Okay, here it is, the second installment of my Trilogy. I have decided that the boys of SPN are from hence forth called "The Holy Trinity" Hence the trilogy. This is mostly back ground, catching up with what has been going on in the last six months.

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Shirt #1

Front: Help, I am in love with a Fictional Character!

Back: His name is Sam Winchester; he is a walking encyclopedia of weirdness,

He is afraid of clowns; he is tall, and very hot.

He can kill demons with his mind; can your man do that?

May 1st, 2010, six months after the end of the Apocalypse.

Sam lay in bed that night, thinking about his birthday, which was tomorrow. Twenty-seven. He played with the number, letting it roll off his tongue, repeating it this way, and that. Twenty-seven. He sighed, and rolled over to his side. "Go to sleep Sam." He told himself. It wasn't working. He rolled to his other side, and punched his pillow, and tugged on his covers. Thinking, forever thinking. Finally, after an hour or so, he turned and laid on his back, and put his long arms behind his head, and stared up at the hotel ceiling. Life had changed since that night, six months ago. He contemplated his new life, which he was happy with, he kept telling himself that, hoping it would take.

The past six months had been the happiest of his life, and probably the most normal life had been, except when he was at Stanford. He and Dean still hunted, but how they did it was so drastically different than before, well before her. Emily had joined their rag a muffin family, and Sam loved her, not the way he thought, long ago, he loved her like a sister now. He was thrilled that she was in their lives, she made it and them better. She insisted that the have a home base, a real home, right next door to Bobby's. They had been lucky enough to find a cheap little house, and Emily used her forty grand as a down payment, and she had built them a home, a real honest to God home. She had flower pillows on the couch, and dinner on the table which included cloth napkins, and grace, when they were actually there that is. They still traveled all over the country, because even with the world safe from the Apocalypse, there were still other things that need to be taken care of, vampires, werewolves, etc, etc. The list could go on for days.

But they now had a home to come home to, and they celebrated the holidays as a family aught, at a dinner table with all the fixings, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Castiel and even Ash included, their extended happy family. Sam was happy, he really was, but even though he had more family than he had ever had in his life, he was still lonely. His loneliness was never punctuated more than when he watched Dean with Emily. Dean positively glowed around her, forgetting his painful past, and looking forward to the future, although he had told Sam in confidence that Emily couldn't get pregnant, that he had seen it in the future, but he had sworn Sam to secrecy, he didn't want to have to tell Emily till he absolutely had to. Besides they were in their early thirties, they weren't event thinking kids yet, but Dean had told Sam, in one of his more emotional moments, that as long as he had Emily, he couldn't care less if they had kids or not. "I'll be a great uncle, eh Sammy?" Dean had told him, and Sam had laughed, but he knew that would never happen. Sam felt he was destined to be alone forever, as his punishment for turning his back on his only brother.

No matter how much told himself he didn't care that he now stayed in a hotel room by himself, he didn't want kids, that he didn't want someone to turn to in times of crisis or in need, but he did. He tried really hard not to be jealous of Dean and his good fortune, but he wanted someone too. He watched them hunt together, they were a team, so in sync they didn't even have to talk, just read each others body language, and minds it almost seem like. Hell, Sam rarely even did actual hunting anymore, mostly research, Emily had been trained so well, and two people were usually enough for a job, and Dean would never dream of leaving Emily out so Sam told them he liked staying at home, or at the hotel, but really, it just hurt to look at them, in their glow of love. Sometimes that was literal too, Emily didn't spark anymore, except for Dean, and sometimes it was so bright, Sam had to squint and look away, in fear of his retinas burning.

He didn't begrudge Dean, he didn't. That was his birthday mantra as he went to bed that night.

"Do you think this will work?" Dean asked Emily between kisses in bed that night.

"With out a doubt!" She said confidently, smiling as Dean kissed her nose. "He is going to LOVE his present, literally, but I can't believe you talked Cas into your little joke, you are so mean, my love."

"Hey, God agreed to this little stunt of yours, You got friends in high places, and so do I., and Sam is so going to regret putting salt on my pie, that was the LAST piece, that bitch!" He whined into his wife's ear, then nibbled it softly, only to see sparks ticking off it in little arks. "Thought you said you were tired?" He asked her. She hadn't been feeling well, and he was getting concerned that she was overextending herself.

"I'm never to tired for you." She said, and then she started taking off his shirt, giggling.

"It's midnight Sammy, Happy Birthday!" Olivia Brown said talking to herself, she had been doing that more and more lately, blowing out the lone candle on the cupcake, wishing that Sammy was real, and not a character on a TV series, and that he was here to comfort her.. She snuggled down on her couch to watch the episode "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" and slowly pulled the paper off the cupcake she had been holding, licking the chocolate icing off her fingers, and the cake off the paper. She grabbed her blanket, which had a huge picture of Sam and Dean on it, covering herself and pressed play on her TIVO. She had been watching the the whole of season 5, gearing up the season five finale, which according to a article in some magazine was probably the last and final season. (A/N this is real, their contracts are up, and Jensen says they don't plan to renew them, cause of all the traveling, unless they 'back up a brinks truck' Sorry for the bad news, but keeping my fingers crossed).

Olivia had a bad year so far. Her best friend Emily had gone missing on a cross country road trip, and after almost ten months, was presumed dead, or worse. She had caught her boyfriend cheating on her, in their bed and kicked him out on his ass, and now her favorite show was being canceled. Emily had gotten her started watching the show last year, and she liked it, but when Emily went missing, she became obsessed; knowing a large part of her obsession was she wanted to still feel connected to Emily, in some small way, and the rest was all due to Sam Winchester. He made Livie feel better, all she just had to look at him and she would know she could get through this rough patch in her life, if he could get over his. She knew that she was starting to slip away from reality little by little, how crazy was it to date a fictional character in your head? She turned down dates, because no one could measure up to Sam, and he wasn't even fucking real, she knew that. Knew that this was just her way of dealing with the pain, to lose herself in another world, she knew her family was getting worried about her, about her obsession with the boys, and Sam, but she just couldn't help it. If she couldn't have Sam, she could at least surround herself with his likeness and pretend, because a pretend Sam couldn't and wouldn't ever hurt her..

Emily's parents had given her all of Emily's Supernatural stuff, which was considerable, but she had added to the collection, till her house was a walking talking museum to the show, but she liked it. She had pictures, clothes, cups, etc. She was an English teacher at the local high school, and she was just finishing up with school, getting ready for summer, sleeping in, late nights, and lots of TV. She had watched three more episodes, and her eyes were drooping shut, she had to be this tired to sleep, since her mind wouldn't shut off anymore since Emily's disappearance. She clicked off the TV and stood up, stretching her arms wide, and cracking her neck from side to side, relaxing at the snap crackle pop. She was in her favorite pajama pants, black flannel and worn so thin you could almost see through the material, and her favorite shirt, the front stated 'Help I am in love with a fictional character', the back going on about Sam. It too was faded due to constant washing. She put her empty cup in the sink, and went into the bath room and brushed her teeth.

Not bothering to turn the light on in her bed room, she just pushed back the covers of her unmade bed, why anyone made their bed if company wasn't coming she never knew, cause you were just going to mess it up anyway, and slid in. She relaxed into the soft pillows, and rolled over to her left, reaching out her arm for the pillow she always cuddled with only to feel something hard and warm. She pulled her hand back just a bit, then laughed at herself, 'just my imagination' she said to herself and reached out again,. Only it wasn't her imagination, she felt softly trying to figure out what it was, in her sleep deprived mind, thinking she must have left something on her bed, but she couldn't figure it out. She slowly ran the tips of her fingers down until her brain snapped awake, and she realized what the hell she was touching. It was a back, a human back, with out a shirt.

Olivia sat up, her eyes wide straining in the dark room to see who it was, and when her eyes adjusted themselves enough to tell that it wasn't Adam, he had snuck in the house before, trying to get her back by seducing her, and doing a crap ass job of it, she screamed and jumped out of the bed. The man flinched and sat up sleeply. "Huh, whose there, what's going on? Dean? Is that you?" His questions were greeted by more screaming and then a thud as someone ran into a wall, and pounding feet running into the next room.

Sam looked around in the dark, not recognizing where he was, but that wasn't any bid deal, that was a hazard of the job. He reached to pull back the covers and get up, to see what the hell the screaming was all about, when he noticed he was stark naked. "What the hell?" He never went to bed naked, never! He got up, and pulled the sheet around him, yanking it off the bed with such force that the bed frame shook. He stumbled in the dark, calling out "What is the matter, what's going on?" He fumbled around the nightstand for his gun, or a weapon of any kind, but to no avail. Tripping over the sheets tangling around his bare feet, he followed the light out the door. That is when it hit him, he wasn't in a hotel room, he was in an apartment, and there was a girl running at him with a knife in her hand, screaming like a banshee. He reached out one hand to stop her, all the while holding the sheet around his shoulders and torso, praying he was covering everything up.

"Hey, it's okay, I won't hurt you, I swear!" he said, trying to sound more calm that he felt, not wanting to upset her anymore than she already was. Her brown eyes were wild, and filled with fear, and she was shaking, but when he spoke, her gaze focused on his face, and she stopped. She stopped so fast, she almost fell face forward, right onto the knife. Sam reached out and grabbed her around the waist, and righted her. "Easy, Easy, I won't hurt you, I promise, I don't know what's going on, but if you will just let me call my brother, I will get out of here ASAP, ok?"

Olivia just stared at him, shocked and amazed. The knife fell to the floor, and Sam breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn't still planning on attacking him, but his relief turned to confusion as she stared at him, mouth open and blinking rapidly, like some kind of crazy mental patient. After a few moments of them staring at one another, Sam confused, Livie dumbfounded at what was right in front of her, she finally had enough control over herself to speak. "Has anyone ever told you, you look just like Jared Padalecki?" she asked.

Sam froze and his blood turned to ice, he recognized that name, and he had seen that same shocked face on Emily just a few months earlier. His throat constricted to a taunt knot, and he swallowed it down, willing himself not to panic. "My sister in law told me that once. Hey…uh…can I borrow your phone? I need to call my brother. Please?" he asked giving her the puppy dog expression. She just nodded, and handed him her phone dumbly. She watched as his long lean fingers pressed the number pads in quick succession. He was still holding the sheet to himself, but with only one hand, which allowed the sheet to slip down his left shoulder a bit, revealing a tattoo, a very familiar tattoo, on his left chest. Olivia grabbed onto the counter and sat down at the bar stool that she kept there. The man turned his back to her, and walked away a few feet, trying to get some privacy in the small apartment. It didn't work; she could hear every word he spoke, each word freaking her out more and more.

"Come on Dean, Dean answer your phone." Sam repeated as he listened to the ringing in his ear. Finally a tired voice answered


"Dean?" Sam asked, because it didn't sound like him.

"Man, you have the wrong number, drunk dial someone else! Asshole" Sam stared at the phone, willing this to all go away. He looked up at the ceiling.

"Cas, hey man, you up there? Cas, God, anyone?"

Olivia just watched him, knowing she must be dreaming, or something equally crazy, cause this just wasn't possible. The man turned around and looked at her, pulling the sheet around his naked form, in protection and embarrassment.

"Uh, wrong number?" he said. He handed her the phone back, and stood there, looking everywhere but at her. He noticed a coffee cup that said 'Supernatural' on it, and had his and Dean's picture on the front. He walked over to it, and picked it up, looking at it closer. It looked like them, but they were softer, not as rode hard as in real life, and since he knew that Jared Padalecki didn't exist in his world, he must be in Emily's. But how, well, actually he knew how, God. But why? He turned to look at the girl, but she had her back to him, her head resting on the counter top. That was when he noticed her shirt, and what it said.

His name is Sam Winchester, He's a walking encyclopedia of weirdness, He's afraid of clowns. He's tall, and very hot! He can kill demons with his mind, can your man do that?

OMG he thought, I'm here, and I am stuck with a fangirl, and I'm fucking NAKED and it's my fucking birthday, cursing his luck, or God, what was she doing to him, he thought he was supposed to be rewarded, not tortured! Olivia turned around and looked at him, in shock, and a little green. He figured he might as well get this over with, pulling the sheet so tight over himself that it only showed the lines of his body even more, he said "Umm, you may not believe this, but..uh…I'm"

She finished for him, awe in her voice "Sam Winchester. I know, I got that already" and then she started giggling, hysterically.

Crap, he thought to himself, she's loonier than Becky!!

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