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Chapter 5 - Bella Notte (Beautiful Night in Italian)

T-shirt # 3

It doesn't matter what tongue you say it in...

Sam Winchester is gorgeous in any language.

After finishing their frozen custard from, Ted Drewes, Livie drove Sam around the city a little, and showed him some more sights. They agreed not to stop at any of them, because of what had happened at the arch, but enjoyed their time together, nonetheless. Hearing Sam's stomach growl, she glanced at the dashboard clock, instantly realizing they'd lost track of time. Giggling, she asked, "Hungry?"

Smiling, Sam nods. "Yeah, but if you want to wait, I'm okay for a while."

"Wait? And have you starve to death? Oh, no, no, no, we can't have that, Dean." She snickered.

Not quite able to pull off his offended look, with his dimples giving him away, Sam said, "You did not just compare me to the bottomless pit, did you?" Giving up the pretense, he chuckles, "Even though Dean can pack it away with the best of them, I am more of a three meals a day guy.

Flashing him a grin, Olivia said, "That works out well for me, because I swear I would gain weight just watching your brother eat." While Sam's laughter rang through the car, Livie tried to figure out which of the restaurants she wanted to take Sam to was closest to where they were. Then suddenly, it hit her, she was doing it again, not giving him a choice, just deciding for him. Pulling over to the side of the road, she put the car in park and guiltily turned to face him. "Uh, Sam, there are several different restaurants that I really think you would enjoy, but if you have someplace you have always wanted to try, then now would be the time to try it, so where would you like to eat?"

Betting that the sheepish look on her face was there because she had almost pulled another Dean and unilaterally decided where they were going to have dinner, Sam shrugged his shoulders and said, "Not a clue. I'm good with you choosing, as long as it's nothing too out there." When his stomach once again made its presence known, he grinned and added, "Maybe some place close by would be good."

"Italian okay?" She asked, flipping her hair back over her shoulder as she turned back to restart the car.

"Uh... yeah... Italian's fine." Sam managed to stammer without drawing her attention back to him.

Olivia's hair flip, so utterly feminine, had made Sam's mouth run dry, when it exposed the curve of her long creamy neck to him. Her innocent movement had also pushed her scent toward him, so that when he had inhaled -- in an attempt to regain some normality -- the fresh warmth of her essence had pulled at him, and he had almost reached for her. Fortunately, when she had shifted away from him, some spark of rational thought had taken hold, and he had grabbed the soft edge of the cloth seat, and held on tight.

When they reached the restaurant, Sam had never been so glad to unfold himself from the torturous confines of a car, in his life. The warmth of the day and the smell of good food, welcome distractions from the need that her close proximity had aroused.

Looking up at her favorite Italian restaurant, as she rounded the car to join Sam, Livie's eyes took in the Italian flag waving gently in the breeze. That flag had flown proudly over this restaurant the entire time it had been open for business. Placed there by the owner, a good friend of her family, as a symbol of all his family held dear of their native homeland.

The building, made out of brick with big glass windows, had the ambience of old Italy, and always made her feel like she was going back in time whenever she visited. The interior only intensified the feeling, though she had never been able to put her finger on exactly why. Small, but not crowded, the elegant surroundings included: white fabric tablecloths, tapered candle centerpieces, and rich warm colored decor.

"Well, what do you think?" She asked, glancing up at Sam, while they waited for the hostess to seat them.

Nodding, he answered, "I'm impressed... good choice. If the food is as good as the atmosphere, I will trust you with all additional nutritional needs. I feel like I just entered another place and time." Snickering ironically, he continued, "In a good way, not like the dread I had this morning when I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore."

"This will be much more fun. Since it is your birthday dinner, I promise not to threaten you with any cutlery, or break out into hysterics." She said grinning hugely.

Smiling down at her, Sam sighed internally, reminding himself that she just wanted to be friends. When the waitress motioned for them to follow, Sam placed his hand lightly against the small of her back as they walked to their table. Wholly focused on Olivia, Sam completely missed the hostesses come hither look, when she handed them their menus.

Watching the hostess move away, swaying her hips seductively for Sam's benefit, Olivia muttered, "Well, I never..." under her breath. Fuming, she slapped her menu on the end of the table, while trying unsuccessfully to ignore her jealousy.

With a confused look, Sam asked, "What's wrong?" trying to figure out what had upset her.

Realizing she had absolutely no right to get jealous, she just grit her teeth and smiled at Sam. "Nothing, never mind." She then picked up her menu, pretending to read it to cover her embarrassment, she knew every item on the menu by heart. After a while she quickly glanced at Sam to see if he was still watching her, but only saw the top of his head as he was reading the menu.

After a few minutes Sam looked up from his menu, to see Livie studying him. He noticed a deep blush creep up her neck and spread across her cheeks. He grinned widely at her, showing his straight white top teeth, and the slightly, but charmingly crooked bottoms. He could tell she was embarrassed at being caught staring at him, so he decided to break the ice. "What on earth is Toasted Ravioli?"

Livie thanked Sam silently for giving her an easy out of the awkward situation. "Well, its meat filled ravioli that it breaded and deep fried. Then you dip it in marinara sauce and sprinkle parmesan cheese on it. It's delicious. I plan on starting with those, then having a salad, lasagna, and gooey butter cake for dessert. What are you getting?" She was really curious; she knew Sam was more of a healthy eater.

Sam looked at her, and then back to his menu. He tapped one long finger on the menu, slanting it toward her, he pointed to the fettuccini carbanara. "This sounds wonderful, is it good?"

Smiling, Livie looked where he pointed. She sighed blissfully. "Yes, it's the best thing on the menu. It's fettuccini alfredo with pieces of bacon tossed in. I love it, but I would have to work out for days to keep it from settling permanently on my thighs. I highly recommend it since you are on vacation. Calories don't count on vacation, don't you know?"

Sam smiled across the table. She was so matter of fact about everything, he liked her honesty. It was refreshing.

Suddenly an older man, whose thick dark hair and deep brown eyes made it obvious that he was Italian, came over to the table with a huge smile on his face.

"Olivia, cara I have not seen you in ages! What have you been doing?" Antonio asked in a thick Italian accent.

Olivia stood up, and gave the man a big bear hug. "Oh, you know me, busy, busy, busy." She didn't want to tell him the truth... that she had barely been able to get off the couch for months. "Let me introduce you to Sam." She said, changing the subject. She turned to Sam, and watched as he unfolded his large frame from the chair. She felt a little dazzled by how beautiful he was in person.

"Antonio, this is Sam. Sam this is Antonio. He owns Bella Notte, the best Italian restaurant on the hill."

Sam and Antonio shook hands. Antonio looked back at Livie. "Sam? That reminds me, Ornella made something for your birthday. Let me get her, she will want to say hi. She was just talking about you." Antonio walked back into the back room, and Livie and Sam sat back down.

"So, when is your birthday? You know mine, because it's today." Sam said, smiling. He didn't know the last time he had smiled so much.

Livie looked away to stare off into space. "It's November second." She didn't want to say the year, it just held to many negative connotations for Sam; she wanted to spare him any reminders of that awful night. While his mother had died in a tragic fire, her's had given birth.

Sam reached over and took her hand. He saw the tears well up in Livie's warm eyes, at the thought of what that date meant to him. He was touched, but didn't want to her to feel bad. She couldn't help her birth date. "Hey, it's okay. Now I have something good that happened on that date."

Sam saw Antonio come back through the swinging door, and on his arm was a pretty woman with long black hair, and deep green eyes. She was very attractive, and seemed to be about forty-five years old. Sam watched as Livie stood up and embraced the tiny woman in a hug.

Livie hadn't seen Ornella in months, but she looked lovely as usual. When she was done hugging her, Antonio put a gift bag in her hands. It was decorated with green, red and white, the colors of the Italian flag. Livie smiled at the couple, touched that they always remembered her birthday. Before she opened the bag, she introduced Sam to Ornella.

Ornella's eyes widened when she realized that Olivia was not alone. She smiled and shook Sam's hand, but then elbowed her husband. "Um…Olivia darling, I think maybe you should open your present at home after your date." She said quietly.

Antonio, who didn't know exactly what, was in the bag spoke up jovially. "No, no. Open it now. I'm sure your young man won't mind, will you son?" He turned to Sam.

Sam, never one to be rude, just nodded and waved his hand towards the present, in a go ahead manner. "Of course not, go ahead and open it."

Ornella knew she had been out voted and stood quietly biting her lip, waiting for drama to play out.

Livie opened the bag, and took out the colorful tissue. At the bottom was something dark purple. She pulled it out and shook out the material, revealing that it was a t-shirt. She held it up against herself, not noticing that she had been looking at the back of the shirt, and that there was writing on the front of the shirt.

Sam watched as she took out the shirt and flipped it open. He reached for his glass and took a sip just as she turned towards him. He read what the shirt had embroidered across it in hot pink, and spewed his water across the table and started choking.

Ornella started pounding his back, as Livie threw the shirt down and ran to him to assist her.

"What happened? Did the water go down the wrong pipe? Are you okay?" Livie said as she rubbed his back.

Sam's eyes were watering and his nose was running, so he reached out and grabbed a white linen napkin off the table. Once he had gotten himself together, he cleared his throat. "I'm okay; the shirt just startled me, that's all."

"Why?" Olivia asked, as she reached over to the offending shirt. She held it out again, only with the writing towards her.

Sam watched as she turned bright red, almost purple. As bad as he felt for her to be put in this awkward situation, he had to admit, he loved that she had told everyone about how she felt about him. The proof was right in front of them.

Olivia stared at the shirt, horrified that Sam had seen this, and now knew that she had not kept her obsession with him limited to her home, or to just her close friends. No she had told everyone she knew about this wonderful, caring, loving, smart, adorable character on TV. Now it came back to bite her.

The t-shirt was dark purple, with hot pink words. It said.

It doesn't matter what tongue you say it in...

Sam Winchester is gorgeous in any language.

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