Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.

-Edith Sitwell-

Gilbert stood outside, his red eyes gleaming as he scanned the snowy scenery. He tightened the scarf around his flushed face, breathing in the crisp winter air. He seemed rather uneasy; Eyes darting around every once in a while when something moved in the corner of his vision. Shifting from foot to foot as if expecting something…

He sighed heavily, his breath clouding in the air.

This isn't Russia, he thought, mentally chiding himself for being so stupid. He's not going to jump out at me. It's just me and Matthew.

Him and Matthew.

His heart warmed a little and he smiled in spite of himself.

That's right. Him and Matthew were here on vacation; Getting away from the real world for a few days to spend time together. Alone.

The slight spread of his lips widened.

Alone was the magical word that made him giddy just thinking about it. All alone with HIS little Mattie. No intrusions. No phone calls. No animals to interrupt those sweet, sweet kisses with a query of "who?"

Just him and Matthew. No one else.

There was a shout behind him. He turned around, eyes fixing on the small figure standing in the doorway waving towards him. A coy smile stretched across the Canadian's lips as he called for Gilbert to come inside.

The Prussian was all too eager, practically sprinting towards Matthew and pulling him into a bear hug. Squeaks and giggles were easily elicited from the younger man as Gilbert planted kiss upon kiss on his cheeks and forehead. Anywhere he could reach.

Just him and his lover, and NOTHING was going to get in the way of that.

The cabin itself was in the middle of nowhere. At least, Gilbert had decided it was. Matthew had told him on several occasions that it was just a ways away from the nearest town ( some place called Yellowknife. He hadn't really bothered to look at the map to find out where, he just knew it was a hell of a ways away from home )

However, Gilbert had to admit, the log cabin itself was rather…quaint. And he liked it. Despite the snowy scenery that always seemed to bring up the worst of memories, the building itself with its log walls, the smell of pine always mingling with the scent of maple, the crackling of the fire from the hearth in the living room. It was nice. Very nice.

The only disadvantage was that Matthew had failed to install a properly working heater…

He cursed bitterly, huddling close to the fire to keep warm. Red eyes flecked with gold and his face flush from the heat. Matthew was sitting close beside him, a cup of hot cocoa held in his hands as he hummed softly to himself.

"How old is that thing anyway?" Gilbert mumbled, nodding his head in the general direction of the heap of scrap metal outside.

Matthew paused briefly. "I don't really know…" He mumbled, taking a sip of his chocolate beverage. "Probably older than it looks…" His delicate features creased with a frown. "I haven't actually been up here in a while, so I lost track."

Gilbert only grunted in response, shivering slightly and pulling his legs close to his chest. "Can't believe you live in this kind of weather. Jesus Christ." Matthew laughed lightly. "It's not funny! I'm freezin' my ass off here!"

"That's your own fault for not bringing the proper clothing." Matt said simply.

Another grunt from the Prussian and the room fell quiet; the only noise was their steady breathing and the crackling of the fire. It was like that for several minutes, neither of them talking or moving except for when Matthew shifted to take another drink from his mug. He paused briefly, the rim of the cup barely against his lips before he brought it back down to his lap.



Matthew fell silent, running his thumbs in circles against the glass between his hands. Gilbert looked over, his ruby eyes pensive and slightly questioning.

"Well…I was wondering…" Matthew trailed off, biting his lip nervously. "How exactly did you…I mean…what made you…" His lips turned down at the edges, his eyebrows furrowing as he attempted to voice his thoughts aloud.

"What is it, Mattie?"

Matthew glanced over to see Gilbert looking rather worried now. He had forgotten about the cold nibbling at his nose and was giving Matthew a rather apprehensive look. The Canadian's cheeks flushed slightly. It was scary how adorable he looked with that expression…

"I…" He paused, sucking in a deep breath to calm his nerves. "Well, I was wondering…When exactly you found out you…uhm…loved me…" His cheeks were scarlet now, and he averted his violet gaze to stare back at his mug.

Gilbert stared at him. Stared long and hard until the poor boy started squirming under his blood red gaze. He opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out. He quickly shut it and turned back to the crackling embers of the fire.

"S-sorry, I was just—"

"It was when you were sick with that flu stuff." Gilbert said suddenly. He leaned forward, picking up a metal rod lying close to him and prodding the fire with it. It snapped and crackled, spewing embers out onto the wooden floor that quickly died before they could do any damage. "You kept shoving me out of the house. It was really annoying at first, but when I found out you were sick…" He paused briefly, his eyes flickering briefly in Matthew's direction.


Gilbert shrugged slightly, laying the rod back down on the ground. "I dunno…It was weird. I was nervous for some reason. Anxious as Ludwig put it. I couldn't sit still…"

Matt felt his cheeks flush even more ( if that was even possible ). He set his cup down by his side, waiting for Gilbert to continue.

The Prussian, to his surprise, had a slight blush spreading across his cheeks; A deep frown on his lips as he stared intensely into the flames in the hearth. "When you called, you wouldn't believe how relieved I was. Pissed, yes. I hadn't seen you in what felt like forever and only had what that Cuban bastard told me to go on." He wavered in his words, pausing to think of what to say next. "But I was also really relieved…To know that you were better."

He shifted slightly, uncomfortable.

"So…" Matthew leaned forward a little, trying to get a better look at Gilbert's face. "So it was then? That you realized it, I mean."

Another uncomfortable shift and a curt nod of the head. "I was worried sick about you and it really ticked me off that you never called or anything." He shot a side long glare at him. "And don't give the excuse you couldn't, you have a cell phone that's always on the bed side table…"

Matthew smiled at that. It wasn't like he could have called him. What, with being holed up in the bathroom all day long, but he kept quiet about that. It was best Gilbert didn't know the rather gruesome details of his ill days.

"I'd always thought you were cute…but…I dunno. With you bein' sick an' all…It kind of…triggered something I guess." Gilbert sighed deeply, scooting back and stretching his legs out. He cringed slightly as the stiff muscles flexed.

"So that's why you started getting clingy…" Matthew murmured, reaching for his cup.

"Excuse me!?" Gilbert snapped, suddenly glaring at the man seated next to him. Matthew said nothing, merely bringing the cup to his lips and taking a quick swig before standing up. "Clingy!?" His voice suddenly jumped an octave and it took all Matthew had not to choke on his hot cocoa.

"Yes. Clingy." He replied, flashing him a brilliant smile before walking off towards the kitchen.

Gilbert's reaction was instantaneous. He jumped to his feet, face bright red with embarrassment as he pointed an accusing finger at his 'assailant'. "The awesome me is NEVER clingy!" He proclaimed with a huff.

Matthew chuckled. "Sure, Gilbert. Whatever you say." A common response Matthew gave him when he was in 'I'm awesome' mode.

The Prussian's eyes widened slightly, mouth hanging open in mock horror. "I-I'm not! Clingy is not awesome! How dare you say something like that about me!" He rushed forward, determination on his face. "Take it back!"

Matthew's eyebrows arched slightly. "Take what back?"

Gilbert fumed. "You know exactly what I'm talking about, Mattie! Take. It. Back!"

Matthew laughed, the sound soft yet firm as he set his cup down and started poking around through the pantry. "I have no idea what you're talking about." A broad grin split his face when Gilbert squawked indignantly.

It was only the second day of their stay at the chalet. They still had four more days until they had to pack up and go home.

The smile on Matthew's face softened. Yes, the stay here was going to be a good one…

The smile faltered slightly.

But where on earth did the pancake mix go?

The first few days, Matthew had made it a point to go outside and explore as much as possible. He dragged Gilbert outside, camera in hand, and took pictures. As many as he could get. Gilbert seemed rather annoyed at that, but Matthew didn't mind. They were just pictures after all, memories. Gilbert could deal with it.

On that particular day, they had ended up staying outside for quite some time. It was getting dark out, and Matthew was practically bouncing off the, er, trees. Gilbert watched him closely, ruby eyes glinting as he watched the Canadian. He was speaking that cute mixture of French and English that he used when he was excited. Pointing around at birds perched in trees and laughing when a pair of squirrels got in a fight over an acorn.

"What's up with you, Mattie?" Gilbert finally asked after Matthew had jogged back from chasing off a few birds.

Matthew was beaming. "Quoi?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes. "You're actin' like you just chugged a monster or five. What's gotten into you? Twigs an' snow really that interesting?"

Matthew laughed. "No, I'm just…excited, eh?" He grinned and plopped down in the snow next to Gilbert. "It's been forever since I last saw them, anyways."

Gilbert frowned. "Them…?"

Matthew nodded gleefully. "Of course! The Aurora Borealis!" A toothy grin split his face. "That's one of the reasons I wanted to come up here. You can't see them from where we live. Too much light pollution and it's a little far south as well so…" He paused, looking out over the frozen pond in front of them. "So I figured we'd go see it together." His grin turned into a timid smile.

Gilbert chuckled softly, leaning back until he was facing the sky. He closed his eyes and sighed. "Never seen it before." He said.

There was something of a squawk beside him. Gilbert cracked an eye open to see Matthew gaping at him. "Never…Never seen the…are you serious!?"

Gilbert just shrugged, grinning at Matthew's expression.

"And you're how old!?"

Gilbert paused to think about that one. How old was he anyway…? Five hundred? Seven hundred? He really couldn't remember anymore. All those wars and pwnage of Austria had distracted him. Let's see, how old was he during the War of Austrian-succe—

"You're insane." Matthew mumbled, a look of abject horror still clear on his face.

"Wrong." Gilbert beamed. "I'm awesome. Dunno how many times I have to tell you that, Mattie."

"Awesome or not, there's no way you couldn't have seen the Northern Lights in your entire life. Or were you too busy looking at yourself in the mirror to ever notice them?"

Gilbert cackled. "I might've been. It's either that or beating up that sorry excuse for a country." He sniffed slightly, that same devilish smile spreading across his lips.

Matthew huffed and laid down next to him, shuffling so his head was resting against his shoulder. "They're really pretty." He said softly. "Kind of like a rainbow in the middle of the night, except it moves around." He smiled. "Kind of reminds me of pixie dust."

"…You sound like Arthur when you say that…"



Gilbert closed his eyes again and sighed. "Sounds interesting." He murmured. Matthew laughed lightly.

"It really is." He said, looking up at Gilbert. His expression softened when he saw how calm the Prussian looked.

A light snow began to fall, not too heavy, but enough to make the two huddle closer together to keep warm. Matthew hummed softly to himself, watching the flakes fall from the sky. There wasn't too much cloud cover, so it should still be visible when it—OH!

And there it was: The slightest hint of green dancing against the indigo sky. His humming stopped, and he shifted slightly. Gilbert cracked an eye open to see what Matthew was doing when he caught the faint light in the sky. His ruby eyes widened a fraction as he watched them dance across the heavens, but eventually they settled on the Canadian's adorable expression.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Matthew murmured. The slightest bit of yellow started melding in with the green, followed by red and then purple.

Gilbert wasn't paying much attention however. He kept his gaze on the angelic face next to his. Watched how his violet eyes followed the lights across the sky. How the slight curve of his lips widened just a little bit. Relishing the way he looked when the snowflakes caught in his lashes and hair.

Gilbert found himself smiling. A pleasant smirk as he stared at Matthew. The Canadian turned his head slightly, looking for a response from his counterpart.

"Yeah." Gilbert murmured, leaning forward slightly. "Beautiful." He reached over and hooked a finger under Matthew's chin, tilting it up before he closed the gap between them.

Above them, the Aurora Borealis danced in full bloom, colors wavering graciously over the indigo blanket behind them. It truly was stunning, but even the breath-taking scenery in front of them couldn't distract them from each other.

The next few days, Matthew and Gilbert had decided to relax and enjoy the rest of their stay. They usually spent most of their time talking or playing games with each other ( mostly just card games, but that was limited as a certain Jack of Hearts was still missing ) The rest of the time, they found themselves snuggled comfortably in front of the fire, just enjoying the moment.

"Fire is most definitely the best thing ever created by man."

"Why's that?"

"Keeps your toes from falling off."

A soft, lilting laugh. The tightening of arms around a waist pressing bodies closer.

"And it makes this feel absolutely awesome."

A light kiss on the lips and a quiet sigh of content.

The fire crackled softly, dancing in the hearth as Gilbert and Matthew laid on the couch, facing one another. Both had soft smiles gracing their features ( albeit Gilbert's always seemed to have that roguish look to it ) Their cheeks were still rosy from their recent excursion out into the biting cold. Both were huddled under a blanket, wrapped in each other's arms as they talked and listened to the fire eating up the wood from a few feet away. The heat from the flames pooled around them, chasing away the last bits of cold from their fingers and noses. It was nice. Comfortable and warm.

"Awesome, eh?" Matthew's smile widened slightly. "I think you use that word a little too much."

Gilbert scoffed, rubbing his thumb in circles against the small of Matthew's back. "I'll say it as much as I want." His lips pulled down in the slightest hint of a frown.

"Mm. What about amazing?"



Gilbert snorted at that one. "Just awesome."

Matthew chuckled lightly. "Stubborn aren't we?"

"And damn proud!"

Matthew laughed again, the sound music to the Prussian's ears. He relaxed again, pulling the slender figure closer to his chest.

"Really though," Gilbert murmured, bringing his lips to Matthew's neck. "It's fuckin' unbelievable how awesome this feels."

A deep blush crept into the Canadian's cheeks as he hummed in response. Gilbert planted more kisses, trailing up until he caught his lips.

"Definitely," Kiss. "The most astounding," Kiss. "Thing," Kiss. "Ever."

Matthew smiled as he returned the kiss, his fingers curling into the fabric of Gilbert's sweater. Gilbert rolled over, trapping the small man beneath him as he brought his hands up to cup around Matthew's cheek, pleased at how soft and warm the skin felt under his finger tips.

The fire popped loudly, but Gilbert and Matthew paid no mind to it. Both were too caught up in their own moment to care about anything else around them other than each other.

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