Chapter 11

The weekend before graduation Edward and I lay together in
our special meadow. I had a blanket wrapped around me and
I lay in Edward's arms.

"This is my heaven. There is no place I'd rather be." I told him.



"Why haven't you bugged me lately about changing you?" He asked

"I want to get through the birth of the baby first. Our baby is my only
priority right now." I told him

"Oh" He seemed surprised.

"It makes me really depressed to think that one day I'll be gone and you and
our child will live on without me but I can't focus on that right now. The baby
is what has to come first." I explained

"I've been thinking about this a lot. I've never wanted to change you and I've
always said when you pass on that I'd follow you. But the baby has changed that
and it's time for me to rethink your request."

I sat up and looked back at Edward, wide eyed "Really?"

He smiled "Isabella Swan, I want to spend the rest of my existence with you and
Our baby. Will you Marry me?" He held out a ring with large sparking diamond.
My mouth fell open and I didn't know what to say. I never thought I'd be married by
The age of 18. I'd always wanted to go to college and explore the world. But now
I had a baby on the way and I never wanted to be anywhere without Edward.

"Yes" I said softly

Edward slid the ring onto my left ring finger and it fit perfectly. He wrapped his arms
Around me "I will spend forever making you happy. I'll change you after the baby
Is born."

Tears started running down my face. "Why are you crying?" Edward asked anxiously.

"Because this is the happiest moment of my life this far." I exclaimed and pressed my
lips against his.

- - -

The decision had been made and the big day had come.
Edward and I filed into the Forks High School Cafeteria to
Take our place in line to walk into the auditorium to receive
Our Diplomas.

"How many High School Diplomas do you have?" I asked Edward

He chuckled "Somewhere between 75 and 80, I think."

My eyes widened

"Forever stuck in High School. Are you sure that's what you want?" He
asked seriously

I thought about it for a moment "Well look at it this way, Our son or daughter
Will not get away with anything since he or she will be in high school with their

"Every child's dream, to attend high school with their parents" Edward commented dryly.

I didn't get the chance to respond as Jess came bounding over and gave me a big
Hug. "This is so exciting. I can't believe we're finally graduating. I will be moving
In August to attend UCLA."

"That's great Jess. You're going to do great." I told her. Mike Newton came over
and shook Edward's hand and waved to me. He would be going to school in
Seattle for business and then he would enter the family business.

The graduation ceremony was a chaos of emotions. The students were all happy
And glowing and the parents were happy but weepy. Renee and Phil had come
In the day before and were sitting with Charlie, Carlisle and Esme. Renee was
Quite weepy and even Charlie wiped away a tear or two. Ben Cheney was the
Class valedictorian and he gave a wonderful speech about growing up in a
Small close knit community and telling us it was time to spread our wings and
Fly. Even Edward agreed that it was a beautiful speech.

After graduation Edward gave me a quick hug and kiss and said he'd see me in a
Little bit and disappeared. I found Renee crying on Charlie's shoulder about how
Wonderful I had turned out while Phil looked on uncomfortably. Charlie looked
Relieved when I showed up and Renee started gushing all over me.

"Mom, Relax. I'm not going anywhere and just think now I'll be able to visit more
often." I said as I hugged her back.

Charlie, Renee, Phil and I went out to dinner and it turned out to be a really nice
Time. Phil and Charlie spent the entire time discussing baseball while Renee and
I talked about the new house her and Phil were buying in Florida.

"Oh, Honey wait until you see it. It's got 2 bedrooms and a cute front porch
and a nice big backyard. I've painted your room purple and there is a beautiful
antique white dresser by the window."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I wouldn't be moving to Florida with her. She'd
Find out the truth soon enough. After dinner we headed over to the Cullen's house.

Carlisle and Esme had invited us over for after dinner drinks to celebrate Edward
And I graduating.

Edward was waiting on the porch when we arrived and escorted us into the
Living room where Esme and Carlisle were waiting with Champagne.

Carlisle made a toast to Edward and I and I watched on with shock as all 3 of
Them downed an entire glass of Champagne.

After the toast Edward stood up and moved to the front of the room.
"Bella and I would like to make an announcement."

The room went completely silent for a moment and then Renee said
"You're getting married" at the same time Charlie said "You're Pregnant."

Edward winced and I stood up and went to stand by him and he put his arm
Around me. "Yes." I said softly

Three things happened at once. Phil choked on the Champagne he had just taken
A sip of. Renee started crying again and Charlie turned bright purple.

"See Aren't you glad he doesn't have his gun?" I whispered to Edward.

He nodded and his eyes were wide staring at Charlie who had now turned beet red.
Renee put her hand on Charlie's shoulder "Breathe." She told him.

Charlie took a deep breath and composed himself before looking over at Esme
And Carlisle "I'm assuming you already know about this?"

Carlisle nodded "I've been monitoring her condition."

Renee said "When are you due?" at the same time that Charlie said "When are
You getting married."

My face flushed and I looked at Carlisle. Carlisle stepped forward and
Put a hand on my shoulder "In 6 weeks. They've decided to get married
After the baby is born."

I could see Charlie doing the math in his head. The moment he comprehended
That meant I conceived right before Edward left he turned beet red again and
Jumped up "You mean you got her pregnant and then left her?" He yelled at

"Dad, Calm Down. I didn't know I was pregnant when Edward left." I said.

"When did you find out?" Charlie asked, still glowering at Edward.

I looked at Edward, I hadn't thought of an answer to that question. Edward
Took my hand "She found out right before I came back and she told Carlisle

And I as soon as we moved back to Forks." He lied smoothly

Charlie opened his mouth, probably to spaz some more but Renee walked
Over and put her hand in his "This is not the time to discuss what's right or
Wrong. We're going to be grandparents soon and we need to support
Our daughter and get ready for the baby."

Charlie sighed and sat down next to Phil and said "Pass me that Champagne."

Phil who was already on his fourth glass handed the bottle to Charlie who
Proceeded to take a long drink straight from the bottle. I think under any other
Circumstances that would've been a comical sight to see.

"Do you know what gender the baby is? Are you taking the right vitamins?
Have you picked out names yet?" Renee asked

I smiled "We don't what the baby is but we picked out Robert and Rayna.
Carlisle and Edward are making sure I eat and drink right."

"What I want to know is - Do you plan on doing right by my daughter?" Charlie asked Edward

"I love her more than life and this baby will be the best of both of us." Edward replied

Charlie took another swig from the Champagne bottle and I went over and sat
Down next to him and took his hand "Dad. Please don't be mad. I love Edward
And this is what I want." I pleaded

Charlie sighed and Renee who had overheard commented "She is a lot like
You Charlie. Once her mind is made up, she sticks to it and there's no changing It."

"I just got you back. I really like having you around." Charlie grumbled.

I smiled "Well, Edward and I are thinking about staying in Forks for a little while
After the baby's born and then we do still want to attend college."

Renee gave me a big hug and then looked over at Esme "We have a lot of planning
And shopping to do."

And so it was done, and the explosion was not nearly as bad as I had expected.

Sorry took so long! Have had writers block and I'm not sure how the wolves
Are going to find out.