand on Emmett's cheek and lean across the center console.

"You don't have to wait until we get home, baby." Emmett smiles his dimple bearing smile and leans to me. Our lips are like magnets and are instantly molded together, moving in sync, miraculously forgetting the past year that they hadn't touched. I feel his large, masculine hands pull me closer as his tongue finds its way into my mouth. We continue to get reacquainted with one another until we are both desperate for air. We separate just far enough to look into the other's eyes. Blue looking into hazel. 'I love you' we mouth the words as we have come accustomed to doing in public. As much as we aren't ashamed of our love, we know there are still some canons of society that we go against. With me being in the Army, we always needed to be careful.

"Let's get home. I need a shower." I say.

"Here's the thing..." Emmett starts. "There are a few people waiting at the house to welcome you home. Nothing too big, just your folks, Edward and Alice and Rose and Jacob. Charlie couldn't make it. He has to but in his hours today and tomorrow so he can have Christmas day off. Jackson will be going home with your parents for tonight and tomorrow and we'll head to their house at some point tomorrow night to spend the night and wake up there Christmas morning. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. I hope no one plans on staying too long though." I can't help but grin.

"Oh I'm pretty sure they understand you need your rest." Even Bella can't keep a straight face on that one.

We pull in the driveway just as Jackson starts fussing loudly. "Perfect timing. It's time for him to eat." Bella announces as she pulls him from his seat and hands him to me while she grabs his diaper bag and climbs down from the backseat. I quickly kiss his tiny forehead then kiss his mother's before she walks off to the house with him. I walk to the back of the SUV where Emmett is already pulling out my bags. I reach out and grab a handful of his round but tight ass. His years as a football player gave him is physique. His current career as a team physician for the Seahawks afforded him the opportunity to use the team's training facilities to keep it up. I am so proud of him. He's no dumb jock, that's for sure.

"I love your hands on me, but we have a houseful of people waiting to see you. We can continue this later." He says as he closes the back door and sneaking a quick kiss. We each grab a bag in one hand, and the other's hand with the other and make the walk to the front door. "You ready, babe?" He asks me. I take a deep breath and nod my head. He lets go of my hand and reaches out to open the door to the deafening sound of my family yelling "WELCOME HOME!!!!" and rushing to hug me.

After a little while of getting hugs and handshakes from my adopted parents, Carlisle and Esme, their son, my brother Edward and his wife Alice and Emmett's sister Rosalie and her husband Jacob, I look around for my girl and our son. "Where's Bella?" I ask.

My mother tells me, "She went up to the nursery to feed the baby." and kisses me on the cheek.

I bound up the stairs and head over to the guest room turned nursery and I am floored by the awe-inspiring site in front of me. There in the rocking chair is my wife breastfeeding our son. It's so natural and so beautiful. I can't help but just stand and take it in.

I feel a gentle hand on my waist and breath in my ear. "Isn't it breathtaking? I can never get enough of watching them. She's so natural with our son. They really do have a special bond." My love whispers to me.

"I don't think there is anything more beautiful. Nothing could be." I whisper back.

"How about her holding our daughter?" He chuckles.

"Possibly, but how about we give her a chance to heal a bit more." I turn my head to kiss his cheek as he moves to go back downstairs to our guests. I quietly slip into the room and kneel at Bella's side to get a close up view of Jackson suckling his mother's breast. His little grunts bring a big grin to my face. I reach out to play with the tufts of dark hair curled around his tiny head.

"He talks with his mouth full." I find myself whispering. Bella looks up at me absolutely glowing. She takes my breath away. "You have always been the most beautiful woman I know, but motherhood has just upped the ante a million fold." She lifts her chin for a kiss. Jackson makes one last tiny grunt as he releases his mother. She looks down at his sleepy face while she readjusts her clothing. "You know, our beloved Emmett is already talking about our daughter?" I ask her.

"He's been talking about having a daughter since this little guy took his first breath. His heart is in the right place even if his timing sucks." She laughs. "Let me change his diaper then why don't you sit here with him while he goes to sleep."

"I'll change his diaper momma. Go on downstairs and I'll be down after I put him down for his nap." She looks at me with a shocked look.

"I'm not going to ask if you're sure because you may change your mind. Call me if you need me!" She kisses us both quickly on our cheeks and practically skips out of the room.

"Well big guy, it's just you and me for a little while. Let's get you out of that stinky diaper and then we'll have a chat okay?" I swear he coos at me in response to my question. "You are the most handsome little man I have ever laid eyes on. Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I think it is probably because you look so much like your amazing momma." I lay him on the changing table and set about the task of changing his diaper.

"All done," I announce after changing and redressing him. I take him back over and sit in the rocking chair his mother just vacated. "I sure hope you have been a good boy for your momma. She deserves you to take it easy on her. She works hard then comes home and takes care of all of us. But now I'm home and I will be handling a lot of that. I am going to stay home for a while and catch up on the missing time I had with you. I'm only sorry I missed watching you grow in Mommy's tummy." I can't help myself from leaning down and kissing his forehead, taking in his scent with a deep, lingering breath. I find myself rocking before I even notice, and Jackson settles into my chest and falls asleep.

It takes me somewhere close to twenty minutes before I even want to get up from my chair where I am simply staring at our miracle, but I finally need to go and see my family and grab some food. So I gently stand up and walk over to his crib, laying him quietly down. He stirs slightly, but curls up and finds his sleeping rhythm.

I start to escape down the stairs when Bella bumps into me, upset. "Hey baby, what's wrong?" I ask as I grab her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Jasper. I know you just got home and I was supposed to have the next week off, but they are calling in all trauma personnel to the hospital. Apparently there is some sort of mass shooting and stand-off at Pikes Place. I have no details, just that they need us all in now. I'm so sorry to leave you all." She is practically crying as she runs into our room to change her clothes.

"Shhhh don't apologize baby. I completely understand. Just go be the hero you are. Save some lives then come back home to us." I sit on the bed to watch her change.

"No, YOU'RE the hero." She dashes into the closet as she strips her dressier clothes and changes into a set of burgundy scrubs.

I gently grab her arm from reaching for her Crocs and pull her up to face me. "DO NOT ever doubt you are a hero every time you step foot into that trauma room. You bring people back to life from the brink. You give people back their loved ones. You save parents for their children." I can see the tears welling up in her eyes.

She sniffles and quietly says, "Thank you, Jasper."

Once she is ready, I take her hand and we walk downstairs together. She makes her way around the room to say her goodbyes. She tells everyone that she'll see them sometime tomorrow night as long as this standoff is resolved.

Emmett and I walk her to the garage where her Audi is parked. She hugs and kisses us both then gets in.

"Okay. I love you. I have to go." She says sadly. I back away into Emmett's arms as she slowly backs her car out and drives away. Emmett holds me tightly as we watch her taillights fade into the dark. Neither of us goes to move from our spot in the quiet garage both of us wanting to gather our thoughts.

After a few moments, I sigh and turn around to look into Emmett's masculine yet childlike face. "It really is too bad that we have all that company upstairs, you know. I honestly just want to be alone."

"Alone?" Emmett flashes me a full lip pout, but his eyes are as playful as always.

"You know what I mean. Don't get all sensitive on me." I reach around and give him a smack on his ass. He in turn grabs my face and pulls me in not so gently for a full force Emmett kiss. I swear I hear him growl as our tongues collide without any warning. This kiss, tells us it is time to start kicking everyone out as politely as possible so we can say our proper hellos. Just then, as if on cue, my mother clears her throat at the door. "It's getting kind of late and we'd like to get the baby to our house before too much longer. Can you two please come up and spend a little time with us before we go? I haven't even really gotten to see my son yet." She is actually teasing us. She gets some sort of silly thrill out of catching Emmett and I show such love to each other. I really am a very lucky man to have a family that doesn't judge, but rather wants everyone in it to be as happy as they possibly can and if that means being in a loving relationship with more than one person, then so be it!

"We hear you mom. Give me one more minute to ask Emmett something real quick and then we'll be up for you to lavish your motherly love on me. Deal?" I laugh.

"One minute. Then I'll send Alice down to get you."

"Fair enough." She closes the door. I face my man again.

"Whats wrong babe?" He asks me.

"I was wondering why you guys didn't decorate the house for Christmas? I know it's Bella's favorite and with it being Jackson's first I just assumed she'd go over the top this year."

"Our schedules got completely out of hand here in the last month with the team issues and her going back to work. Plus we have been spending more time at your mom's house than here so we just never got to it. We just enjoyed the decorations your mom always does." He clasps my hand in his and starts walking toward the door leading into the house. "But I did catch her a few times looking at the corner where we usually put up the tree and looking kind of sad."

I stop him from walking into the family room where everyone is sitting and talking, waiting for us. "Why don't we decorate for her before she gets home? I'd like to do something special for her. Especially after the night I'm sure she's going to have."

"That's a great idea babe. Once they are gone, we'll pull the boxes out and get to work." He kisses me again quickly then we walk into the room to a round of cheers from our family.


The family left the house shortly after we had joined them in the room when Jackson woke up and started getting fussy. He was all packed up and ready to go already including a cooler full of bottles of pumped milk.

Emmett and I step finally step back and take a look at the labor of our last two hours. "It's not as beautiful as when Bella does it, but it still says Christmas." I say observantly.

"Yes it does. She's gonna love it!" He's always so damn happy, just one of the many things I love about him.

"Let's get these empty boxes put away so we can get upstairs. I still really need a shower." We start to pick up the boxes and other containers and take them out to the shelves in the garage. Before too long, we are heading upstairs. My phone vibrates, signaling I have a text.

It's gonna be a long night. Go ahead and start without me. I love you both!

"Damn." I show Emmett the message. He has pretty much the same reaction.

"Emmett? Is she okay?"

"Yeah, just a little...shall we say... frustrated. Tonight must feel like the universe is totally cockblocking her." He pulls me to the bed.

"I know she's missed me but she surely can't be that horny. I mean you two could resume having sex over a month ago right?"

"Well, we could have yes." He looks at me shyly.

"Could have? Why didn't you?" I am puzzled now.

"Jasper, this may sound completely crazy to you, but she and I talked about it when you left last year and we made a decision."

"What? What did you decide? You're scaring me..."

"No need to worry baby. We just decided that since you had to sacrifice so much by being away from us, the least we could do was wait for you." He can't seem to look at me.

"Wait for me? Are you telling me...that you two...two of the most sexual people I know...waited for me? You two didn't have sex the whole year I was gone?" I am seriously in shock.

"Right. We did allow some touching and watching each other get ourselves off, but no. We did not have sex." Emmett is now looking at me with a new face of love. One that is hoping that I see the love behind the sacrifice.

"That has got to be the sweetest yet silliest thing I have ever heard. Why didn't you tell me this before?" I rest the palm of my hand on his cheek and stroke his cheekbone with my thumb.

"We didn't want you to give us any grief about it."

I can't help but chuckle now. "Okay...so how hard was it for you two?"

"The first month or so wasn't so bad. I kept reminding myself that she needed to get used to being pregnant." I look at him funny on that one. "Yeah I know the logic is flawed, but it worked. After that it started getting hard to deal with." I can't help but laugh out lout on that one. "Stop...let me finish. A pregnant woman's libido is off the charts. That's when we had to get creative, we'll show you another time. The last three months were easy since she had to heal and then our schedules exploded. Of course we had you coming home to look forward too as well so that helped."

"Oh baby, that really is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me." I scoot forward on the edge of the bed to kiss him. I pull his face harder into mine and let the pressure of our kissing build up. His hands start sliding over my sand colored t-shirt and then they fist the material to start pulling it up off of me. He starts to kiss me over my cheek and down my neck.

"Emmett, baby, I really need to take a shower first. Of course, I will need some help washing my back." I wink at him as I stand up and hold my hand out for him.

"Backs are my specialty. Lead the way." We walk into our large bathroom. We had it built paying close attention to our oversized shower. It can easily hold up to six people, though it will never be more than the three of us. It has built in benches along two walls, each a different height. One perfect to please Bella and the other the perfect height for me and Emmett.

My shirt is already discarded so I start on his as I nibble on his bottom lip. He moans loudly as his hands start stroking my back eventually finding their way to my fatigue covered ass, squeezing firmly. I end up ripping his shirt off instead of gently unbuttoning it, impatiently exposing his incredibly ripped chest. I lean down and trace the contoured outlines of the muscles with my tongue, taking a detour or two to pay special attention to his erect nipples. "Oh baby, I have missed you so much." I hear him saying. His hand reaches down to undo my belt and pants, eventually rolling my pants and underwear over my hips to fall to the floor. Thankfully I had removed my boots hours ago allowing me to just kick the clothing away from our feet.

Not be the only one standing there naked, I quickly remove his pants and boxer briefs so that we are equally bare. We step back and just look at each other for the first time in a year. We both obviously still turn each other on beyond reason because both of our cocks are so full and hard that they are both threatening to explode without even being touched. I can't help but whisper, "You are so amazing my love. I could just look at you forever." Tears start falling down my cheeks uncontrollably. "I love you so much."

He takes half a step toward me and reaches out to run his fingertips along my chest causing shivers throughout my body. "It's been so long my Soldier. Let me welcome you home." He drops his hand to take mine.

We pull each other into a very sweet, very gentle kiss. "I love you Emmett." I kiss him once more then turn to get the water started. Emmett holds me from behind and kisses all over my neck while we wait for the water to warm up. Once the steam starts surrounding us, we get under the water and each take a palmful of shower gel and start cleaning each other's bodies. Finishing my upper body, Emmett slowly slides one hand onto the back of my neck and the other starts trailing down to take my hardness and ever so slowly stroke it. I can't help the loud moan that escapes from my lips. "Sit down baby." He whispers while his lips are pressed against mine. I slowly back up and he guides me to the bench and makes me comfortable before kneeling between my open legs.

Without any hesitation, he brings his tongue down to lick the proof of my excitement off the tip of my cock. He looks up and locks eyes with me as he takes my sizable cock into his mouth. It is so hard to believe all those years ago that mine was the first and to this day still the only, dick he's put in that amazing mouth of his. He says it is only because of our love. He could never do it for anyone else. I know what he means because I feel exactly the same way.

I can't take my eyes off of his as I slip in and out of his mouth. I moan loudly when I feel him increase the suction around my throbbing cock while pulling me in further and further until I can feel the back of his throat."Oh my God baby...it's been so fucking long..." I suck back my breath when I feel the gentle grazing of his bottom teeth along the underneath of my cock. My hips rise up off the bench involuntarily trying to bring myself even closer to that amazing feeling. "UUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" I start moving myself in and out of him, taking over control of our actions. "I'm gonna...mmmmm Emmett...I love your mouth on me...that's it baby...oh fuuuccckkkk..." I grab a hold of his head in both my hands and hold him still as I empty myself down his willing, loving throat. I hear his familiar hum of satisfaction while he swallows my offering.

My back comes to rest against the wall of the shower, my body spent from the physical and the emotional. I close my eyes and relish the feeling of being back home with, at least for the moment, one of the loves of my life and finally being able to get some release. I feel Emmett's hands start to stroke the tops of my thighs. "Damn Jazz, I missed your cock." Emmett looks up at me and flashes his dimple covered smile. I lean down and lick each of his dimples. "And I missed these baby."

We both stand and quickly re-wash each other then dry off and head to our bed. While we talked quietly about how life has been around here, I run my hands over his body, as if taking inventory of all the little marks and scars on him. I slowly drag my fingertips up the inside of his thigh until I stop right next to his hardness. The sudden lack of movement causes his erection of jerk slightly almost in anticipation of being touched. I look him in the eye and see him practically begging for my hand to take a hold of him. In desperation he takes my face in his hands and his lips attack mine. He growls against my mouth, "Please touch me, NOW..."

His sigh is audible when I take him in my hand and start stroking him, slow and gentle at first. Then he starts moving against the motion of my hand trying to force the rhythm. Not wanting to disappoint him, I let him set his pace, his hips bouncing off the bed. He wraps his hand around mine also essentially setting the pressure as well. "Talk to me Jasper..." he says while sucking on my neck. I know how he likes his verbal stimulation while he is pleasured. I lean down and lick the outer edge of his ear.

"Do you know how much I want you inside me? I need to feel your cock pumping in me while I fill our wife." He groans loudly against my skin. His pace picks up and I can feel the skin of his cock tighten even more getting closer to his release. "Then I want to watch you bury your face in her while I bury myself in you, pushing your face deeper into her with every stroke." YESSSS I love the feel of teeth in my skin. He bites down sharply and I feel the throb of his orgasm at the same time. I very gently whisper, "I love you my bear."

We lay there quietly for a moment then I feel him tremble against my chest. "Emmett? What's wrong?" I ask, looking down at his angelic face.

"I've missed you so damn much. We all have. I'm just so happy you're home. For good." He shakes his head, clearing his mind. "I'm sorry. I'm such a damned baby. And I fucking jumped the gun and couldn't even make it last. I've never cum that fast in my life." He hides his head in my shoulder.

"Stop it. First of all, you're not being a baby because I'm just as happy to be home. I have cried at least four times since we got home today. And as for you cumming so soon, I'll take it as a compliment!" I pull his head back so I can wink at him and give him a kiss. His smile speaks volumes. "I'll be right back."

I reluctantly release my grip on him and walk to the bathroom to wash my hands and get a wet cloth to clean him. Once we're both clean I crawl back into bed with him. "Let's take a nap before Bella gets home. I have a feeling we're going to need it." He readily agrees and we settle into the pillows, never losing contact of some form with each other.


The sun pours in through the window and across my face. It takes me a moment but I quickly remember I am HOME. I turn my head and see that Emmett is still sleeping, but still no Bella. I get up and use the bathroom before pulling on a pair of sweats and heading downstairs.

Once I get to the bottom of the stairs, I see something on the couch. I look over to find the sleeping form of my wife in nothing but one of my Army t-shirts. She had fallen asleep staring at the Christmas tree lights. I gently kiss her head then go into the kitchen to start some coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Not too long after, I am joined by a sleepy Emmett mumbling 'Good morning' and a happy Bella singing "Merry Christmas Eve' and telling us it is time for presents.

Bella presents us with matching necklaces. Round sterling silver pendants hanging from silver chains. On the pendants are three entwined Celtic Trinity Knots. "To represent the three of us." She informs us. We both immediately put on our necklaces vowing to never take them off. She also give us each several beautifully framed professionally taken photos of her and Jackson.

Emmett gives me a PS3 with more games than I'll ever know what to do with. He also gives me a thick stainless steel silver inlay ID bracelet with my name engraved on the front and all our initials on the back. He gave our new momma a platinum mother's ring with each of our birthstones in it. He informs her that we can add stones all the way around the band. "Speak for yourself, sir. My name isn't Duggar!" making us all laugh. She also receives a spa day for two for her to have a ladies day.

All I can say is thank God for the internet. It's the only way I could have gotten any gifts at all. For Emmett, I got him a bunch of throwback memorabilia of his from his time in the pros and a gift certificate to get it all professionally mounted and displayed. I also give him tickets to the upcoming Lady Antebellum concert.

I managed to get Bella several first editions of some of her favorites including Austen, Shakespeare and Dumas, plus gift cards for her to get tons of her favorite books, CDs, and movies.

And for all of us I got Bella a big gift card for lots of lingerie.

After we exchange and thank each other for our gifts, we pause for more coffee and cinnamon rolls. We sit on the couch and watch "White Christmas" while we eat. After a little while, Bella gets up and takes our plates to the kitchen and comes back into the living room holding a large manilla envelope. She smiles over at Emmett who has his arm around me. He nods at her and squeezes me closer to his side.

"Jasper. We have one more present for you." I can barely hear Bella she says it so quietly. "Just please don't be upset okay?" Her eyes are full of tears threatening to overflow.

"Why would I be upset?" Now I start to worry, looking back and forth between the two of them. Bella hands me the envelope.

"Please open it."

I do as I'm asked and take out the small stack of papers inside. I try reading them but it's all gibberish to me. "What is this?"

Emmett clears his throat to speak. "We know we discussed this and that we weren't going to find out which one of us was Jackson's father. That the test was only going to be for medical reasons if needed."

I look at him concerned. A bit of anger and worry starting to rise up. "Right..."

"Bella and I discussed it. We know you're concerned about being the last Whitlock to carry on your line..."

"Emmett?" I growl.

"We thought she could find out the results..."

"Tell me you didn't..."

"Congratulations! Jackson is your son. There is another Whitlock man to carry on the name." Emmett flashes me a genuinely happy smile. He is honestly okay with this.

"But..." tears start to burn my eyes.

"But nothing. I am so happy for you baby. Don't get me wrong, he's still my son too and nothing changes that. But we wanted to give you some piece of mind." He leans in and kisses me.

"Thank you..." is all I can say to him right now. I look over at our beautiful Bella. She is standing back watching us and crying a river of happy tears. I stand and cross over to her taking her into my arms and kissing all over her face.

"Thank you for this most amazing gift. You are the mother of my son. You gave me something irreplaceable and precious. I'll never be able to repay you."

"I don't want you to even try to." she says sweetly.

I back up a bit. "But what if he had been Emmett's?"

Emmett chuckles a little. "Well then stud, we would have made sure somehow that the next baby was yours. Just like we're going to do for me now. Deal?"

I take a hold of one of Bella's hands then walk over and take one of Emmett's, pulling him to stand up. "It's a deal. But, let's discuss any details later. I believe I am owed a proper welcome home." I pull them both toward the stairs.

By the time we reach the bedroom, we're already naked and staring to lavish our bodies with much deserved attention. I pull Bella into me, kissing her with as much passion as I can convey. Emmett is pressed into her back, his arms wrapped around us as he nibbles on her neck. His massive hands span around her tiny waist and he picks her up so she can wrap her legs around me. I can feel his hand reach down to cup me, essentially pressing my raging hard-on against her. She and I both hiss at the contact.

Emmett walks me backward until I flop back onto the bed. He takes charge and starts to put us in the position he wants while I keep kissing and fondling Bella. I'm okay with him going first... I feel him place my feet flat on the bed then taking a moment to lick my shaft to catch the juice that is dripping down from Bella's pussy. I look at him just in time to see him stick two fingers into her and gather up some wetness, causing her so moan against my chest. He takes one of his soaked fingers and starts to work it into my tight hole. The feeling is indescribable. It's been a year since he's touched me there. I buck up against him, causing his finger to sink further in. He strokes a few times before adding another finger and really starts to stretch me.

"God Emmett...I need you. I need you both. Please it's been too long already." I can't help but beg. Bella looks back over her shoulder at Emmett while he grabs a condom and the lube from the drawer. She grinds her hips down on mine, teasing my cock with with the one place it wants to be most right now. "I have been dreaming of fucking you again for so long. I need to sink myself into you...as soon as that man of ours is anchored inside me again..." I feel Emmett's head start to enter me slowly. I draw back a sharp breath.

"Are you okay baby?" He asks, concerned written all over his face. Bella starts running her fingers through my short hair.

"Yes love. It's been so long, but I love it. Please keep going!" I stare into his eyes showing him I mean it.

"I'll be gentle...at first." He gives me a cocky smile. True to his word, he is slow and gentle until he is completely buried deep inside me. I sigh while he stays still for a minute letting me get completely used to him again. Honestly, he doesn't need too. I raise my hips slightly to let him know to continue. I pull Bella's mouth to mine, sucking her tongue into me wanting to feel them both move inside me at the same time. Bella strokes the inside of my mouth while Emmett starts to pull out of me then presses back into me. He holds onto my knees while he starts to fuck me. We'll be gentle later.

Several strokes in, he pauses long enough to reach out for Bella's hips and raise her up slightly. I take my cock in my hand, holding it up so he can guide her onto me. Her tongue never leaves my mouth. Before I know it, the three of us have found our groove and fuck like we always have...amazingly.

Our moans and cries only serve to urge us on to harder, faster movement. I feel Bella start to cum before she actually voices it. Her walls start squeezing my cock with everything she has. "OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she screams. This makes Emmett growl out and smack her ass. "That's it our sexy girl...cum all over his dick. Get him all wet for me. I need him in me wet with your juices..." Emmett shouts out. All I can do is groan from the anticipation.

Bella reaches down and starts to rub her clit to both intensify and lengthen her orgasm. I push her shoulders up so she sits back. Emmett reaches out to caress her tits while I remove her hand away from her button to take over the attention she's paying it. She starts yelling all sorts of obscenities while I feel her muscles squeeze me so fucking hard I swear she's about to pop it from my body. I look up into Emmett's eyes and nod at him slightly. He takes the hint and makes his move before Bella can complete her orgasm.

In on swift motion, he grabs her by her hips, pulls her off of me, lays her on her back and has his tongue deep inside her. His fingers pinch her swollen clit while she screams our names over and over. He does all of this with his fine ass sticking in the air waiting for me. He stops tongue fucking Bella long enough to say, "Don't prep...just fuck me."

God, I love it when he says that. He loves it rough and I love giving it to him. My dick is still coated with Bella so I press my head against him and start to push it in until I feel it go past the barrier. I hear him growl loudly into Bella. Once I'm halfway in, I feel him press his ass back against me, his signal to get to fucking. I refuse to disappoint either of my loves so I start fucking him like he asks...no begs me too. I grab a hold of his hips and with each stroke, I bury myself to the hilt, both of us grunting and groaning with each movement. I am lost in the feeling and the only thing that brings me back to the present is Bella's screaming...


"That's it lover, lick her senseless." I can feel myself start to head over the edge myself watching the scene below me with me in him as far as I can go. "OHHHH yessss that's it babies!!!!!!" I release myself into Emmett in several long spurts before rolling over and collapsing next to Bella and pulling them both into a fucking sexy ass kiss. I look down and see Emmett is still raging hard. I lean over to Bella...

"Darlin'. Our favorite bear is still rock hard. Think you can handle another round?" I nibble on her ear. She giggles knowing the answer as well as I do. I reach down to take that gorgeous man in my hand and gently lead him home to Bella's waiting pussy. He gladly sinks down into her and we all feel a sense of relief. He whispers, "I never want to go without this," He pumps into her hard and kisses her just as hard then looks up at me, "or this," motioning me to come in for a passionate, sex filled kiss. "EVER again. Tell me, promise me we'll never be apart again." He begs through his growls, close to his own amazing climax. I grab his face in my hands and kiss him earnestly.

"I swear on everything I am that we will never be apart again." He and Bella scream out together and all I can do is sit back and watch them in wonder. I watch both their faces as they cum together and it is the second most beautiful thing I have EVER seen.


Later that night, after a long sex-filled shower, an even longer nap and a few hot make-out sessions, me and my two obsessions are at my parent's house surrounded by our loved ones. I am sitting in the middle of the couch, Bella on my right side, Emmett on my left and Jackson, my SON, asleep in my arms. We spend the night carrying out our family traditions. We're watching sappy Christmas movies and singing even sappier Christmas carols and loving every sappy minute of it.

Bella leans over, stroking Jackson's tiny hand with her finger. "You know, next year we get to add new traditions."

"Like what?"

"Oh...hanging stockings, setting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer." She lets out a happy little sigh.

"I can't wait darlin'." I kiss the top of her head. I look over at Emmett who winks at me. I then look around the room at all the people I love in this world, my gaze settling on the cherubic face of Jackson. "I really can't wait."