Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hoot.

Pairing: Mullet Fingers/Roy

Word Count: 285(only actual Drabble)


Grinning, Mullet Fingers silently watched his boyfriend walking home. He crept silently, making almost no noise as he got closer and closer to his unsuspecting target before pouncing, literally, taking Roy to the ground in a friendly tackle.

They rolled around on the ground for quite some time before pulling away, both panting and grinning.

"So, what's this I hear about you getting a detention? Finally decided to give up the goody-two-shoes bit and join Bea and I in our 'rebellious ways'?"

Mullet Fingers grinned, quoting the principle's latest lecture on Beatrice's 'behavioral problems', rolling around to face Roy who beamed proudly.

"I let the frogs and worms we were supposed to dissect in science free, and gave our English's classes pet goldfish a proper funeral, a flush down the toilet. Only, he kind of clogged the toilet," Roy laughed, smiling widely at his best friend and boyfriend.

Mullet Fingers' grin widened.

"Well now, we'll just have to celebrate, won't we? It's not everyday cowgirl turns into a rebellion on us," Beatrice calls, interrupting her step-brother and best friend's make-out session and grinning when she received twin looks of annoyance for it.

"And I know just the way," Mullet Fingers smirked, going in for another kiss.

Beatrice rolled her eyes, placing her foot in between the two to interrupt again.

"Make out when I'm not watching, as for celebrating, how about a couple bottles of coke, double cheese pizza and movies? At Roy's place, of course," Beatrice grinned, waving a said bag of pizza and soda in front of the boy's before walking past them.

"Come on!"

Grinning, both boys followed after a brief kiss and a promise to 'celebrate' on their own later.