20 Things I've Learned From Star Wars – The Original Trilogy

by: ibelieveintruelove

Summary: Star Wars has always been my most influential teacher, so I decided to share the wisdom the series has bestowed on me over the years. Some of them are direct quotes, while others are my own observations. Let me know what you think!

A/N: This list just started itself one day while I was re-watching my favorite movies. I wrote it all down while watching it, and then just left it sitting on my laptop. Until now – so enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or anything related to it, it all belongs to George.

1. Don't freak out or panic or stress when you're under pressure, because you WILL inevitably get blown up.

2. Scruffy looking nerfherders may appear to be mercenaries, but they're really just softies who have a thing for bossy princesses.

3. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

4. If someone tells you that your father is dead "from a certain point of view"…. then your father is actually still alive.

5. Annoying golden protocol droids really mean well, they've just been through a lot.

6. Small green creatures that seem to be insane are actually the wisest creatures you will ever meet.

7. Don't get cocky, kid – that's an attitude reserved exclusively for wanted smugglers in tight leather pants.

8. Wise old men usually give up their lives for young farm boys. It may seem foolish to their killer, but they have now become more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

9. Never park inside unfamiliar asteroids – they might actually be space slugs.

10. The Millennium Falcon hyperdrive will never work when Darth Vader is tailing you, unless you have R2-D2 around.

11. Never tell me the odds.

12. Insisting on fighting the most feared and evil figure in the galaxy leads to truths that you definitely didn't want to learn.

13. Never kiss princesses that you feel a "special connection" to – they might turn out to be your twin sister.

14. If you have "a bad feeling about this"… well, join the club.

15. If two droids show up at your house with a message for an "Obi-Wan Kenobi" from a beautiful princess – DON'T READ IT! Unless, of course, you want to become a hero and save the galaxy from your evil half-man, half-machine Sith Lord father. Then, by all means, take a look.

16. Never piss off an angry Sith Lord who's been confined to a machine for the rest of his life – he'll make sure you need to breathe with a respirator too.

17. Fat, slimy Hutt Lords don't stand a chance against pissed off princesses in golden bikinis.

18. Power hungry Sith Lords who rule the galactic empire will never understand a father's love for his son.

19. No matter how may times someone tells you that it's impossible, no matter how many times you think that there is no hope left, just remember that as long as YOU believe in it, there is still a chance to succeed.

20. The Force will be with you, always.

I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!