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Brooklyn woke up seeing she was at the convent. Slowly standing to her feet, she listened intently picking up the faint traces of footsteps and shouting. Brooklyn crept down the hall keeping her body close to the stone wall. Dust and dirt rubbed off on to her jacket but the hunter didn't pay any attention. Her mind was directed to the sounds continuing to grow louder and defined with every step taken.

Around the corner she saw the doors to the chapel wide open providing the hunter a front seat to the battle raging inside.

Tom had taken out two demons as Dean struggled with the largest one. The tall brooding demon tossed Dean around like a mere rag doll. He grinned at the hunter's pain wanting to make it last. Sam had gotten the upper hand with the smaller female who had knocked Bobby out cold earlier. Brooklyn darted from pillar to pillar then reached the entrance. Lilith looked up to see Brooklyn standing in the doorway.

"Well we were expecting you," Lilith drew her arm in watching the hunter be dragged inside. Brooklyn saw her father tied up to the altar feeling helpless at the sight. She couldn't move since her will was under the control of the demon Lilith. Gabriel turned his head and saw his daughter in the grip of the first demon.

"My daughter…." He coughed. Brooklyn saw how weak and feeble the archangel appeared. She spotted the blue markings on the chains and manacles.

"You bitch," she gathered her strength feeling the darkness course through her veins. Lilith grinned seeing she had come into her full abilities. "I've been waiting a long time for this."

Dean sputtered and struggled to get up. His calls for help caught Brooklyn's ear. The hunter turned on the demon throwing him across the room then making her hand turn in a closing gesture killing the demon on the spot. She saw the other demon locked in battle with Sam and immediately eliminated the last demon. Sam rushed to Bobby's side and together with Tom hoisted the older man out.

"Tom, take Bobby outta here," Sam barked. Tom gathered the injured hunter and dragged him away. Sam hurried back to the chapel seeing Dean and Brooklyn preparing to take on the demon.

"Dean! Brook!" Sam shouted out. Lilith looked up and lifted her hand slamming the doors in his face. Sam pounded and shouted but his voice grew hoarse and hands stung from the hard slapping and pounding against solid wood.

"Dean we can't kill her," Brooklyn stated bluntly. "If she dies, the end begins."

Dean looked over at Brooklyn seeing the seriousness in her eyes. Dark grey swirled with light with specks of black in between.

"So the angels told you huh? Yes if I die Lucifer will be free."

"Yeah Cas did before he took on the archangel," Dean didn't miss the sorrow that rang in her voice. Something had happened to the angel and he felt a pang of guilt for the way he had behaved around Castiel. Brooklyn looked around and spotted the door. She grabbed Dean and together they fought to open the door as Sam was still at it on the other side.

"Dean?! Brook?!" He called out.

"Sam!" Dean shouted pounding equally as hard against the doors.

Lilith looked over at Gabriel grinning sinisterly at the archangel. "Better strap in Gabe."

Brooklyn turned around and slapped the door with her open palms. She looked up at Lilith who was eerily quiet with white eyes trained on her and Dean. Brooklyn felt the darkness rising within taking over her body. She turned to Dean and tackled him to the ground pinning him to the stone floor with inhuman strength.

"Brook what the…." He started to say but the hunter wasn't in control as Lilith's blood dictated what happened. Brooklyn slipped the dagger from her jeans and sliced her palm. With a cold smile and sinister eyes, the bleeding hand was smacked against Dean's mouth. Dean was powerless to stop her and could feel the tainted blood leech into his veins and invade the rest of his body. Lilith prepared for what was to come next.

Brooklyn pulled her hand back and got off of Dean. His emerald depths now drowned out by black as he stood and took Brooklyn's side.

"Give me your best shot," the demon taunted them. Brooklyn lifted a hand and motioned for Dean to do the same. Together they slammed Lilith against the side of the altar. Her laughter echoed through the walls as the hunters linked hands and together summoned up the power to silence the demon. The light filled Lilith's mouth and eyes growing brighter as they concentrated harder. Lilith gasped and choked then coughed up blood before she took in one last breath. The light died and the first demon was now dead.

Dean and Brooklyn's eyes went to normal as they looked to one another.

"What the Hell just happened?" Brooklyn wondered. Dean looked over discovering the blood running from Lilith and towards the center of the room. Gabriel struggled and sputtered which caught their attention.

"Dean, my father," Brooklyn raced over snapping the chains and fought to smash the manacles. Dean watched in horror as the blood formed a perfect circle before lines started forming inward towards the center. The door gave way and Sam rushed in seeing Lilith dead and the circle now moving and swirling melting away the floor.

"Dean, Brook what's happening?"

"We failed Sammy….we failed…." Dean said sadly.

"My daughter you need to leave," Gabriel pleaded with Brooklyn. She shook her head and continued pounding away at the manacles.

"No! I am not letting Lucifer touch you!"

The light burst through the circle filling the room as the high pitched sound followed. Dean and Sam covered their ears while Brooklyn tried to free her father.

"My daughter go now!" Gabriel ordered. The deep sadness in his sharp green eyes told her it was too late. Dean ran over and grabbed Brooklyn's arm tugging at her.

"Brook we need to go!" Brooklyn looked at her father seeing the tears roll down his vessel's face. Her breathing quickened with every sob that choked her.

"No! We can't leave him!" she struggled against her hunter but Dean continued to get nearer to the doors. Sam continued watching in terror as the light grew wider and brighter, the harbinger of Lucifer's arrival on Earth.

"Brook, we have to go!" Dean hoisted her over his shoulder and raced towards the doors. He banged and kicked and pulled on the handles but it was no use, the only means of escape was blocked. Sam edged around the light and grabbed onto Dean's jacket. Dean reached out for his while keeping an arm around Brooklyn.

Outside Tom and Bobby watched as the convent glowed with the radiating beam.

"Shit, we're too late," Tom said, "The angels lost….I failed them."

Bobby turned to look at the demon. "What?"

"Look I wasn't entirely honest but it was for good reason. The angels pulled me from Hell if I would help them keep Lilith from breaking the Seals. But I failed…."

"What are you trying to say boy?"

"I'm a fallen angel okay? I wanted to go home but I had made a few poor choices if you catch my drift. You saw that angels can go bad right? Well there are a few demons who went the opposite way as well. I know it's hard for you to wrap you head around this but it's the truth. Castiel knew who I was but even I didn't know the upper management wanted this to happen."

"So what you're saying is the angels used you so this could happen?"

"Yeah," Tom answered bitterly.

The ground shook knocking Bobby and Tom down. They looked up to see the light burst through the steeple and into the night sky. It was then they knew Lucifer had arrived.

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