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This is the second in the Cursed and Damnation Series. Brooklyn is in Hell as Dean continues to deal with the pain of losing her….Unbeknownst to the brothers something is stirring….

Ten months. It had been ten months to the day that Brooklyn had been savagely ripped from this world. It had been ten months to the day that Dean died inside. It felt like an eternity but the memories were fresh as if they had occurred hours before.

Ten months before…..

Dean wrapped her body in fresh clothing, burning the other shredded garments behind the house. Sam had reached down to slip her rings off but Dean's hand shot out and wrapped around his wrist in vise like grip.

"Don't you touch her!"

"Dean, I only want to clean her rings. I thought you would want them…." Sam stuttered scared at the dark malicious look in his brother's eyes.

"Don't touch her," Dean warned him again before dropping his brother's wrist. Sam put his hands up defensively before carefully stepping away from Dean. Bobby was startled but determined as he approached the younger man.

"Now son, Sam only wants to help you as do I," he placed a hand on Dean's shoulder. The hunter slowly looked up now with a lost look in his eyes. The older man noticed Dean starting to tremble. Bobby swooped down taking the now sobbing man in his fatherly embrace. Sam was at a distance watching as Bobby comforted his brother. He was dealing with his own grief over Brooklyn's death and his heart went out to Dean as he had felt his soul die inside.

"Let us help you Dean," Bobby pulled back facing Dean.

Dean swallowed hard and nodded. His tears fell down unabated as Sam and Bobby helped to cleanse her body and carry her to the Impala. Sam had cleaned her rings and handed them to Dean watching him slip them on a chain and place it underneath his shirt. The cool feel of the silver against his skin offered little solace for Dean as he cradled Brooklyn's body. She seemed at peace if not for the slash marks and deep claw marks on her body.

They drove out into the county where the river appeared as it had for centuries and decided it would be the place to lay her body to rest. Sam and Bobby dug as Dean remained in the backseat of the Impala whispering words into her ear.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you, Brook. I tried everything but I failed. I miss you already…."

He leaned in closer until their foreheads touched. Dean closed his eyes and placed his heart over her chest feeling nothing but cool skin. It just only made him see the reality that Brooklyn was truly gone.

"I will never stop loving you….." he vowed before kissing her forehead lightly.

Sam opened the door feeling as if he had walked in on an intimate moment. He hesitated, unsure if it was wise to disturb Dean but it was time.

"Dean, it's time," his brother sighed heavily and let his shoulders slump as he gathered Brooklyn's body in his arms and silently slipped outside the car. Bobby stood leaning against the shovel as the solemn procession approached the clearing. The pine coffin rested alongside the hole, a testament to the new life that would be without Brooklyn by his side.

Dean continued sobbing as he placed her body in the wooden coffin and kissed her one last time.

"Goodbye Brook, no one else will ever take your place in here," he placed her hand upon his chest then placed her hand over the other and nodded for Sam and Bobby to place the lid on. The light of the moon guided the hunters as they lay to rest one of their own. Dean flung the first shovel full of earth watching it scatter over the coffin.

"Goodbye my love," he whispered to the stars before turning to mourn the loss of a part of his soul.

Present time….

Dean just pushed his food around not even sure why he ordered so much. Maybe it was force of habit or an attempt to hold onto things he should finally let go of. Sam watched as Dean stared at the food before finally pushed it away and stared out the window. The rain hadn't let up since they left Phoenix. Brady and Markus had made the trek out to her grave putting up a wooden cross and placing flowers on her grave. Markus had put a spell over the site so no animal or human would disturb her. The hunters had seen Dean was beyond consolation despite their efforts in helping him through his loss.

Brady kept in contact with Sam making sure Dean hadn't decided to go postal yet. It was the only bright spot in the last ten months. Markus had made a brew for Sam to slip in Dean's drink for those nights he would wake up screaming in terror. Sam would slip it in his beer or drink thankful his brother could get some sleep.

Their travels were quiet as Dean no longer sang along to the radio or hummed his favorite Metallica tune. Sam would try to get Dean to talk but only be met with grunts or short answers. So the younger brother opted to have the company of his laptop and seek out the next job. He wished he could do something, anything to take away the pain his brother continued to harbor within him.

Sam noticed that even at the bars when Dean hustled around the pool tables he would brush off every single woman that paraded by him not even acknowledging their existence. Wherever he went he swore she would be there, under the oak tree in a park or walking past her on a crowded street in New Orleans only to be disappointed time and time again. Dean would sit in his room and drink himself into a drunken stupor sleeping away most of the following day. Sam would yell and shout at his brother getting no response from the older Winchester.

"Leave….Me….Alone…." Dean would slur and then roll back over and sleep. The hunts were no better.

Dean had turned more daring taking risks he would not otherwise have taken. A hunt in Des Moines nearly cost the hunter his life and Sam had arrived within seconds before the child spirit had scalped him alive.

Now they had pulled up to the hotel and Dean sat there staring out the windshield. Sam got out to grab a room as now there was no need for two.

"Dean…." He spun around to see her sitting across from him. It was her, Brooklyn alive and well with not so much a scratch on her body.

"Brook…I've missed you so much," she smiled sadly. Dean rushed across the seat taking her in his arms.

"I've missed you too," she whispered back. Dean wasted no time taking her mouth within his. He could feel the warmth that had been missing from his soul returning with the force of a tsunami.

"Dean…." Dean woke up and looked around. There was no Brooklyn only a cruel trick his mind played on him.

Sam opened the door and knelt down beside his brother seeing the hazy confused look in his emerald eyes. Dean slowly sat back and rubbed his eyes. It was only a dream…..

"Come on," he helped his brother up and out of the Impala guiding him towards the room.

The screams and flashes of blood and pain echoed loudly. Harsh breathing was coming from somewhere close by.

Brooklyn took a deep breath as her body arched up. Where was she? Why was it so stuffy and hard to breathe?

She slowly ran her hands along through the darkness until they found the grainy sides of the coffin she had been buried in.

"Help…." She tried to call out but her throat was dry and parched silencing her voice.

She continued to feel around searching out the top of the coffin wishing she had a lighter. But for some unexplained reason she didn't need one as she pounded her fist against the flimsy cheap wood. Her sudden strength shocked the hunter but the fine dust and dirt started to spill through indicating freedom was one step closer. The ground started shifting and moving until one hand broke through the top and up towards the warm Kansas sky. Brooklyn kicked and struggled until she was able to pull the rest of her body out of the grave.

She shook and wiped off the dirt from her clothes stunned to see she was alive and breathing. But that was the least shocking sight. As Brooklyn observed her surroundings the trees around her grave were flattened as if a bomb had been set off. The river was now visible and what a beautiful sight it was indeed. She would've never imagined such a simple creation would hold a more profound meaning.

Brooklyn stared at the river for a few moments more before heading towards the road and hopefully towards Dean.

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