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It was just like any other night. They were sitting in their living room, watching the evening news, wondering if anything exciting had happened in Scranton. Jim would occasionally ask Pam a question about her day, and she would try to make sales sound more exciting than it actually was. Ever since he had become co-manager of Dunder Mifflin he missed sitting close to her in the office. Now he had his own office, which was great at times, but he still felt a big difference in his day.

The anchorman was just finishing the main story when Jim heard Pam utter a little "Oh!" He quickly looked down at her, thinking the worst, but she only looked surprised.

"Pam…?" He glanced around them, trying to see what had caused her quiet outburst. When he didn't see anything, he looked back down at her and soon felt her tugging at his hand. She gently placed it on her belly, and that was when he felt the little flutter. His eyes widened, and Pam looked up from his hand that was still lying on her stomach. Her eyes were bright and excited and her smile lit up her face. Jim's smile mirrored her own, and he quickly leaned down to kiss her temple. He felt so much love for Pam in that moment.

"Wow". It was the only thing he could think of to say in that moment. She nodded in agreement, "wow."

The end!

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