The scene changes to that night Malcolm and Emily are asleep in Lois and Hal's bed Coral runs in the room and over to Emily's side "Emily"

Emily rolls over and opens her eyes and turns on the bedside lamp "What's wrong ?" she ask as she sits up

Coral looks at her "I had a nightmare and can't get back to sleep"

Emily smiles at her "Hold on a minute" she rolls over and shakes Malcolm "Honey"

Malcolm groans and rolls over with his eyes still closed "Huhhh…"

Emily looks at him "Coral had a nightmare"

Malcolm opens his eyes and looks up at her "Can you take care of it this is the first night the girls have actually slept" all of a sudden Sarah screams followed by crying "I spoke to soon didn't I"

Emily smiles at him "Can you take care of this and I'll take Coral"

Malcolm looks at her "Oh sure you get the easier one" he drags himself out of the bed and walks over and picks Sarah up "What's wrong honey can't you go by your sisters example"

Emily smiles at him and ushers Coral into the other room the sit down on the couch "So what helps you get back to sleep"

Coral looks at her "Well mommy usually makes me some hot coco and talks with me about it"

Emily gets up and walks toward the kitchen "you got it"

A little while after that Emily and Coral are sitting on the couch they have hot coco Emily smiles at her "What else dose your mom do ?"

Coral looks at her "Well she usually lays down with me for a little while"

Malcolm walks out of the room with now Sarah and Samantha in his arms "Honey help I can't get them to go back to sleep"

Emily looks at Coral "Do you want me to get the girls to sleep and come lay with you ?"

Coral looks at her "Emily do you mind if Malcolm comes and lays with me ?"

Emily looks at Malcolm "Honey do you want to"

Malcolm cuts her off "sure anything to help me get some sleep"

Emily smiles at him

The scene changes to the next morning Emily walks in Corals room where Malcolm is laying on the floor she bends down "Hey sleepyhead"

Malcolm looks up at her "hey"

Emily laughs at him "Did you get some sleep ?"

Malcolm looks at her "Not really coral kept kicking and squirming in her sleep I don't know how I ended up down here"

Emily looks at him "well dewy wants you to help him with his car"

Malcolm gets up "got it" he walks out of the room and to the bathroom

The scene changes to Malcolm up under Dewey's car " Ok when I say go turn it on" Malcolm talks to himself "ok go in there"

Dewy mistakenly only catch's the go part and cranks up the car

Malcolm screams from under the car " DEWEY !!"

Dewy gets out of the car "yea"

Malcolm rolls out from under the car he has oil all over his face "It has an engine"

Dewy looks at him insanely "oops"

Malcolm gives him a look

Sorry this chapter wasn't very good I'm working on some step by step fan fics right now and most of my attention is going towards them