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Author's Note: What Normal might have been thinking after Freak Nation and why he changed his mind.

I understand

I thought that Transgenics were mean, had no soul, didn't care about anything and didn't have feelings, but all that changed. It changed when I met Gem. I watched as Max and the others interact with each other. I saw how she cried over her fallen friend. I saw Gem go through childbirth. She wasn't a monster, nor where the others. Max had friends. She had Original Cindy and she had that guy Logan as friends.

I realize that they were not what I thought they were. That they hurt, they bleed and yes they have feelings. I talk to Gem as she is having her baby and I understand. There are many monsters in the world, but these people are not among them. There are regular people who are monsters in the world people that were not born and raised at Manticore. People that were born and raised here.

I understand and that's why I tell the news that they are not monsters no more than we are. They had been hurt while at Manticore I could tell. I was so sorry that I believed the news, but I understand now.

The End