A/N: My first but hopefully not last Darren Shan fanfic!

For Vicky C! - Merry Christmas!

Christmas Goodbye

'Merry Christmas, Debbie' I said softly, then turned to leave.

'Darren?' there was a rustle of movement from Debbie. 'Is that you?'

I turned back. 'Yeah, it's me'

Debbie sat up in her bed, the duvet slipped slightly, showing she was wearing red pyjamas. 'What are you doing here?' she asked. We were both talking in a whisper so only the other person could hear us. Neither of us wanted to wake Donna or Jesse.

'We were leaving… are leaving now' I replied. 'My Dad and Evra are waiting for me outside. I didn't want to just disappear so…' I nodded towards the tree, blushing slightly.

Debbie flicked her bedside light on in order to see what I gesturing at. Her face lit up in a broad smile, complete with twinkling yes when she saw the tree. Her smile was infectious and almost instantly I was smiling back at her. 'Oh Darren' Debbie, in her excitement, forgot to keep her voice down. I looked worriedly towards the door. 'Heavy sleepers' she informed me and I relaxed. Debbie climbed out of bed and threw her arms around me 'Thank you. I'm so glad you woke me up'

'I didn't mean to' I spoke without thinking. 'I'm glad I did too' I added, honestly 'because now I get to actually speak to you before disappearing'

Debbie giggled 'You make us sound like Dad said. Two lovers torn apart in some tragic love story' she said. 'What with climbing to my window to kiss me and this I wonder if you stepped out of a love story and now you're about to step back in'

'I can assure you that I'm real' I replied. Less cheerily I added 'I can also assure you that we'll never see each other again'

Debbie nodded 'I know that' she said, tears forming in her eyes. 'Just… this makes it so real'

I wiped a tear away as it fell down her face. 'Don't cry on Christmas' I told her. I pulled her into a hug. 'I won't forget you' I promised. I looked her in the eyes before kissing her.

As we parted, I smiled and Debbie returned the smile. 'Merry Christmas, Darren' she said.

'Merry Christmas, Debbie' I replied and left without another word.