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Troublesome Girl


"The Akatsuki has Naru."

Those simple four words, spoken dully and (was that a hint of strain?) emotionlessly. It was all Tsunade had to say for my world to crumble and the floor to be wiped out from under me, leaving me breathless and struggling to refill my lungs. They have Naru? My Naru?

My mind spun into action as soon as it was able to form coherent thoughts. I was immensely glad I had trained myself to bounce back quickly from shock.

The first question sprung to the forefront of my thinking: how? How did they manage to capture her? She's too strong willed to go down without a fight. But that did not mean she couldn't lose. Or…or they threatened one of her 'precious people' and she went with them without destroying the surrounding area in battle. She'd never even lay a scratch on any of the Akatsuki members if she thought even one of her friends were in danger. That must be it. It was clear to any who knew her well enough (or even those who had just met her…) that Naru would willingly give herself up to protect her loved ones.

One of the reasons I love her so much… Gah. Come on, Shikamaru, focus.

I sent a sharp look at Tsunade, all of my trademark laziness vanished from my gaze and posture. I knew she understood my thoughts through my expression: I wanted to know details on my long time girlfriend's capture. She stared evenly back, knowing full well that I wanted to pack up and head out immediately (right-this-second-please).

The usually calm and collected Shikamaru I was known for being was gone. This left only the unusually rash and impatient side of me that took over when it came to Naru.

"She was captured by Uchiha Itachi along with some of his 'comrades'," she spit out the word in disgust, "while on a solo mission to Snow. I'm sending you thirteen to the Akatsuki hideout to retrieve Naru."

The unspoken 'before it's too late' hung in the air menacingly. The Hokage picked the perfect team to send. All of the assembled ninja were close to Naru, and would fight for her safety.

Neji, TenTen and Lee stood in the corner: Neji looking less emotionless than usual and more resolute, TenTen looking much the same. The cheer had drained from Lee's face at the news his good friend was gone and was being replaced by solid, unwavering determination. Then there was Kiba, Hinata and Shino: their shocked faces (or what could be seen of Shino's) slowly forming into ones of fierce willpower. Even Hinata lost her timid stance and replaced it with a confident pose. Standing near the window was Sakura –who was cracking her knuckles, ready to go fight as soon as she was able- Kakashi, Yamato and Sai: all anxious to save their 'little sister' as they have come to see her as. Lastly there was Ino, Chouji and myself: shifting and fidgeting impatiently, waiting to be dismissed.

There would be no stopping us getting to Naru.



I blearily creaked open my eyes. Everything was foggy, so I couldn't see clearly for a few moments. I reached up a hand to wipe away the crusty sand that had settled in the corners of my eyes, but the movement was halted by the iron cuff attached to my wrist, thrumming with chakra.

The cell I was being held in was cold and damp, like a sewer. For a moment I thought it was my mind-scape, where the Kyuubi was held. It had no bed, toilet, or anything for that matter. Just a small cage-like-room with the unforgiving chakra chains tying me to the back wall. Not that I would even think of busting myself out, my chakra was already majorly depleted from my a-rank mission and my short fight with Akatsuki.

They all ambushed me, just after I was returning home, thinking about relaxing hot springs and spending time with Shikamaru. I was going to fight them with all I had, but they threatened my friends, saying that they'd attack Konoha if I didn't come with them willingly. And there was no way in heck I was going to let them get hurt if I had a choice in the matter.

I shifted to a more comfortable position, the chains around my wrists rubbing and tearing at my skin awkwardly. I guess all I can do for now is wait until, well, they kill me or something. I knew for sure that they were going to try and suck the demon out of me, but I had no idea what they have planned for before that, if anything at all. Toy with me? Probably. And there's nothing I could do about it if I wanted my loved ones safe.

Admittedly, I've never been so scared in my life.

I heard soft footfalls coming down the hall that normal ears usually wouldn't be able to detect, but my enhanced senses did. Soon black hair and black eyes come into my view, on a person I despised because of not what he did to me, but to someone else. Uchiha Itachi in all his grandeur was staring at me impassively from behind the bars of my cage.

He smiled at me impassively, but I could feel the threat behind it. An involuntary shiver ran down my spine. "So, Naru, since you were so nice to join us, we agreed to ask you some questions about Konoha." What?

I watched him warily as he leaned casually against the bars. "Let's start, shall we? What are Konoha's plans for attacking Akatsuki?" He asked pleasantly, but not quite expectantly.

Ha! As if I'd tell him that! No-way-José! What does he think I am, an idiot?

I stared defiantly back at him, mouth shut tightly. He sighed sadly.

"Pity, seems we will have to do this the hard way, hmm?" he snapped his fingers sharply, making me jump ten feet at the sudden unexpected sound.

Soon after, Itachi's shark-like companion came from where the Uchiha first approached from, his huge wrapped sword strapped to his back. He grinned horribly at me with his pointy, obviously shark, teeth.

Kisame opened my cell door with a set of keys he pulled from his pocket and stepped inside. Itachi disappeared down the hall, his black and red cloak swishing behind him. Kisame slowly neared, raising his large fist to strike me.

Sadly, I knew full well what was going to happen next. I tugged half-heartedly against the chains.

Sighing, I clenched my eyes shut in preparation.


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