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In world history, the period of Japan known as 'Edo' held as much culture and reverence that the Renaissance and the West Wild held for many others of the world. What many of these people didn't know was that, in the universe, there are several alternate timelines that exists, otherwise known as 'parallel dimensions'.

These dimensions were results of decisions that had not been made or paths that had not been taken. There existed many of these dimensions, in which worlds of peoples and animals lived through a different time than that of which the current timeline relied upon. Many would be shocked to learn that there was a world in which Germany and Japan won World War II or a world in which extraterrestrial aliens had indeed crashed in a desert of Roswell, New Mexico and that they had made contact with the human race; there was also a world in which the American military's fright of these creatures cause a galactic war when that spaceship was not returned to its mother planet.

For this story, there is a world in which Japan never exited the Edo period, where anamorphic creatures were the norm here and they walked about as a human would on the streets of Earth. While this world exists in its own world and timeline, it is known to a select few outside of this realm; most notably by a world in which aliens did indeed land on Earth, but not in New Mexico and not in the 1950's; where creatures not of the human race roamed the streets in one of America's most popular and spectacular of cities.

This is a story in which these two worlds would once again intersect and speaks to the universal knowledge that love transcends all time and space.

But first, this story starts at the beginning…

Night in the lands of the dimension that some called Edo were usually quiet affairs, in which the sun started to go down, a breeze drifted through the air, families would sit down for dinner of gohan, misoshiru, samashimi or nimono, and perhaps snow pear if the children were very good. The men may sit around and discuss the world at large, from the daimyos of the neighboring han or even the shogun himself. If the company was good or a celebration was to occur, there may be a drink of sake.

Sometimes, as was this period, the evils of the lands got together to plan their evil deeds within the shadows. On this night, within a modest castle, stood a reptilian man; He stood well over six feet tall – if compared to a human male – and there were muscles within his scaly body, making him seem much larger and more intimidating. He wore a traditional black kimono, which upon the back was a large red dragon that breathed fire.

The being stood within his throne room, eagerly awaiting news that he longed to hear; within moments, his door opened and two neko ninjas entered, standing before him and bowing. "You bring news?" he asked, his voice deep and foreboding.

"The daimyo of the han to the north," one ninja spoke. "He has sent word that his daughter is of age and ready to marry."

The reptile nodded slowly. "Yes," he murmured. "I know that old fool. A year back he had done the same thing, but then suddenly stopped. Interesting that he should now begin his quest again to find a suitable mate. Very well. Gather one of my messengers; have them inform him of who I am and my status. As for you, discover why there so many months went by without further announcement."

"Yes, Lord Sekieki," the neko replied, each bowing to their master before taking their leave of him.

The reptile, this Lord Sekieki, stroked the underside of his scaly neck. Yes, very interesting that this daimyo had kept his daughter from marriage for a little over a year. Has she been sick? Had there been a scandal of some sort? Perhaps she had been courted and for whatever reason, that courtship did not last. While he certainly wasn't the sentimental type and he certainly didn't care what type of reason there could have been for the lapse, he was a cunning individual. He understood how to pray on the weaknesses of others in order to achieve his own goals.

Once he discovered this discrepancy, he would use it to his advantage. He would reassure the girl, show her that she was better off with him and not the cruel master that had tried to court her. Yes, he smiled to himself, he would be this girl's elder protector. And once in that position, he would take everything from her and her father.

Ito Roshi was of two minds – on one, he was a Daimyo for his lands; one whom his people found fair in ruling, but also determined not to let them or their lands fall into the hands of the evil Lord Hebi and ultimately, that of Lord Hikiji, whose conquests seem to lead him ever closer to trying to over throw the shogun. He had been a lord since his marriage to Mazuko Idonna, nearly twenty-two years ago. As a former samurai within the shogun's army, he understood the training and discipline that went into the militia and he took great pains that his own army could easily withstand anything that the snake Hebi could throw.

But…on the other, he was a father to a beautiful daughter, who was every bit like that of her departed mother. Never having sisters within his own family, raising a daughter, especially in the time when the girl needed her mother the most was extremely hard. His personal feelings on the matter were that his little girl was growing into a woman and while he could not stop that, he longed for the days when he was the most important thing in her life.

At this moment, Roshi felt as though he had somehow pushed his daughter away.

He wasn't as stupid or naïve as she thought him; he was quite aware that his decision on the matter of marriage had driven a wedge between them, but what exactly was he to do? It was his duty as daimyo to ensure his men, his people, and his lands did not fall into the hands of Hebi nor that of Hikiji and as his daughter and future queen, that duty needed to be first. But it didn't make the decision easy either.

Sighing, the lord opened the door to the observatory that had begun under his wife and then taken over by his daughter. Of course, this was where he would find her, standing by the window and looking out over the garden and looking up at the sky. This was where she would spend her time now and it was becoming a concern for him. He saw her slumped shoulders tighten, signaling that she was aware that he had come into the room behind her.

"I long for the days when you would run to me after I entered a room," he whispered, noting that she did not turn around to face him. Sighing, he decided that he may as well tell her what he had planned to, least she turn her anger on him again. "I wanted to tell you that I received word from Lord Sekieki," he said. "He will be arriving within the day to meet you."

If anything, her posture became even more closed off than it was when he had walked through the door.

"I will not tolerate this behavior, Dellandra," he said, sternly. "You will meet with him."

"And what other duty would you have me do, my lord?" she asked, turning to face him.

"Duty?" he whispered. "If anything, daughter, I would have you forgive me."

"Then let me make my own decision," she insisted, taking a few steps towards. "I don't want an omiai, Father. While it may be tradition for our people, it goes against everything in my heart."

Roshi shook his head. "It is infatuation," he sighed. "It may hurt now, but you will get over it."

"I will never get over it!" she cried. "I love him and I will never stop!"

"You will learn to love another."


"Dellandra," Roshi growled. "Think in realities. What can this kame give you?"

"You don't like him."

"On the contrary," he stated. "I find him very intelligent; but his world is not ours, his technology is highly advanced than ours. Now, by no means do I think you are intellectually inferior, hardly! However, his knowledge is best suited to a mate of his world. You are a princess of Edo; your duties are to your people and your lands. He would have no use for our way of life, nor would you to his. You've seen his world, we both have, and it is beyond our scope of being and knowledge.

"This, this is where you belong, Joji. Yes, I was wrong to think that this…feeling would pass within a few days or weeks, but it is entering the fourth month and still you pine for him. He is a man, and as such, he has probably moved on from this."

"No," she whispered. "He would not."

"He has," he argued. "And do not think I am aware that he has taken advantage of you. Lords do not take lightly to a girl who has given herself to another."

"He did not 'take advantage' of me, as you so put it," Dell huffed. "Believe me, Otosan, it was mutual in every way and I gave of myself freely, as I will never give myself to any other."

"I will not listen to this," Roshi muttered, turning away from his child and heading for the door. "You are my daughter and therefore, still under my rule as a member of this court. It is my duty as daimyo to ensure that these lands and her people do not fall to our enemies and if I must see to it that we join with others in the country by marriage, then damn it, that is what I will do."

"Gomen nasai, Papa."

Roshi sighed, sadly. "As am I."


gohan - rice

misoshiru - miso soup

nimono - boiled foods

han - land

neko - cat

omiai - arranged marriage/meeting

kame - turtle

joji - baby (term of endearment)

otosan - father

gomen nasai - I'm sorry