Dragon Knights

By: Lexvan

Disclaimer: I do not own W.I.T.C.H. I watch the show cause, male or female, heroes that use the elements are pretty cool. Takes place after season two.

Chapter One: Taken

In the world of Kandrakar, the Oracle, along with Halinor, Yan Lin, Tibor, Alfor, and Luba observe as three, of four, weapons of great power glowed. The Oracle, hoping this day wouldn't come, looks to the mirror next to the weapons.

"Show us the chosen warrior to wield the Star Shield.", he says.

A swirl of light appears in the mirror. It soon fades to show a young fifteen year old boy with tanned skin and black hair. Yan Kin knows this boy well.

"That is Eric Lyndon!", she replies. "He is Hay Lin's boyfriend."

"And the future wielder of the Star Shield.", Oracle added. "Show us the weilder of the Star Fist."

After another swirl of light, the face of another fifteen year old boy appears. This one is Caucasian with reddish-rust colored hair.

"That is Nigel Ashcroft. Taranee's boyfriend.", Yan Lin replied.

"Now show us the wielder of the Star Blade.", Oracle ordered.

After another swirl of light, the face of another fifteen year old boy appears. This one is an African-American with black hair.

"This one is Angelo Vanders.", Yan Lin replied. "He is one of Will's best friends, who moved here from Fadden Hills, at the beginning of the year."

"I see.", Oracle said pondering things. "It seems that the three, of the five, chooen Dragon Knights have some kind of connection to the Guardians."

"I just hope they have what it takes to stop the Black Dragon Knight and his Shadow Horde.", Luba said looking at the glowing weapons. "The fate of all worlds, count on it."

"But what of the Star Trident, and Star Whip-Blade?", Alfor questioned.

"The time is not right for them to be active yet.", Luba replied. "The two Dragon Knights haven't been chosen yet."

"When and where will Shadon strike?", Halinor asked.

"Soon.", Oracle said. "And he'll go after the Guardians first."

On Earth, the three future Dragon Knights were doing their best to get to Shell Beach to meet up with their friends for some fun in the sun.

"I can't believe that we finally got out of that training session.", Nigel said as they rounded the corner on their skateboards. "No offence, Angelo, but your Uncle John was a bit hard core today."

"Your telling me.", Angelo said. "I thought that we were going to kill ourselves in there. For the past week, he's been on our case more and more."

"I thought you liked living above your own dojo.", Eric teased. "You got to admit, it's pretty cool."

"Oh, it is.", Angelo agreed. "But, to have to go through what we went through this week, is just plain wrong."

"I felt like we were being prepared for a great battle.", Nigel complained.

"What if there was a great battle ahead for us?", Eric grinned.

"There will be, if we don't get to the beach on time.", Angelo joked. "And no amount of fighting skills will help us."

All three friends shared a good laugh as they got closer to the beach. Unknown to them, a dark cloud was slowly forming over the city. Starting at Shell Beach.

"When are they getting here?!", Hay Lin asked getting impatient.

"They'd be here already if they weren't doing their martial arts thing today.", Taranee implied.

"Got to admit though, they're getting good at it.", Irma said. "The other day me and Will saw them training with weapons."

"Really?", Matt asked in amazement, feeding Mr. Huggles a grape. "What kind of weapons did they use."

"Let's see. Eric was training with a katana.", Irma began to explain to the others. "Nigel was wearing this big gauntel on his right hand, and Angelo.............

"How do you know so much about weapons?", Caleb asked cutting Irma off.

"Irma, here, watches a lot of kung fu movies.", Hay Lin grinned. "She could name just about every weapon there is."

"Anyway, as I was saying, Angelo had this broadsword.", Irma said. "He was wielding it like it was nothing."

"It sounds to me like you got a thing of Angelo.", Will said looking at the smile on Irma's face. "After all you two did go on a few dates in the last two months."

"Wait! Irma Lair crushing on someone besides Andrew Hornby?", Cornelia joked. "Stop the presses."

"Hey, I got to keep my options open.", Irma joked. "Why else do you think I got this new swimsuit?"

As the other shared a laugh, Caleb noticed that the sky was getting dark. He looked up to see a dark cloud forming right over the beach, and heading towards the city. Matt soon noticed it as well.

"Um, ladies!", Matt said. "You may want to look up."

The girls looked up to see the darkened sky.

"What the hecks going on?!", Will questioned as lightning started to flash, followed by thunder.

"The end of your world!", a voice boomed.

Everyone turned to see a man in black armour standing before them. He had white hair, with yellow eyes and tanned skin. A black cape flowed from his back as he held a Halberd with a black and red blade. Behind him were strange beings that looked like animals on all fours, but then stood on their hind legs hunched over. They were dressed in black, with red eyes.

"Who are you?!", Will demended as everybody got to their feet. "What are you doing here?!"

"I am Shadon.", the armoured figured said. "I'm here to take over your world as well as Meridian, and Kandrakar! And there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

"That's what you think!", Will said as she pulled out the Heart. "Guardians Unite!"

In a flash of light, the girls transformed into the Guardians, while Matt and Mr. Huggles changed into their Regent forms. Caleb then pulled out a yellow glowing orb, that Elyon made for him, with her powers, and squeezed it tight. Caleb was then clad in bronze armour with a sword and shield.

"Nice.", Cornelia said.

"Thank Elyon. She made it.", Caleb said taking a fighting stance.

"Is this all there is to stop me?", Shadon laughed. "Five little fairies, two boys and a rat!"

"More than enough top beat you, buster!", Irma snapped as they all charged at Shadon and his minions.

"I think not!", Shadon said as he waved his hand firing a wave of energy, sending them all flying back a few feet, to stunned to move. "I call that my Shadow Stunner."

Shadon then walked up to the fallen heroes, knowing they were no threat to him, he waved his minions forward.

"Grab the girls, my minions.", he ordered. "Leave the others."

Once the girls, who were to weak to move or fight back, were collected, Shadon waved his hand to open a fold. The girls saw how the fold was black and red, instead of the blue and white ones they were used to. Matt, Caleb and Huggles saw the minions with the girls. They jumped to their feet and charged at them with all the strenght they had.

"Let them go!", Caleb demanded as they got closer.

"I think not!", Shadon said as he pointed his palm at the three. "Shadow Shocker!"

Suddenly, the three were trapped in a dark orb of lightning, getting shocked by dark energy. Shadon just laughed at the three as they tried to break out.

"What the heck?!"

Shadon then looked passed the three trapped warriors to see three other boys, who just showed up. Shadon, by seeing their inner energy, knew who they were.

'So, they've shown up after all!', Shadon thought to himself. 'But they don't have their weapons or armour! Which means, the Oracle hasn't made contact with them yet! This must be my lucky day!'

"Eric, Angelo? You guys are seeing this too right?", Nigel asked his two friends.

"Yes.", Eric and Angelo said at the same time.

Shadon was about to use his Shadow Shocker on the three, when a slim, yet muscular man, with tanned skin, long blonde hair and green eyes, walked up to him.

"Master, if you use to much power now, then the Oracle will know that you are here.", the man said.

"Very well, Necro.", Shadon said as he slowly lowered his hand. "We leave, for now."

He then looked at the boys.

"But, we will meet again!", Shadone said as he and his minions walked off with the guardians.

The red and black fold then closed behind them. The orb of lightning, that Caleb, Matt and Mr. Huggles were trapped in vanished as the three dropped to the ground. Matt and Huggles turned back to normal, while Caleb's armour and turned back into the yellow orb, that he held on to tightly. Angelo, Nigel And Eric ran up to them to help them up, only to see that they were out cold.

"What the heck is going on here?!", Eric asked. "And where are the girls?!"

"I think they were taken through that black and red thing we saw earlier.", Nigel said.

"I think you're right.", Angelo said. "But, right now, we need to get these guys some help."

"There will be no need for that.", a voice said.

"Who said that?!", Angelo asked looking around.

Then in a flash of light, they were all gone. Moments later, the three of them were in a white room, with three beds. On each bed were Caleb, Matt, and Mr. Huggles resting quietly.

"What's going on here?", Angleo ased. "One minute, we're on Shell Beach, watching the girls get taken, and these guys get the crap shocked out of them. Next thing you know we're in this room here!"

"You are in Kandrakar.", a voice said.

The three turned to see Yan Lin standing at an opened door.

"Ms. Lin?!", Eric questioned. "What are you doing where?!"

"Follow me.", she said walking down the hall. "Everything will be explained.

"Ooookay.", Nigel said as the three followed Yan Lin.

As they followed Yan Lin down the hall, they noticed how beautiful the place was. The whole place was white and looked like it was made in marble. They never seen a place like this before. Soon they were in a large room where they saw five other people dressed in white robes. One was a blonde long-haired woman about Yan Lin's age, a short man with a white beard, a tall slim man, with a white beard and long white hair, a cat-like woman with long gray hair, and a bald young man.

"Boys, I'd like you to meet, Halinor, Alfor, Tibor, Luba, and Oracle.", Yan Lin said. "They are the Council of Kandrakar."

"And Kandrakar is?", Nigel asked.

"Another world, far from Earth.", Halinor answered. "You were brought here through a fold."

"Why were we brought here?", Eric asked.

"I was wondering the same thing.", Angelo said.

"You are needed to save universe from a terrible evil.", Oracle said stepping forward. "An evil named, Shadon."

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