Chapter 1: No touch

This is straight up a slash pairing between Sebastian and a twenty-year old Ciel. Oh and there's Mpreg in it too. I love Preg Sebastian.

Sebastian Michaelis watched a twenty year-old wedding gowned Elizabeth Middleford walk down a carpeted aisle, in very slow wedding march steps. He could barely see his twenty-year old master, Ciel Phantomhive, from the back of the church where he was standing. From what he could tell, Ciel had managed to keep halfway decent looking in his black tux. Looking at him made bile rise up into his throat, which his swallowed promptly. It wasn't fair. Sebastian knew for a fact, his bocchan did not love the woman he was about to marry. In fact, he told him so the last time they had "relations" and they laid in each others naked glory. And then came the slap in the face when he said he was going to marry her anyways and that he wanted Sebastian to help plan the wedding. For appearances sake, he said. That was the last time they really spoke to one another as lovers and resumed being master and servant. He couldn't admit it to Ciel, but it broke his heart. It was funny, a demon old as himself actually falling in love with a human, but he did and he had no regrets.

It wasn't fair. Sebastian had been banished to the back with the other household servants during the ceremony. He had at least thought he should've been the best man. Or by all rights, the bride. Sebastian had to smile at this thought, and wondered what his bocchan would do if he lifted up the veil and saw him standing there instead of Lizzy.

By now, Lizzy had reached the altar and the priest started the ceremony and began the marriage that shouldn't be. Sebastian felt a stinging sensation at his eyes and blinked it away. It grew stronger as he watched the exchanging of rings and the vows of marriage. Sebastian felt a tug at his sleeve as Maylene handed him a handkerchief. "Your crying, Sebastian-san." Sebastian hadn't even been aware of the tears, and gratefully accepted it, gently wiping them away. The priest had gotten to the part of "if no one objects to this union" and Sebastian bowed his head and covered his face with the handkerchief.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Sebastian bawled as if his immortal soul depended on it, and turned away not to see them kiss, and finally proceed down the aisle.

During the reception, in Phantomhive Manor's vast garden, Sebastian watched as the cake he had made himself was being delicately shoved into Ciel's mouth and followed by a kiss. It was all Sebastian could take, and he retired to his room for the duration and listened to all the well-wishers and music being played from an open window.

Later on the night, the newlyweds retired to their own bedroom early for the impending honeymoon, although no sleep would be earned on that night. Sebastian went to say goodnight to his bocchan like always, but before he knocked on the door he heard the sounds of love making (apparently good love making): moans where heard, the bed creaked and every so often a whisper of "Are you all right?" would float around, followed by a scream or two. Another sock in the gut for Sebastian who done the exact same thing only a few days ago with the same man.

A few months went by, after much of the same thing: breakfast in bed, shopping, even doing the most of trivial chores. All together and not giving Sebastian the chance to be alone with Ciel. Except one day, when Lizzy went to visit her mother and left Ciel all alone in his mansion.

Sebastian knocked on the bedroom door, signaling he had breakfast ready. "Come in," Ciel answered. "I don't know why you won't wake me up anymore. It gets annoying to sleep too late some days." Sebastian poured his master a cup a tea, and placed it in his hands.

"You're married now, bocchan. It wouldn't be right for me to see Miss Elizabeth like that." Sebastian answered, not giving the real reason of not wanting to see them in bed together. Ciel remained silent, lost in thought, as Sebastian laid his clothes out for the day and turned to leave.

"What, no kiss good morning?" Ciel called after him. Sebastian stopped dead in his tracks, and turned around with fury in his eyes.

"I believe that's the cruelest thing you've ever said to me, bocchan."

"What?" Ciel face fell into surprise, and horror.

" You marry a woman you don't love, make me plan the wedding, and ignore me completely up until now and when she's not around one morning you expect me to cut the morning timber in your trousers: I'm not your mistress, bocchan. It's cruel to ask me to be your lover just when you feel like it." Sebastian swallowed hard after his harsh words, knowing he was about to get the tongue lashing of a lifetime.

Instead, Ciel gave him a hurt look. " I don't think you quite understand, Sebastian. I married Lizzy because I had to and I haven't had the time to be alone with you because she won't let me see a moment's peace to myself. I asked you to plan the wedding to make sure no mistakes would be made, and ...I've wanted you like crazy for the last few months ...I would sometimes think of you in bed to speed things up...."

"I'm sorry, bocchan. I guess I was just envious was all. I won't let it happen again." Sebastian didn't fully believe him, but was happy to have him back in a way.

" Don't apologize. I can't stand the sorry look on your face. Make more use of it by giving me that kiss I asked for." Ciel put his cup of tea down and held out his arms. "That's an order, Sebastian."

Sebastian went to his master's arms and nearly crushed him in the embrace he gave him. Ciel breathed in Sebastian's scent and kissed him on the neck. Sebastian gave Ciel a kiss on his mouth and drove his tongue down his throat. Ciel responded with a moan, and broke away feeling something poke him in the abdomen. Noticing the bulge in Sebastian's pants, Ciel gave a suggestive smile. " Looks like you'll have to cut the morning timber after all." Ciel tumbled Sebastian over in the bed, laying on top of him. Another kiss was given, as Ciel's nightshirt made it's way over his head and on the floor, released from Sebastian's hand.

Ciel started ripping clothes off of Sebastian starting with shoes and socks then on to coat, vest, tie, and shirt. Ciel kissed Seb's naked chest, and nibbled at his nipples. All Sebastian could do was moan and rub his naked hands over Ciel's back. Making himself friendly with Sebastian's right nipple, Ciel unbuckled Sebastian's pants and pulled them down with Sebastian's underwear, rather awkwardly. Licking his lips, Ciel studied Sebastian and finally said, "Take off my underwear with your teeth."

Sebastian laid his bocchan on his back and placed his teeth on the hem of his underwear, pulling down and leaving a tickle and trail of saliva on Ciel's hardened dick. Pulling them off from around Ciel's ankles, Sebastian bent down to open Ciel's knees, when he stopped Sebastian. " I want to be the seme this time. On your back, butler, now." Sebastian opened his mouth to argue but switched places with him. Now on his back, Sebastian stared up at his beloved master and smiled.

"You'll be happy to know that I'm virginal back there." Ciel looked rather shocked.

"I don't believe you," he said, but stuck a dry finger up Sebastian's ass which was tight. "So I'm the first you've been with like this?"

"Well, in this body.." Ciel didn't hear his response as he opened Sebastian's knees and stuck his hardened cock into his mouth. Sebastian moaned as Ciel moved his mouth up and down, playing with Seb's testicles as he did so. Sebastian arched his back moved his hips in rhythm with Ciel's mouth, almost to the point of coming. Ciel stopped and placed two fingers in Sebastian's mouth.

"Suck. Your too dry for me to be inside, so I'll just play around for a while." Sebastian did as he was told, rolling his tongue over them. When Ciel was satisfied with the wetness, he touched the tip of them to Sebastian's entrance. Sebastian moaned, as Ciel asked if he was ready. Sebastian nodded yes, and Ciel gently pushed his fingers in Sebastian's ass and moved them up and down. It was uncomfortable at first, but Sebastian finally got used it and enjoyed it.

"Bocchan, put it in...I want it in.." Sebastian pleaded. Ciel smiled and quickened his fingers.

"How much do you want it?" And even faster pace followed , making Sebastian almost scream at the top of his lungs.

"More than anything!!" Satisfied with the response, Ciel pulled out his fingers now extremely wet and a testimony that Sebastian was ready. Ciel got up on his knees and opened Sebastian's legs wider. Ciel warned that he was coming in and for Sebastian to brace himself as gently slid his slick man-rod into Sebastian's entrance.

It hurt so good. Sebastian felt like he was going to be ripped in two as Ciel started pacing himself. No one in his entire existence had made him feel this good. Ciel pushed so hard his balls touched Sebastian's entrance, which made Sebastian scream a little and he wrapped his arms around Ciel's neck and a leg around his hips to make him hit the tender spot again.

And he did, several times before announcing "Here it comes!" and making Sebastian orgasm and release his seed. Ciel released his own, causing him to shudder as his loins drained into Sebastian's insides. Breathless, Ciel collapsed on top of Sebastian, who was equally physically drained. Kissing Sebastian, Ciel wrapped his arms around his neck and then nuzzled it. "I want it to stay like this forever..."

"It's not fair to Miss Elizabeth.." Sebastian was able to gasp out.

"I'll divorce her...I'll tell her I'm in love with someone else. Hell, I'll even fake my own death to be with you..." Ciel kissed Seb's brow.

" I think that's the afterglow kicking in, Bocchan, making you talk like that."

"I'm serious. As soon as she comes back, I'll tell her it's over." Sebastian shook his head.

"You should sleep now. I'll help you dress later." Sebastian made a move to get out of bed when Ciel grabbed his arm.

"Sleep with me, please, Sebastian? I don't want our good time to end." Sebastian gave in and snuggled back into the sheets with Ciel who was snoring softly by the time he got comfortable. Sebastian studied Ciel sleeping and wondered if his feeble human male lover was actually truthful about wanting him and felt his heart skip a beat . Dismissing the feeling as trivial, he decided to try sleeping himself, if he could.

Sunlight poured through the window, causing Sebastian to stir. Checking the time on his pocket watch in his discarded jacket, he noticed that Lizzy was due back any minute and woke his master up. "Bocchan, it's time for Miss Elizabeth," Sebastian said, gently nudging Ciel. Ciel lazily opened his eyes and sat up, stretching the sleep away from his body.

"Sebastian, I want you to pick out something special for me to wear."


"I want to tell Lizzy about us. I think she has the right to know." Sebastian froze and felt his face fall into surprise.

"You can't...Everyone will know...It'll be over for you..." Sebastian's words and concerned look pleaded with Ciel. Aggravated, Ciel snorted.

"I'm not that dumb. Besides, I'll just tell her I want a divorce and that I'm in love with someone else. Now run me a bath and help me dress quickly." An amused smile spread across Sebastian across his face as he dashed off to fulfill his master's request.

An hour later, Ciel sat fidgeting in his study behind his desk , impatiently tapping his fingers wondering where his wife was. He was a bit nervous, but not because he was afraid of what he had to say Lizzy, but what happen to Sebastian and himself after. Their relationship had stayed the same for the last eight years and was about to get serious. Would Sebastian be different? Hearing the braying of horses and carriages pulling, he swallowed his fear and pushed those thoughts out his head. He heard the door open and Lizzy practically squealing at Sebastian as he let her in.

"Sebastian, you've got tell me where Ciel is. I have to tell him something...Maybe you should come with me.." Before Sebastian could argue, he was grabbed by Lizzy as she ran up to the stairs to find her beloved.

"Ciel, my love. You'll guess what's happened," she said coming through the door at a Mach 5 speed and a high pitched squeal.

"Let me guess: You found a cute dress..."

"No silly," she said letting go of Sebastian and grabbing Ciel's hands and placing them on her stomach. "I'm pregnant!!" Ciel felt the color drain from his face as he glanced over to Sebastian, who looked crushed.

Once more, Lizzy Middleford Phantomhive had something Sebastian could not possess. The first was Ciel. The second: Ciel's child.