Since the kiss we have not found the time to be alone for very long. I wonder what Jack is thinking about all of this.

I wonder what David feels about all of this I m going to see him tonight. We need to talk to one another.

I walk into David s room that night telling him that we need to talk. We just stare each other for a couple of minutes before David says one of us should say something. I don 'know what to say I answer.

Thought I do have to say that whenever you 're concerned I don't know exactly what to do. You've always had me off balance whenever you're near. It s always been like that since the day we meet. I m not sure if this is a good or bad idea I say to David.

Daivd says to me I loved you're sister very much. What I say angriely are you still in love with her do you want her back. No he says just shut up and listen. I loved you're sister very much loved as in past tense. She broke my heart and it hurt very much, but it healed. I have a feeling with you it wont be so simple. You wouldn t just break me you'd , devastate me, crush me into so many pieces that I don't think that I would be able to put myself back together again. We'd destroy each other.

You feel it don't you Jack that it would be safer to stop this now. Yeah I says I feel it to, but I says, that s not the only thing I feel. I also feel the overwhelming desire to be with you and only you. Even if we really wanted these feeling to stop it s to late now, we already fell down the rabbit hole. We fell down the hole from the moment you decided to rescue me. Were just now admitting it to ourselves Anyway if I saw you dating anyone else well lets just say ' ve never really felt jealousy before, but I have a feeling I wouldn't handle it very well. Yeah he say's neither would I.

Lie with me a while I say. Of course he replies. We fell asleep together like a piece of a puzzle that was once ripped apart and finally mended back together again.

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