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Name: Maria Thompson

Age: 26

Looks: Bright blue eyes. Dirty blond hair. Tan skin, she is about 5 foot one.

Maria was just finishing with her last class of the day. She teaches 10th grade English. "So class, your homework is to read chapters 7-14 and you are to write a summary on what you read, and I expect you to do your vocabulary. If you want to get 5 extra credit points then watch Supernatural tonight and write an alternate ending for the episode." Maria stated.

A chorus of 'yes' rang through the room when the students heard about how to earn extra credit. Five minutes later the bell rang but one girl approached Maria. "Ms. Thompson, can I ask you something?" the girl asked.

"You just did Arial but yes you may." Maria replied with a soft smile.

"Why are all the extra credit projects over Supernatural? I mean you have the whole class hooked now. When we got into a debate with another class about what show was the best we all started to fire back with Supernatural and why." Arial replied.

"Well first things first, the only reason you guys are now hooked as you put it, is because it has something for everyone to enjoy, and the reason all of the extra credit projects are over this show is because I find it quiet enjoyable to read what you guys think should have happened, I swear nobody in this class has ever had the same idea, in fact don't tell my other classes this, but you guys are the only ones that get the fun extra credit assignments, the other classes have to give me book reports, but you guys are so creative, and I only have six of you this hour." Maria explained.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow Ms. Thompson." Arial said with a smile and she left.

Maria chuckled and headed to her home of three years. She bought the house after she divorced her abusive husband and was granted almost all of his money in court. She sighed as she stepped in the door at five in the evening. She went into her kitchen to make herself something quick and easy to eat. Once she finished eating she called her sister, Tina.

"Hey Maria, how was work today?" Tina asked.

"Awesome, one of my students asked about the supernatural assignments and I told her the truth and she just beamed. What about you?" Maria asked in response.

"It was alright but I am thinking about going back to school to get my masters." Tina replied then added, "I am gonna call it a night, plus Supernatural is coming on very soon." She added. "Love ya."

"Alright Tina, I will call you tomorrow, love ya too." Maria replied before she hung up.

Maria started to watch Supernatural when it came on but fell asleep halfway through.

Maria woke up the next day to the sound of an alarm clock. "What the hell?! Who the fuck are you?!" she heard a man yell.

"Who the fuck are you? I have lived here for four years!" Maria fired back, totally freaked out.

"Miss you are fucking insane! This has been my house for the past 26 years, ever since my father died. Get the hell out of my house!" the guy screamed.

Maria did not fight back, she needed a drink, and she needed it now. She looked at her watch and it read 1:03pm. "Wow I slept late….i need a bar." Maria thought out loud. When she was walking down the streets she noticed that nobody she knew was out. "Shit I was supposed to be at work!" She exclaimed. She figured they probably hired a sub and just went to the bar, needing to numb her mind. She arrived after walking for about an hour. She then entered and walked towards the bar stools.

"I will have three shots of whisky." Maria said as soon as she sat down on the bar stool.

"I like me a woman who can hold her alcohol." She heard a man, who she has heard from somewhere say.

"Whatever, just leave me the fuck alone, something weird as hell just happened to me." Maria replied without glancing at the man.

"Weird like how?" the guy asked again.

The bartender gave Maria her shots and she downed all three of them in a matter of seconds. "Hit me again. Weird as in a guy is in MY house claiming to have lived there for 26 years, when I bought the damn place three years ago." Maria replied. She downed some more shots, and when she finally looked at the guy she gasped.

"Miss are you alright?" Another guy who also sounded familiar asked.

"Ye'h." Maria slurred, already a bit buzzed. "Gimme anoth'r." Maria told the bar tender.

Maria drunk until she went from buzzed to drunk. "Dean we can't just leave her hear." The second guy said.

"De'n…sound fmailer." Maria slurred the giggled uncontrollably.

"Your right Sam we have to get her out of here, at least till she's sober." Dean said, sad that he would not get to bang her.

Sam and Dean easily convinced a very Drunk Maria to go with them to their current motel. Once they arrived at the hotel Maria looked at Dean then Sam then back at Dean. They had not even gotten out of the Impala when Maria blew chunks all over Dean's backseat. Dean turned red and looked at Sam, "So help me god. Sammy I am gonna kill her!" He shouted angrily.

"Dean Calm down she can't help it." Sam said trying to calm his pissed off brother.

"s'rry…" Maria slurred and passed out.

When they got her out of the car they dropped her on the bed furthest from the door, and Sam decided to take the couch, but before they crashed they cleaned the Impala. Once that was done Dean showered and crashed on the bed. Sam however checked the salt lines then got on his computer to try and find another hunt, knowing his brother would want to ditch the girl when she sobered up then head out. Once he finished the research he fell asleep on the couch.

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