Chapter 2: Till Death Do Us Part

This is straight up a slash pairing between Sebastian and a twenty-year old Ciel. Oh and there's Mpreg in it too. I love Preg Sebastian.

Sebastian stood still for a moment and felt like the floor falling out from under him. Ciel would never divorce Lizzy in this state of mind or body. Sebastian was able to change his look of shock to feigned happiness when Lizzy turned to him and asked "Isn't this wonderful, Sebastian? Now there's going to be another Phantomhive for you and me to keep up with? "

"Miss Elizabeth, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to help raise the next Phantomhive earl or countess." This wasn't a total lie, because, deep down he thought it would be wonderful to see Ciel being fatherly.

Ciel couldn't believe what he was hearing from Sebastian. This baby meant they couldn't be together. He could have divorced Lizzy, but a child made it more difficult. Ciel jerked his hand away from Lizzy's stomach and tried to regain composure. Finally he squeaked out, "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes, I am very sure. That's why I went to visit my mother: I wanted to be sure before I told you." Lizzy sat on Ciel's lap who was sitting behind his desk. "Isn't this wonderful? Now we're a family. I can't wait to see our baby smile for the first time!" Lizzy looked at Ciel thoughtfully and added, just before placing a kiss on his lips, " Maybe he'll have your smile.."

While still embraced with Lizzy in their romantic kiss, Ciel looked over at Sebastian who looked like he could snap Lizzy in half. It made Ciel so mad at himself that he was ruining everyone's lives : Lizzy married a husband who didn't want her, the baby would grow from a loveless house, and Sebastian....a slight tear formed in his eye that he blinked backed. Lizzy noticed Ciel's watery eyes and misread his reactions.

"Oh, Ciel-kun, don't cry. I'm happy too. In fact, I think this is the happiest I've ever been." This made Ciel's heart sink a little as he looked between his wife and his lover. For years, he had been struggling with dealing with his feelings for Sebastian and keeping Lizzy satisfied because he felt he owed it to her for not loving her. In truth, he had probably destroyed her giving her what she wanted.

"Lizzy, why don't you lay down and rest from your trip. It would do wonders for you and the baby," Ciel cooed and motioned for Sebastian to collect Lizzy.

"I am a little tired and I wouldn't mind sleeping in my own bed." Lizzy leaned in closer and decided to tease Ciel a little bit. "I mean our bed. We can celebrate later if you want..." Sebastian picked up Lizzy's seduction and appeared rather quickly by her side.

"Miss Elizabeth, you should really rest for the remainder of the day. I think you've had too much excitement." Sebastian almost said it in a hiss, but was able to contain himself. " If you would follow me, my lady, I would be happy to have Maylene help you change." Lizzy let herself be led out of the study when she heard Sebastian add, " I will back to assist you, Bocchan. We have much to discuss."

Ciel watched Sebastian and Lizzy leave and tried to collect his thoughts. How would Sebastian react to this? Ciel himself wasn't dealing with it at all. He wasn't ready to be a father, and wanted to get back to his life with Sebastian and be done with it all. But it didn't look like he was going to get his wish anytime soon.

Ciel heard Sebastian's footsteps in the hall and was glad to be alone with him. Sebastian entered the room and closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked. Turning around Sebastian gave Ciel a hurt look and said, "I guess this ends it then, Bocchan. You have a child to raise with Miss Elizabeth and no time for me." Ciel snorted and removed his eye patch, laying it on the desk.

"Quit your nonsense and sit down in this chair, " Ciel said getting up and moving aside, letting Sebastian do as he was told.

"Bocchan, I have no idea what you're doing but-" Sebastian was cut off as Ciel sat down in his lap and nuzzled against his chest.

"I love you too much to give you up to my own mistakes. We'll find a way, both of us. I'm sorry to put you through this, Sebastian." Touched, Sebastian wrapped his arms around Ciel and kissed his forehead between his bangs.

" I know enough of hell. You have the wrong sentiments, Bocchan. I think the one you should be worrying about is yourself..." Ciel thought for a moment, and suddenly realized the only solution. It was facing him dead in the face: who couldn't divorce a woman who was carrying his he would let Lizzy have the baby then divorce her a few months later. It would be a selfish, low thing to do, but for the evilly beautiful creature who lap he was sitting on, he could at least be truthful with Lizzy that he was in love with someone else.

" I know I am nothing without you....are you willing to share me with someone else for the sake of my own child? At least until it's born? Then I'll banish Lizzy to the four winds and we'll begin our life together... " Sebastian froze on the spot. He could be very petty when it came to his lover, but the thought of him being fatherly amused Sebastian in a way. Plus, he did promise to get rid of Lizzy...

" I would love to see you raising a child and seeing you struggle over parenting, while I play nursemaid and feed it, bathe it, dress it...just like I do you." Feeling a bit evil, Sebastian leaned in closer and slightly nibbled on Ciel's ear and said, "By all rights, that baby should be in your stomach and I should be the proud papa..."

"And yet you get angry when Grell wants to rape you to have your babies..." Ciel mused, and dismissed the sudden image of himself with a baby in his abdomen.

"But he's not you, Bocchan. You're hell's perfect angel." Sebastian kissed his forehead then moved down to neck, opening Ciel's shirt and placing kissing on his neck, making it slightly red. Ciel stuck his hand down Sebastian's pants and stroke the hard erection he found as a reward. Sebastian moaned against his neck and got up suddenly, pinning Ciel to the desk, with his backside facing Sebastian.

"You don't have to be so rough..." Ciel complained, in reality not really minding. Sebastian chuckled warmly, unbuttoned Ciel's pants and pulled them along with his underwear down.

"My favorite part of you, Bocchan." Sebastian said, as he bent down and massaged Ciel's hips and spreading his ass a little wider to make room for his tongue in Ciel's moist entrance. Sebastian moved his tongue in and out provocatively, making Ciel suppress a loud moan and grab the desk's edge: his only support. Sebastian raised up and Ciel heard the familiar sound of Sebastian's pants being unzipped.

"Is this some sort of punishment you perverted bastard?" Ciel said, hoping to tease and seduce Sebastian all at once. Sebastian smiled and bent over Ciel, covering him with his own body. Sebastian placed his lips on Ciel's ear.

"This is more of a love tap compared to the punishment I can give..." Sebastian said as his dick poked through Ciel's entrance and nearly touched his prostrate. Sebastian moved in and out rather roughly and covered Ciel's mouth with a gloved hand., preventing his screams from being heard. Ciel relished in the pleasurable pain Sebastian was causing him and moaned against Sebastian's gloved hand that was covering his mouth in appreiciation.

Sebastian leaned and whispered, "The greatest of pleasures, My Lord," as he came forcefully inside Ciel, forcing him to do the same. Breathless, Sebastian collapsed into chair as Ciel pulled his pants up and resumed sitting on Sebastian's lap.

"My, god, Sebastian, is that what they call a quickie? You never fail to amaze me, you luscious, piece of amazing..." Ciel leaned in to kiss him and discovered they were both still quite sticky. " Ugh, we should bathe Sebastian."

"I'll go prepare the bath, while you relax, Bocchan."

"No, I want to do it. You relax for once and I'll get everything ready..." Ciel said, putting a finger to Sebastian's mouth to quiet his protests. Ciel ran to the bathroom, but immediately came back to kiss Sebastian. who thought that his young master must be going through a hell of an afterglow to do all this.

After Ciel left in his post-sex super mood, Sebastian leaned his head back and closed his eyes and smirked. " How long do you intend on hiding, Death God?"

"As long as you two keep on with that disgusting display...I always knew you were a sick disgusting creature, but my opinion has lowered of you..." William Spears said coming into Sebastian's view after hiding outside the window. Sebastian shifted in the chair, still unzipped and revealing himself to William.

"I was doing what my mastered ordered. I please him on all kinds of levels..." William grimaced at the implication and Sebastian's peep show.

"Put that away...or I'll cut it off..." William threatened. Smirking even more, Sebastian got up and adjusted himself going slowly as possible.

"What do you want, William? I've got no time for you..." Sebastian complained. William adjusted his glasses with his death scythe.

"You've become a person of interest among the Library. In fact, many don't know whether to be disgusted or laugh at you..." Sebastian frowned.

"Do all Death Gods peep into windows and brag about what they saw?" William smiled, which looked unnatural on him.

"No, but we've gotten next year's list of souls that are to be reaped. And I just had to see your face when I tell you you're on it."

"That's impossible. I always win, if commanded." Even so, Sebastian felt a little afraid at William's words.

"It's not concrete, as of yet, your circumstances may change." Sebastian moved forward earnestly, but William stepped back.

"What circumstances?"

"I can't say, but, I will say you and Ciel's new wife have a lot in common." Anger clouded Sebastian's face as he moved toward William, who held out his death scythe in defense.

"It's the truth you vermin. And you can either accept it, or not. As for me, I can't stand your company any more and I'm still on the clock. " Jumping out the window, William added, "It'll be my pleasure to send you back where you came." Too clouded with emotion, Sebastian let him leave. It worried Sebastian that he might be telling the truth. He didn't want to die, not really. He had lived too many years to give up his life now, and if he was careful, he would live many more. Sebastian decided to take William's warning and put it aside as he went to bathe with Ciel.

Months passed and Lizzy Phantomhive's belly marked the passage of each month. She was growing more and more everyday : her belly and being hard to deal with. Ciel would sometimes lock himself in his study, letting Sebastian deal with Lizzy alone. Sebastian had never really dealt with a pregnant woman before, and although he found it quite unglamorous, he also discovered that it interested him quite a great deal. Lizzy's body went through so many changes, Sebastian had a hard time to keep up with them. He even found it adorable they way the baby kicked inside her, and would sometimes make requests to feel her stomach to witness the phenomenon.

Nine months passed. A little too soon for Sebastian and Lizzy and not enough for Ciel who found the whole process aggravating. One snowy cold day in January, Lizzy felt her water break and was rushed to an upstairs bedroom as the doctor was being fetched.

Standing outside the door, Ciel listened to his wife whimper and moan from the pain. Wondering what his child would like, Ciel let his mind wander about himself, Sebastian, and the new baby. He knew the hard part was only beginning, and wondered if Sebastian would take to the new baby when said demon came up beside him.

"A kiss for your thoughts, Bocchan. You should be happy, the baby is coming." Sebastian kissed Ciel on the cheek.

"You're really happy this baby is coming?" Ciel asked.

"Oh, yes, I find pregnancy interesting. Especially when the baby kicks." Sebastian placed his hands on his own abdomen. " I wonder what it would be like to carry life?" Ciel didn't have time to answer when he heard the doctor calling his name and telling him that it was time for Lizzy to start pushing, and that she was asking for him.

Being in the delivery room was not a treat for Ciel. He was forced to hold Lizzy's hand while she screamed obscenities. Sebastian watched from a crack in the door and decided he would very much like to be a father someday. Or even the mother...

Ciel had managed to blot out the blood and screaming until Lizzy had trouble pushing, as the pain was just too much for her. Her heart started racing...faster...until she collapsed on the bed, with the baby still inside her. The doctor pushed Ciel back outside with Sebastian, and begin to work frantically. Ciel looked to Sebastian for answers.

"What's he doing to her, Sebastian? Is the baby dying? What's wrong!?!?" Ciel was practically screaming at him

"Bocchan, I think Miss Elizabeth's heart has stopped, and the doctor is trying to revive her and get the baby out.."

"Which means..." Ciel stammered, already knowing the answer when the doctor came outside.

"I'm sorry, Earl Phantomhive. But I'm afraid I just couldn't save the Countess or the baby...Her poor heart couldn't take labor, and she died before she got out of labor." The doctor left a stunned Ciel with Sebastian, to try and remove the baby from the Lizzy's corpse.

"I killed her, Sebastian. I killed her, and the baby...I'm a murderer..." Ciel rambled while Sebastian hugged him tightly. Upset himself that the baby had been lost, Sebastian gave reassuring thoughts to Ciel who cried his eyes out on Sebastian's shoulder.

Suddenly, Sebastian recalled William warning of his death, and him also saying that him and Lizzy were a lot alike.

Would he die of childbirth?