Chapter One- The Spicy McHaggis Jig

"One night at the pub a girl caught his eye

Big as a house, just the right size

The broad was enormous, stacked to the hilt

Spicy soon noticed a bulge in his kilt

The piper delivered his best pick-up line

Thought to himself, "this beast is all mine"

-Dropkick Murphys- "The Spicy McHaggis Jig"

(Ryvre's POV)

All I could think about was how happy I was that it was a Friday. The clock on the wall was against me though as it seemed to slow down with every second that ticked by. I drummed my fingers on the desk impatiently. It was the last period of the day and I was ready to get the fuck out of here already. My best friend, Kelly Leonard smirked from the desk next to me. She was as bored as I was.

Our teacher, Mr. Davis wasn't even trying to keep us interested anymore. I glanced around the room and realized most of the class was asleep or getting there. I peeked up the clock, twenty minutes to go. With a sigh I started doodling in my notebook. The boy who was seated in front of me started snoring. After a few minutes it started to bother me. I smirked at Kelly then poked the boy in the shoulder blade with my pen.

He yelped and jumped up. The sound he made caused everyone to laugh, including me. Mr. Davis scolded him about interrupting class. I rolled my eyes. Fucking prick.

I looked back at the clock. Fourteen minutes to go. You've got to be fucking kidding me. I looked back at Kelly and sighed dramatically. She giggled, causing Mr. Davis to turn his attention to us.

"Ms. Leonard, is there anything you and Ms. Phoenix would like to share?"

I smiled. "Yes actually. I was wondering if it were possible to be so bored you'd rather put your face through a plexi-glass window than sit through this class for another ten minutes."

He glared at me then smirked. "Stay after class, Ms. Phoenix. We should talk about your attitude."

"I'm sorry, I can't. My little brother has karate class right after school and I have to take him," I lied easily.

"I think your brother will understand that your education is more important than his karate."

"Staying after so you can bitch at me about my attitude doesn't help my education. And besides, my brother always comes first," I countered.

He sighed, starting to get irritated. Before he could say anything, the bell rang. I grabbed my shit and ran out the door. Kelly met me at my locker.

"God Davis is such a dick," she complained.

"I know. Maybe all he needs is for his wife to pull on little Davis every once in a while. He's too fucking uptight." I made an obscene motion with my hand. Kelly elbowed me, laughing loud enough for a few kids to look at her.

My little brother, Collin was waiting for me by the door. Kelly said her good byes and started toward her car. Collin followed me out to the little blue Honda my dad had just given to me. Collin climbed into the passenger seat next to me, barely fitting into my usually spacious car.

"Geez Collin, for a freshman you're fucking huge," I teased.

He rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Fuck off."

I smiled. "Love you too, little bro."

He stared out the window the whole way home. A few minutes later, we were pulling into our driveway. I loved our house. It was three stories high and located just along the Puget Sound. My family had lived in Seattle since I was five and Collin was three. From my bedroom window, I had an excellent view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Collin, my dad and myself were from La Push originally and my mom was born in Sweden. My parents were hippies and met at Woodstock in 1969. Dad had grown out of that phase when I was born. He had a degree in pathology and was a medical examiner at the morgue in Seattle. I love hearing my dad talk about work. He doesn't tell me much about people's names but he likes telling me the interesting cases he gets. He thinks I should become a medical examiner also. My mom is still a total hippie and thinks I should surf. I love the woman, but damn she's odd sometimes. Dad thinks it's a result of too much weed in the 70s.

I also blame the pot for her naming me like she did. I mean, my full name is Ryvre Autumn Phoenix, while my brother got off easy with Collin Nicholas Phoenix. Blame the spelling on my mother, the eternal flower child.

Collin and I went into the house, him heading straight for the kitchen. "Save me a burrito," I called to him, starting up the stairs. He answered but I didn't really hear him. I went up to my room and started on my homework. I knew I was going to catch hell from Davis on Monday for not staying after class like he asked. Whatever.

I heard my mom come in and tell Collin to get out of the kitchen. A little while later, she called us down for dinner. As mom was setting the food on the table and trying to keep Collin from getting it, dad came in.

"Hi, daddy!" I sang and jumped up to kiss his cheek.

"Hey there, little Ryvre." He said hugging me back. I'm such a daddy's girl.

"How was work, honey?" Mom asked as we started to eat.

Dad sighed. "There was another murder last night." I turned to him. He now had my full attention. "I got the body this morning. Just like the others, it was completely drained. Absolutely no blood whatsoever." He shook his head in frustration.

"Maybe it's vampires," Collin laughed in between bites. Dad's head whipped toward him, then realized he was kidding he looked back down at his plate.

I didn't know what to say. These murders had been happening for over a week now and dad was obviously on edge about them. I studied his face, noticing his dark eyes set in concentration, his lips pressed into a hard line. This tight expression of worry and confusion was foreign on my father's face.

The murders that had my father and the Seattle police department so in an uproar were happening far too often for their liking. Bodies were turning up randomly with all their blood drained and seemingly no wounds. They were all of various genders, race and social class so there was no pattern for the police to follow.

Other people were going missing with little to no trace of where they'd gone. My father was paranoid about it, with good reason of course.

My mother, the optimist, chimed in. "I'm sure you'll figure things out." She smiled at dad. He shrugged, giving her a pained smile, and started eating again.

I looked across the table at Collin. "Damn kid, you're acting like you haven't eaten in years." He growled at me. I dropped my fork in surprise. "Did you just growl at me? What are you a dog now?"

"Shut up Ryvre!" He yelled, starting to shake.

"Collin, eat!" Dad ordered. "And Ryvre, watch your mouth."

Collin listened and started eating, his shaking stopped. After dinner, I kissed mom and dad good night and went up to my room. There was a text from Kelly waiting for me. She wanted me to come to a club with her. I quickly answered and told her I wasn't up for it. I stretched out on my bed and tried to watch some tv.