Title: Taken: When the Axe Fell
Author: Gibbs Girl Abby
Warnings: None
Series: Taken
Spoilers: "Out of the Frying Pan" Major spoiler to both the solution and actions. If you haven't seen the episode, do not read if you don't want to be spoiled.
Characters / Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: (PG, PG-13, R or NC-17) PG
Genre / Category: Episode Tag
Word Count: about 500
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Note: As much as I loved the slashy goodness of "Loverboy" and "Sparky" and discussions of Tony's nimble tongue, I thought the episode was much too intense to have a light tag. (But if you're writing a fun/happy/sexy/porny tag, please go ahead!). It's very short, probably the shortest chapter of the Taken series, but thought it worked well in the context of my established Gibbs/DiNozzo world.

Taken: When the Axe Fell

The hull of the new boat was taking shape slowly. Gibbs always knew immediately whether or not he'd like the boat he was building, and this one felt good, felt right. He'd felt that with The Kelly, but not the one before, the one built after Stephanie. But this one was the first he'd built since Tony. If he believed in things like omens and vibes, he'd swear this boat was going to be a happy boat because he was so happy with Tony.

But happy boat or not, it was still his refuge, his hold to sanity in an ever increasingly insane world. And today, he needed that touchstone, that anchor to the world. Gibbs ran the planer over the plank, happy at the smooth results even as the tumult of the day ran through his mind.

He absently noticed the sound of the door shutting above him, signally Tony's return to their house. He'd sent Tony off with Tim and Ziva after booking Nick's mother, knowing his senior field agent would look after his two junior agents. The sight of their director swinging an axe at an eighteen year old kid had unsettled Tim, and even Ziva had been bothered by the interrogation Vance had conducted. Gibbs knew Tony would let them vent and talk, a night at a cozy pub helping with their decompression the way the wood did for Gibbs. He smiled to himself, remembering Tony's actions, his professionalism and skill showing during the first part of the questioning. He never regretted poaching Tony from Baltimore, but days like today proved how smart a move it was.

A few thumps across the floor and soon Tony was downstairs. "Everything okay?" Gibbs asked, not looking up.

"Yeah, they're okay," Tony replied, coming over and waiting for Gibbs to cease his movements on the wood. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on the older man's mouth, tasting coffee but no bourbon. One of those nights, Tony thought. "Weird case, wasn't it?" Tony didn't wait for a response. "I mean, all the evidence pointed to Nick, but by the time we were done it didn't make sense." Tony pulled off his tie, tucking it into his suit jacket. "Even Nick was convinced he did it."

"Only after Vance's interrogation," Gibbs said shortly. He straightened from the boat and caught Tony's eyes.

"What's going on with him, Boss?"

Gibbs sighed silently, walking over to the work bench and snagging his coffee mug. He took a sip, leaning back against the bench before answering. "I wish I knew, Tony," he finally admitted.

Tony walked over, reaching a hand out and placing it on Gibbs' arm. "Ready for bed?" he asked softly.

Gibbs nodded, turning a bit and leaning into Tony's space. He felt the heat and the strength of the younger man, felt his arm reach around to hold Gibbs lightly, felt Tony's heartbeat as he leaned into his chest. They stood for a moment, then shifted a bit apart. Gibbs looked up into Tony's face, seeing in the green eyes all the love Tony felt for him. With that, Gibbs realized that the touch of the other man soothed him, quieted his mind, even more than the touch of the boat. The case, Vance, other developments at NCIS faded away as he followed Tony up the stairs.