Author's Note: Hey, what's up, it's my new multichapter. Hooray!

So, I haven't been able to write anything decent for a long time. I have a million ideas in store and this one is relatively new. I really can't believe I got started on it before anything else, but I like it.

Okay, so, info: This is an AU. I hope you process this. AU, AU, AU. But not, like, super AU where all the kids are like, different ages with different hair and eye colors and they all grew up in Africa and they're now uniting to defeat a supervillain in Ancient Greece. No, it's not that AU. They just haven't grown up with each other. And they're dead. You can deal with that, right? Hope so.

And I really should not be posting this given the condition this overall story is in. It is very, very, very undeveloped. And you should never do that. Don't be like me, kids, and go and post the intro to a story you know nothing about yet. That's kind of what happened with Folie a Deux (Sorry! Sorry, people! I'm working on it! Honest!) but... this is even worse. Intolerable, even. I have my own little SparkNotes for this story in my computer and my little idea book (which I almost had taken away from me in PE today. Goddammit). So, that will sprout into a real plot with more development.I'm posting this mostly for feedback - maybe from your reviews, I'll get more fuel to write overall and I'll know that I'll have people reading this story, too. So, YES! Please review! All you writers out there know how great it is when you see that little review alert e-mail in your inbox. Give a little? :3

Oh, other info. This is an introduction/prologue/foreword by your very own Kenny McCormick. This story will be written (well, it plans to be) in many characters' perspectives, with their own unique voices (really, really unique, or so I'm trying to work with) and background stories. It'll have lots of little hints and mysteries and plotholes and hopefully I can handle it. MULTIPLE PAIRINGS, TOO! We all know how we love the pairings. No hints at which ones just yet. Still working on that.

This is a super long author's note, again. XD I'm sorry. Just jump onto this ride with me and I hope you enjoy the first installment of Suicide Kids!

(Oh, and just in case your brain didn't process it during the reading of that awful note - this is in Kenny's point of view!)

Under the arches of moonlight and sky,
Suddenly easy to contemplate why,
Why... why live a life?
That's painted with pity and sadness and strife?
Why dream a dream?
That's tainted with trouble and less than it seems?
Why bother bothering...
Just for a poem or another sad song to sing?
Why live a lie, why live a lie?
The art of suicide, gritty and clean...
Conveys a theatrical scene
"Alas, I've gone," she cried,
Veins displayed,
Melodramatically laid.

The Art of Suicide by Emilie Autumn


When you commit suicide, you thinking it's all gonna be over. When you commit suicide, you know everybody gonna be better off without you. When you commit suicide, it seems like it's all gonna be A-OK, 'cause you don't got to bother with nothing. You're gone. You don't got to worry about nothing no more, 'cause no dead people gotta worry about getting work done, making decisions, pleasing your folks, and being a good guy all at once. When you're dead, you're dead. You don't even got to haunt no folks. You don't got to float around in some graveyard, looking all sad n' shit 'cause you died in some depressing fashion; you don't need to go and clink your chains or flip some book pages just because it looks creepy. You don't got to do none of that, 'cause you're just chilling in some coffin, six feet under. There's nothing to fear no more. The greatest fear you got is death. When you already got that over with, ain't nothing to worry about.

I know that's what you're thinking. You thinking it's all okay. You thinking it's the easy way out. You thinking it's just you quitting the job you were never good at. Hey, son, that ain't what it like.

There's one place where all the suicide kids go. They just crammed into a little place, and it ain't Heaven or Hell. Yeah, they got a special place for us. It reminds me of one of those juvenile detention centers I been in. We did the crime and we're doing the time.

And the time is forever.

When you get here, it ain't like stepping off no train and checking into a hotel. You wake up here, and it hurts like a mighty bitch. Hell, you don't even wake up. It's a crash landing. When all these kids was thinking about how to do it, where to do it, and what to write in their pussy suicide notes, ain't no one expecting they'd end up here when it's done.

Me? I been here a while. I know how it goes. You only see who you need to see in this world. It might so that this place don't look so populated, 'cause, Hell, son, if we see every suicide kid around up in this place, we ain't gonna get through it. We get a bunch of new kids every day, no doubt. But I think it's 'cause God lets you see who you need to see. You see the people who was meant to be in your life.

Only thing is, they're dead like you.

And every kid who come here got a different story, different background. They're all dead one way or another. They killed themselves, and it shows. Kids be walking around wearing the Hangman's noose around their neck like it's a piece of jewelry. It's not like they can take it off whenever they want, neither. It's like a tattoo. Not only is there a story behind it, but it's something you may as well regret as soon as you get here. Like me, son, I can't do nothing with my right hand no more 'cause I can't let go of the gun. And, Hell, there are lots of things I used to do with that hand.

There are things no one knows about this place. Things like, how it got here, where it is in the universe, if anybody alive out there know about it. And then we're asking ourselves, yet again, why we're here. It's not just 'cause we broke the rules of life. We wasn't supposed to quit it. But we ain't here just for that. Some people are thinking it's a second chance at life, but ain't nothing going on here that's like that. It ain't another chance. This place ain't fun. We get work to do. We got more things to stress about. You don't do it right the first time, you wake up here and you got to do it again 'til you get it right. Maybe it's the work that you get that's the kind you were supposed to take care of when you was alive. Maybe that could be the 'second chance' of it? No one knows. Everybody here say they wishing they could kill themselves again, and again, and again until they know they don't exist. But there ain't no way outta here.

But lots of other brothers say to me, usually them smart ones, that this is a world of What Didn't Happen and What Could've Been. Like when you succeed in the afterlife, it's supposed to guilt you that you didn't succeed in nothing in the real world. Some side of me say that that's true and some other side say them smart guys is shitting me. But whatever they mean, it's not like it gonna lead us to any legit answers around here. I hate it here. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. And I can't decide which I like more - life, or the afterlife.

Maybe it's the afterlife. Here, there ain't no parents to get on my case, and there ain't none of them dickheads I used to hang out with and there ain't no school, neither. But that don't mean I like it here. I hate it in so many different ways, son, I can't even name them all.

So, maybe this is a world of What Didn't Happen and What Could've Been. What didn't happen to me, and what could've I been? I'm terrified to find out.