A/N: Hey! I know it's been a few years since this was touched but I wanted to finally set it to "complete", and it was only missing one chapter anyway. As I said in my A/N for the first chapter of "Find a Way", this story was basically finished and all that was left was for me to post the Epilogue, but my computer fried and I lost the chapter, along with my motivation to rewrite it.

So, I know that this probably isn't a satisfying ending, and so I wouldn't dare do this to a story that's less than halfway done, like "Don't Waste It", and then call the story completed, but because this story was basically done and only had one chapter left anyway, I'm going to leave this Author's Note here and hopefully finally give this thing some closure.

For the Epilogue, I had a small time skip that revealed Spencer and Ashley had decided to move into an apartment together. On Ashley's 19th birthday, everyone came and visited, gave her their presents, had a party, etc, and Ashley and Paula finally made complete peace, with Ashley promising to take good care of Spencer. The story ended with your typical Spashley happy ending. It really wasn't much; just a quick chapter to show that everything worked out for them and that Paula was done trying to keep them apart.

I know it's not nearly as satisfying to hear a summary of the ending when it could've actually been written out, but I really just wanted to be able to set this story as "complete" and feel done with it. I hope you guys enjoyed the story, and feel free to check out some of my other ones! Except "Don't Waste It", because that one ended at the absolute worst cliffhanger I've ever written and I don't intend on ever updating it because I lost the majority of the story when my computer fried. So don't read it! Don't torture yourself! :P

Anyway, thanks again!