Petunia Dursley woke up in the middle of the night from her alarm. Not at all upset about this she quickly got out a bag from the side drawer and made her way, without waking her husband, to the hall where her 10 year old nephew was currently sleeping.

Now some might think that Petunia would have hated her nephew but she could not hate the child who had her sister's eyes. The eyes that when Lily and Petunia were younger, could get her to do anything she wanted. Her husband wasn't too happy at first but then he too started to fall in love with the shy and quiet Harry Potter. Dudley loved Harry like a brother and the two were inseparable. Each helped the other when needed and Dudley was especially protective of Harry. More so after the news they got a few years ago when Harry was 7 years old.

Petunia quietly opened Harry door and sneaked in. The boy she found was sprawled across the bed, his short raven hair was sticking up everywhere and his mouth was wide open. She silently laughed at the sight not doubt thinking that her own son was in the same position. She opened her bag and got out a glucose meter and an insert strip for the meter. Petunia stood staring at her nephew for a few minutes. She remembered the fear and confusion in her nephew's eyes when the doctor told him he had Type One Diabetes.

She also remembered her own fear and confusion but she knew she had to be strong for him and for the coming years, the ups and the downs, so that's what brought her here. Harry's blood sugar and been low all day the day before and she was just checking to make sure that his level's were at an acceptable range.

"Harry, sweet heart, wake up for a second please," Petunia whispered gently running her hand threw his hair.

Harry moaned for a second but then opened his eyes and stared up at her with cloudy eyes then rubbed them to make himself more awake.

"Yes Aunt Petunia?" He asked with a yawn.

"I need to check your blood sugar, I didn't want to wake you but you've been low all day yesterday so I wanted you up in case I needed to get you something," Petunia explained as she expertly checked his levels.

Harry just nodded sleepily not really comprehending what was going on.

"Harry your level's are a little low lets go to the kitchen and I'll get you some orange juice," Petunia stated as she got Harry into a sitting position.

"Can I have ice cream instead?" Harry asked, giving her a cheeky grin.

"No, you're not that low," She chuckled.

Harry just shrugged and walked with his aunt to the kitchen and plop down on a kitchen chair.

"Aunt Petunia, what was the number? I need to put it in the book," Harry asked as Petunia got some orange juice and gave it to him.

"It was 53, like I said not extremely low and don't worry, I'll put it in your book, after I check your blood sugar again, you just go on up the stairs and go back to sleep.

Harry just nodded and slowly drank the juice. After a few minutes passed Petunia once again checked Harry's levels.

"90, that's good, why don't you go to bed, honey, I'll let you sleep in tomorrow, it is Saturday after all," Petunia smiled.

"Okay, thanks Aunt Petunia…Aunt Petunia can I ask you something?" Harry asked suddenly.

"Sure Harry," Petunia replied, looking at her nephew with concern.

"Do you think my parents would like me even with Diabetes? What about the rest of the Wizarding World? You know there are not that many diabetics if any at all in that world…" Harry drifted off.

Petunia quickly got up and hugged the ten year old.

"Harry your parents would have loved you no matter what. As for the Wizard World, it does not matter what they think so long as you have this family and loyal friends it does not matter what others think of you. You are an amazing child who just happens to have to watch what he is eating," Petunia stated looking deep into the raven haired child.

Harry nodded and smiled then hugged his aunt and said good night.

As Harry walked back to his room, Petunia smiled. Harry was the sweetest kid she knew and even though she feared for him when it came to the Hogwarts she also knew that he could take care of himself. Petunia made quick work of recording the numbers then putting away the kit. She made her way back to her room and snuck a quick look at her nephew once more, smiling she found him sprawled on his bed once more. She looked in on her son as well and was not surprised when she found him in the same position. Once she was lying next to her husband again she thanked Lily for creating such an amazing person and once again promised to protect him to the best of her ability.