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Chapter 1: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

He inhaled sharply, holding his breath for a moment as the cool smoke made it's way down his throat. The window of the shiny silver Volvo was cracked just enough to let out some of the swirling white smoke while keeping the inside of the car relatively safe from the never ending rainfall. Rosalie would surely kick up a fuss if she realized he'd spent his entire lunch period sitting in the car, polluting it with his smoke while listening to 'that crap', as Emmett so lovingly referred to his choice of music.

Edward ran a hand through his russet hair, further mussing it. He caught a glimpse of it in the rearview. No one would ever mistake him for that tool Newton, that's for sure. He was certain that they wondered just where he fit in with the all too perfect Cullen's as well, no doubt. He sighed. Small towns, small minds. Everyone in Forks was always in everyone else's business. He knew the whispers behind his back. He was nothing like his perfect "siblings". He snorted to himself at the thought. Siblings. They weren't siblings at all. They were an assortment of "at risk" children who were adopted by a wealthy doctor to appease his poor, damaged wife with an over active mommy gene. Real siblings didn't hook up with each other and then ostracize the one that wasn't like the others.

He shook his head. He just had to get through this year and next, and he could leave this town that God forgot. He had plans. Big plans. He'd been working nights at the Thriftway, stocking shelves and was saving money for his big move across the country. He was going to get out of this hell hole of a town. Out of this misery known as Washington. Far away from the Pacific Coast that those who didn't know any better thought of as beautiful. Far away from good Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his lovely wife Esme. Far away from Jasper and Emmett. Rosalie and Alice. He was going to New York City.

Carlisle had tried to talk to him about college, but Edward wouldn't listen. He had no use for college. It would just prolong his independence from his circumstances for four long years. No, he wanted to get out before he messed it up. A clean break was what he wanted. He didn't want to feel beholden to the Cullen's for anything. They'd already done more for him than he deserved. He knew this, of course. Edward was an angry boy, but not a stupid one.

He glanced down at the clock on the dashboard and sighed. Lunch was over. Time to head to Biology. He slipped the remains of his cigarette between his full lips and powered up the window before killing the engine. He was angry. He wasn't stupid, and he certainly wasn't irresponsible. He took good care of the things the Cullen's had given him, because in Edward's mind, they weren't so much given as they were simply loaned.

He got out of the car and took a final drag on the stub of a cigarette before flicking the filter aside. He fixed the leather biker jacket Carlisle and Esme had given him for his last birthday, much to the displeasure of his siblings, and grabbed his books out of the backseat before making sure to lock the Volvo up tight and heading off to his Biology lab.

As usual, Edward was the first one to class. He seated himself at the last lab table in the back of the room, his lab table, and opened up his textbook, checking over his homework from the night before. He didn't quite know what to make of his obsession with his grade point average. He wasn't planning on going to college, so what did it really matter? Was it some deep seeded fear of disappointing Carlisle that drove him? Or his own need to prove that he was just as good as his perfect brothers and sisters. He couldn't tell, and really didn't feel the need for self analysis. He buried his head in his book while he waited for everyone else to filter in.

Forks High School had been abuzz all day with the expectation of a new student. She wasn't just any student. Oh no. She was Chief Swan's daughter. Offspring of the Chief of Police. Isabella. That was the name that had been on everyone's lips. Had you seen Isabella? Had you met her? What was she like? Would she like me? That was all he had heard all day through his classes. He hadn't set eyes on the girl and already he was over her. It didn't take much in a town like this, obviously. And, with all the busy bodies, there was bound to be gossip out the ass about her. It was like she was Angelina Jolie on the red carpet without Brad pit. Tongues will wag! Forks was no different than one of those ridiculous gossip rags they sold at the grocery store.

He heard the door swing open but kept his head down. The rest of the class would be filtering in and he did his level best to ignore them all, as he always did. He was the anti-social Cullen. The bad Cullen. The prodigal Cullen. Hell, he wasn't even really a Cullen. None of them were. The others had taken up the mantle of Cullen and set out to prove they were worthy of it. Edward knew he'd never live up to Carlisle and Esme's expectations and hardly tried. He was born a Masen. He would die a Masen. Blood, after all, was thicker than court documents.

By now, just about everyone was in the classroom and Mr. Banner was writing something on the board. Edward looked up. Each lab table was occupied by two students. Except for one. Edward was the only one without a lab partner. He didn't much mind. He actually preferred it that way. The less interaction he had with these little morons, the better!

"Ok! Come on, everyone! We have a lot to cover today!" Mr. Banner attempted to call the class to order, but Mike "the tool" Newton was holding court, telling all about his encounter with the enchanted Miss Swan at lunch. Tyler Crowley and Eric Yorkie sat enraptured by his tale, while the bitchy Jessica Stanley rolled her eyes. Not that Edward blamed her. He knew she was just jealous over the attention the new girl was getting, but how could you not be sick of her already?

"Hey, Cullen," Newton addressed him with a wry grin. "You meet Bella yet?"

Edward stared blankly at him then looked back down and began to write absently in his notebook. He wasn't playing Newton's games.

"Mr. Newton, stop gossiping with Mr. Cullen and face front!" Mr. Banners voice seemed to echo off the wall behind Edward. Mike Newton stiffened immediately and turned to face forward.

Just as Mr. Banner began to speak about the life cycle of the paramecium, there was a sharp rap on the door.

"This is going to be one of those days," Mr. Banner mumbled. "Come in!"

The door slowly opened and Edward heard Mike Newton whisper a sharp "YES!" to no one in particular as the strangest looking girl Edward had ever seen in Forks walked into the classroom. He sat back and took in the spectacle.

Black combat boots rose to mid calf, where thick black tights continued up her legs, tights that had a hole just next to her knee. A hole that had run badly. A short, tight denim mini skirt with shredded threads hung just to the middle of her thighs while a belt made of chains jangled around her hips. A long, tight fuchsia and black striped shirt hugged her from her neck to her waist as a wet, well worn and faded denim jacket adorned with brightly colored buttons attempted to protect her from the Forks elements. Her damp black hair hung long and straight and was parted in the middle as wide magenta streaks framed what little of her face visible under all the hair.

Edward chuckled to himself. Isabella Swan was a punk rocker.

Quietly, she handed a card to Mr. Banner, who nodded and turned to face the class.

"Everyone, this is…" his voice trailed off as he looked down at the card to read the name. Everyone in the school knew her name, except, of course, the distracted Mr. Banner. "This is Isabella Marie Swan."

The new girl mumbled something to the floor as she looked down.

"What's that dear? You need to speak up," Mr. Banner looked at her with an incredible expression of pity. It was obvious that this girl was going to stick out like a sore thumb here. Edward was happy to sit back and watch the train wreck as it happened.

"Just Bella," she repeated a little louder than before.

"Oh, ok, dear. Bella. Bella Swan." He gestured toward the back of the classroom. "Why don't you have a seat at the last table back there with Mr. Cullen. Edward Cullen."

Without looking up, Isabella~Bella~Swan shuffled quietly to the back of the room. Edward moved his books closer to his side of the table, but didn't look at her. He was sure enough people had stared at her in one day to last a lifetime. As he thought this, he looked up to see Newton, Crowley and Yorkie all staring after her. Perverts, he thought as he glared at them.

Bella Swan slung her worn black canvas messenger bag over the back of her stool as she hopped up on it. Edward caught a glimpse of a bumper sticker that was affixed to the back of the bag. "MEAT IS MURDER". He rolled his steak loving eyes.

She sat quietly, head down, and let her magenta streaked hair cover her face. Edward glanced sideways at her as Mr. Banner droned on about single celled organisms. Did she have a pierced lip? He couldn't be certain, but he was quite sure he saw a glint of silver on her dark painted lip. Her eye makeup was heavy and dark. Her face pale and void of color. Her nails were long and well manicured, with dark black polish and speckles of silver. Good luck finding a place to get those done here, he thought darkly.

Edward found his mind wandering during class, thinking stupid thoughts about Bella Swan. He wondered if old Chief Swan knew what his daughter looked like before she arrived, or if he found out like the rest of them. He could almost picture Charlie Swan's face as this stepped off the plane in Seattle. It wouldn't have surprised Edward if the Chief's moustache had fallen out at the very sight. He smirked at the thought. Before he knew it, the bell rang. Edward was up and out of the classroom before anyone else had moved.

He made his way to the parking lot after his last class, eager for a smoke before the drive home with the family, into his own private hell. He paused beside an old, red pickup that he'd never seen before as he lit his cigarette.

"Hey, you have a light?"

Edward looked up, surprised to see the new girl standing by the open door of the truck, black messenger bag laying on the worn red hood.

"Sure," he was shocked she'd be so bold as to ask for a light when she hadn't heard her so much as mumble more than her name in Biology. He guessed all protocol went out the window when a nic fit was involved. She walked over to him slowly and he leaned over to light her cigarette.

"So, how was your first day?" He inhaled deeply and felt his body calm. He hadn't realized he had been tense.

She snorted and leaned against the rusty fender. "Fine…if you like being the human oddity." Her voice was deep and raspy, probably from smoking too much.

"Welcome to Forks!" He laughed and looked at her. Yep. The lip was pierced, as was the eyebrow. "We don't get many outsiders up this way," he smirked as he took another puff of his smoke.

"It's like some crazy Twilight Zone episode or something," she shook her head and looked at him. "How do you stand it, Eddie?"

How did he stand it? Had she realized that he really didn't quite fit in either? And…Eddie?

"Well, I kind of ignore a lot, Isabella," he grinned.

"Bella," she corrected.

"Right. Edward." He pointed to himself.

She nodded as she took another drag on her cigarette. "Point taken, lab partner."

"No harm, no foul," he took another puff. "So, why are you standing here smoking instead of heading home?"

"Why are you?" She countered.

"I have to drive with my siblings, and they don't like the smoke," he didn't look at her when he said this. Just stared up into the clouds. It had stopped raining just as the final bell had rung.

"Oh," she flicked the ashes off the tip of the remains of her cigarette. "I figured it was probably something like a car pool." She took a final drag and flipped the filter into a puddle, watching it fizzle out. "Charlie~that's my dad~doesn't know I smoke, so I don't want the truck to smell."

"You think he won't smell it on you?" Edward scoffed.

"Guess that's a chance I'll have to take," She grabbed her messenger bag from the hood of the truck. "See you tomorrow, Edward."

Edward took one last drag before tossing his filter into the puddle next to Bella's. "Don't you think it's rather, oh, I don't know, hypocritical of you to be smoking with that sticker on your bag?" He pointed to the MEAT IS MURDER sticker.

"Why do you say that?" She looked at him.

"Because cigarettes are murder too," he smirked.

"No they aren't. They're suicide," she countered.

He smiled his crooked smile at her. "But the second hand smoke makes it murder, lab partner."

"Touche," she smiled back at him as she got into the truck. "Thanks for the light, accessory to murder!"

"I'll be your accomplice any day!" he waved as she backed out of the space.

He might just enjoy having this Bella Swan as his lab partner.


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