Ok so this was really kind of random. I had to write this for English and thought I did a really good job on it so I decided I'd post it. Charlie, Dr. Stauss, and Miss Kinnian belong to Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon is a wonderful science fiction novel and you should really read it. I enjoyed the short version very much and I am going to try and read the longer version.

To Whom It May Concern:

Charlie Gordon is a splendid man. He has a learning disability and has some trouble

spelling reading and writing. He recently had an operation that was supposed to triple his

IQ. It worked but then his brain function began detiorating. He is back to the way he was

before. He has always had a great personality and has worked at a plastic box company

under Mr. Donnegan for the past few years. He was janitor and always made everyones

day at the factory. He began to seek help and joined Mrs. Kinnians night school for slow

learning adults. There is where we found him and asked him if he would like to help us

in our experiment. He was excited to help. He was a great help in our experiment. We are

sorry to say though that the effects of the experiment did not last long. He conducted his

own experiment to see what was happening after a mouse by the name of Algernon who

had had he same operation that Charlie had started to loose his memory and intelligence.

Charlie's detioration only took away the memories that he had gained because of the

operation. Since then he has left New York in search of a better life and a new start. He

recently wrote me asking me to write a recommendation for this job. Charlie Gordon is

one of the friendliest people I know. He can be a little slow but works hard to figure

things out. He has dedication and bravery. I send you this letter hoping that you will give

him this job


Dr. Strauss

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