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"So you never told me what favor you wanted," Brennan said, finishing her salad and catching Booth's eye.

Booth offered the few remaining fries to Brennan, not with words, but by tilting his plate toward her, eyebrows raised in question. Brennan declined and Booth shrugged before popping the fries into his mouth.

"So?" Brennan pressed.

Booth chewed and swallowed, studying her before he spoke.

This is Bones. Why are you so nervous to ask her to do one little thing? Booth wondered. He already had confirmation that she would do him a favor; she'd said as much back in Gordon Gordon's kitchen. But why couldn't he find the actual words now?

Though Booth still appeared to be looking at Brennan, his eyes were unfocused as he drifted into a world of his own.

Brennan waved her hand in front of Booth's face, trying to regain his attention. "Hello? Anyone home?"

The words, sounding unusual coming from Brennan, were apparently enough to get Booth refocused. "Another colloquialism, Bones?"

Brennan grinned. "I learned that one from Parker."

"Yeah, that sounds like something he'd say," Booth agreed, nodding his head.

"Now that I've got your attention, what's the favor, Booth?"

"It's stupid, really," he began.

"If it's important enough to bother you, it's not stupid."

"I've got my recertification in the morning…"

"I know, that's all you've talked about. You're still worried because you didn't get enough practice?"

"I want you to come with me."

"It's not going to do you any good to start practicing tonight."

"Not tonight, Bones. I want you there with me in the morning. At my recertification."

"Wouldn't my presence be a hindrance to you? Make you more nervous?"

"It's okay, you don't have to come."

Brennan reached across the table and grasped Booth's hand. "Did I say that I wouldn't go with you?"

"Really, Bones, it's fine," Booth replied, trying to pull his hand away from her vise grip.

Suddenly, something clicked in Brennan's brain. "Is this about what Gordon Gordon said? That your comfort place is with me?"

Booth chuckled wryly. "You listen to him now that he's a chef?"

Brennan smirked, still keeping hold of his hand. "What time are you picking me up?"

"Really?" Booth grinned, eyes alight with excitement.

"Just last week you sat here and said that you'd do anything for me. Why wouldn't I be willing to do the same for you?"

"So you're only doing this because I…"

"I'm doing this because you asked me to. Because I want to, Booth. Now quit being pedantic before I change my mind."

"Thanks, Bones!" Booth exclaimed, knowing from the grin plastered on Brennan's face that there was no way she'd change her mind.

"Anytime, Booth. Because that's how we roll."

Gaze still locked, their eyes danced with laughter, even as they fought to keep from laughing out loud. The corners of each of their mouths twitched simultaneously, and they could no longer keep from laughing.

"Too much?" Brennan asked.

Booth nodded. "I'm gonna need some time to get used to you speaking slang."

"That'll come quickly, Booth. After all, I am your comfort place."

Booth didn't deny it, just simply continued to grin at her, basking in the contact of their still-grasped hands.


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