a/n!! this is written in Darcy's pov and is AU =^___^= r&r!!

I was not born a lvl 50 Paladin & my bird was not always my trusty steed. Everything I became and acquired required backbreaking strenuous effort and hours of questing & gameplay. I, too, was presumptuous to think that I was simply born an amazing person, and I didn't realize until when my bum chums and I decided to take a trip back to memory lane.

I was up in the mountains by myself, working on my ninja skills, when suddenly a crack in the dimension appeared in front of me! I was sucked into it and the next thing I knew, I landed here as Miss Bennet and I conversed; she nonchalantly prattled on, stating—matter of factly—"oh yeah, during primary school, I kinda haaaate your guts, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (I vomitted in my hand a little when I met you)…etc. etc."

Oh my dear, dear Elizabeth Bennet! How you compromised my honour so! If this were back in China, I am sure your Oriental master would have given you 20 wet bamboo lashings. However, this is America, and we are by no means Reds. I held back a kick, which would have shattered your head like JFK's… Four, you see, I am a classy gentleman who is rich, tall, and amazingly gorgeous.