And Then There Were None:

Guest List

Officer Eric Rother: A hot shot cop who thinks he's the best at doing his job. In 2005, he was said to have gunned down an innocent man whome he thought was a criminal. He was charged for murder.

Judge Fredrick Fields: A typical courtroom judge with a loving family. One day, he caught his wife cheating on him with another man. He and his wife got a divorce and then Fields killed his wife's lover.

Dr. Bill Armstrong: A surgeon who is very good at what he does. He's saved many lives before and has created a name for himself. One of his patients wasn't so lucky. Dr. Armstrong had a few drinks before the operation and this caused one of his patients to die.

Madison Matthews: A young girl who recently graduated college (luckily). She's your everyday party-girl who loves going to clubs and hanging otu with her friends. While drunk driving one day, she hit a woman with her car. This killed her and Samantha was charged for muder,

Thomas Rogers: Thomas is the butler at the house, also he is the husband of Ethel. Even in his old age, he is a very hard worker. He and his wife killed a rich, elderly woman so they can inherit her money.

Ethel Rogers: Ethel is the cook at the house and the wife of Thomas. She is a very hard-working woman with a friendly personality. This covers that fact that she and and her husband killed a rich, elderly woman so they can inherit her money.

Daniel North: A young high school teacher. Daniel is a very strict person when it comes to his students, but not to bad when it comes to friends. He shot and killed a mailman coming to his house thinking it was an intruder. He never forgave himself for it.

Jessica Cordan: An absolutely beautiful woman who uses her looks for her pathetic job: a stripper. She is a very mean-spirited person and is very rude. At her place of work, a rich man invited her to his place. When she found out he was rich, she killed him and stole his wallet.

Dr. Irene Morris: A sweet, intelligent therapist with a pretty good life. She lives alone in a nice condo, but she loves it. Her laugh wasn't all that sweet though. One of her patients was completely insane. This caused Irent to freak out and kill the patient. She regrets it everyday.

General John Rhodes: A retired World War I veteran hero. During a mission, he was shot by a fellow soldier in the arm accidentally. Filled with revenge, Rhodes sent that soldier on a suicide mission which caused his death. Rhodes dosen't regret a thing.