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Matthew smiled as he returned the kiss, his fingers curling into the fabric of Gilbert's sweater. Gilbert rolled over, trapping the small man beneath him as he brought his hands up to cup around Matthew's cheek, pleased at how soft and warm the skin felt under his finger tips. Then he traced his fingers down, brushing up against Matthew's jaw line, his neck, chest, until it rested firmly on his hip.

Mathew sighed softly, clutching onto the sides of Gilbert's shirt as he parted his lips wider for more entrance. Gilbert responded, his tongue gliding against the edges of Matthew's mouth, tracing the corner's until he finally pushed forward. His free hand slid under Matthew's shirt, eliciting a slight shudder from the younger man.

Matthew broke the kiss for a split second, his breathing ragged and face flushed.

"G-gilbert…I don't suppose you h-have any—"

"It's in the bedroom and I'm not getting up."


Well damn.

Gilbert chuckled softly when he saw Matthew's irritated expression. "Hasn't stopped us before, right?" He said, nibbling on the Canadian's lower lip. The hand under Matthew's shirt ran up his sides, grazing his fingernails lightly over sensitive skin. Matthew nodded slightly in response, exhaling sharply when Gilbert raked his thumb against the inside of his thigh.


"What now?"

Gilbert had been nibbling on Matthew's neck when he was interrupted. The Canadian fumbled slightly over his words before he finally got the single phrase across his lips.

"Cet. Eh…profiter de cette hors tension…" He tugged lightly at Gilbert's shirt. "Please…" He murmured when he felt Gilbert stiffen above him.

"You're lucky Fritz taught me French. Otherwise I'd have no fuckin' clue what the hell you just said." Gilbert sat up suddenly, pulling his hand out from Matthew's shirt ( he ignored the slightly aggravated look he received ) and crossed his arms over his chest before finally yanking the thick sweater off.

His hair was a bit of a mess, but Matthew said nothing. He sat up as well; pushing Gilbert back onto the couch until his was sitting in his lap, legs wrapped around his waist. Gilbert tugged at his shirt then, and he obliged by pulling his arms up over his head. He didn't have time to react when the shirt was off. Gilbert quickly ducked his head down, bringing his lips over one of the pink nubs on his chest. Matthew's breath was cut short, and he whimpered softly, unconsciously drawing his hand up into Gilbert's hair.

The Prussian had one hand supporting Matthew's weight from behind, and the other one set to work with undoing the button and unzipping the young man's pants. He was pleased to find that Matthew didn't object in the least, if anything he urged him on by rocking his hips slightly. Not much, but just enough to make the Prussian smile against Matthew's flushed skin. He bit down softly and slid his hand in between the coarse fabric, stroking Matthew through his underwear.

The sultry groan that escaped through Matthew's lips sent his blood pounding into his ears. He brought his head up to look at Matthew's expression, smirking when he saw those bright pink cheeks, half-lidded eyes hazed over from lust and pleasure. He loved Matt like this. Loved how his lips twitched to form words but only came out in breathy moans and whimpers. Loved the way Matthew's fingers would curl into the hair at the base of his neck. How he looked so damn sexy when he was flustered and hot and—

"Gilbert." He moaned.

Matthew leaned forward, resting his head on Gilbert's shoulder as he shuddered and bit his lip. The Prussian kissed the side of his neck, nibbling ever so slightly before he slipped his hand through the elastic. Matthew arched, fingers slipping down to Gilbert's shoulders and squeezing as his breath started coming out in uneven gasps.


He started pumping his hand, smiling when he felt Matthew shift forward slightly. Forward and back. Forward and back. It was clear how much he wanted it. It was written all over the young man's face. Heard in his gasps and moans. In the way his fingernails dug into Gilbert's skin with every squeeze, with every slide of the hand.


Matthew shuddered again, trying to find some clarity in his muddled thoughts. Trying to find the words he needed to say. It was difficult, but he managed.

"P-please. G-gil, I want…I…need—," was all he managed to choke out before another groan escaped his lips.

Gilbert sniggered quietly. "Whatever you say, liebling." He shifted forward, laying Matthew down on his back. He slipped his hand out of Matthew's boxers, smiling when he saw Matthew squirm. He quickly set to work though, hooking his fingers into the belt loops of Matt's pants and pulling them down until he slipped them off from around his ankles and tossed them to the floor. He paused briefly to drink in the sight in front of him before he leaned down to kiss Matthew. His other hand took hold of the Canadian's erection and started to pump again.

Matthew's hands flitted down to Gilbert's pants, frantically trying to undo the button and unzip them. He slipped his hand into the fabric and then paused. Gilbert buried his face into his neck, sucking in a sharp breath as his hand stopped moving. Matthew froze, wondering if he had done something.

"Fuck, Mattie. Just do it!" Gilbert snapped, pulling back to glare at him. His face was flushed somewhat, and he was biting his lip. "Don't tease me like that!"

Matthew smiled shyly. "S-sorry. I thought that you—"

Gilbert quickly silenced him with a kiss. "Not a chance." He murmured. He started to pump his hand again when Matthew stopped him.

"W-wait…" Gilbert's eyes tightened a fraction and a deep frown pulled at his lips.

"If you dare say you want to stop, I just might have to hurt you…" He growled.

Matthew laughed lightly. "N-no. I…uhm…" He glanced down slightly and then looked to the side. "I want you…to…ah…You know…" He bit his lip again, sucking in a deep breath.

Gilbert stared at him a few moments, trying to figure out what Matthew was trying to say until it clicked. A devilish grin spread across his face as he pulled his hand away. "All you have to do is say it." He chuckled softly and shifted down a bit so he could place a kiss on Matthew's collar bone. Matthew let his hand fall free from Gilbert's pants and sighed softly to the delicate touch.

"Gilbert…please…" He murmured. Gilbert started sucking at the sensitive skin on his chest again.

"Please what?"

He flicked his tongue lightly over the soft flesh, smiling when Matthew arched. His hands fisted in Gilbert's hair as he trailed kisses further down.

"P-please…" Matthew's breathing was harsh and strained as he tried to concentrate. His lips tried to form the words, but no matter what he did, he couldn't voice them. Gilbert's lips were just above his prick and it was driving him crazy.


Good god, he could even feel his breath there. Matthew moaned softly, his grip tightening slightly. He felt Gilbert's hand slide up his chest to caress his face. A thumb over his lips, fingers trailing over his cheeks. But then there was Gilbert who was so close to…to…

"Just…f-fuck me…please…" He could barely hear his own words through the blood pounding in his ears, or the aching sensation in between his legs.

Gilbert smiled. "That's all I needed to hear. But first…" He paused, moving his hand so that two of his fingers rested on Matthew's lips. "Suck on 'em."

Matthew did as told, enveloping the digits in his mouth and sucking on them.

Gilbert bit his cheek slightly when he felt the Canadian's tongue run over his fingers. It was such a strange feeling, but he liked it. He smiled slightly, and then ducked his head down, taking Matthew into his mouth. There was a loud groan around his fingers, but he ignored it as best as he could, focusing more on suppressing his gag reflex and taking in as much as he could.

His free hand rested on Matthew's hip for leverage as he bobbed up and down. Matthew mewled and groaned to the warmth around his shaft, all the while sucking on the two digits between his lips. Gilbert felt the fingers in his hair loosen and then tighten repeatedly with every movement. He could feel the muscles beneath his fingers do the same. Could see it when he looked up to see Matthew's face.

He pulled his fingers out of Matthew's mouth and brought them down to the younger man's entrance. He let Matthew's erection fall from his lips and pushed the first finger in. Matthew squirmed at first, whimpering slightly until he got used to the feeling. Whimpers turned into mewls of pleasure, and then he started shifting against the digit, asking for more. Gilbert obliged, a cocky grin on his face as he watched his lover arch and clench at the cushions. He slipped the second digit in, scissoring with the first and stretching further.

Matthew all but bucked his hips. He murmured clipped phrases in mixed French and English, groaned and bit his lip to suppress louder yells of pleasure. He barely noticed when the third finger was inserted until all three were pulled out. He laid there a few moments, gasping for breath and shuddering quietly until he felt something on either side of his head.

Matthew cracked his eyes open to see Gilbert hovering over him, his lips barely inches from his as he shifted forward. He felt it then, the pressure of Gilbert entering him. He choked out a moan, leaning forward to bury his head into the crook of Gilbert's neck. He heard a slight groan escape Gilbert's lips as he rocked forward.

"God, Mattie…" His breathing was suddenly unsteady and strained as he focused on going at a steady pace.

Matthew only pulled him closer in response, fingers clutching tightly to Gilbert's shoulders as he thrusted. Soon, the two were rocking back and forth on each other. Gilbert let out harsh breaths, clutching onto the fabric of the pillow whilst Matthew moaned softly, trying to keep his breaths even.

It didn't take long for Matthew's cries of pleasure to get louder, or for the pace to pick up. Gilbert grunted softly, bringing a hand up to caress Matthew's face. Red eyes met Blue-Violet and they locked on, watching. Every movement seemed more and more pleasurable.

The warmth intensified with every thrust. The phrases Matthew murmured more clipped and inaudible between his soft moans. Gilbert's breathing more difficult and heavy. It came to a point when Matthew was clutching desperately to Gilbert's shoulders, rocking his hips back onto the Prussian. Gilbert had his face buried into Matthew's neck, his lips moving but no sound coming out.

It came to a point where suddenly the pleasure had peaked. Matthew cried out, his voice cracking around Gilbert's name as his fingers curled into the platinum hair. Gilbert's groan was muffled against the younger man's flushed skin, his hands snaking behind Matthew and pulling him close.

And then they fell still, panting heavily into each other's ears and sighing deeply when they finally caught their breath.

Gilbert was the first to move, shifting so he was laying on his side. Matthew quickly snuggled against his chest, his arms wrapping around his lover.

"J-je t'aime…" Matthew murmured softly, burying his face into Gilbert's chest.

Gilbert sighed, pressing his lips the Matt's forehead. "Ich liebe dich…" He said quietly. "für immer und immer."

He heard a contented sigh from the Canadian's lips and he smiled. "Don't ever forget that…" He whispered.

A/N: Ehm...first time writing stuff like this, so my apologies if it's not as hot as you wanted. XD

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Btw, i used google translator for those french parts. I hope they didn't make your eyes bleed...

"Cet. Eh…profiter de cette hors tension…" - Something along the lines of "This. Eh...take this off..."

"Was?" - What? (german)

"Je t'aime" - I love you (french)

"Ich liebe dich" - I love you (german)

"für immer und immer." - always and always (german)