It's me again lovelawliet back with Mei chan no shitsuji fan fiction...still about my favorite pair Aoyama and rika kayama...this story have three chapter and alsso this story is a sequel from my previous story "believing"

ah there is other thing I put 2 OC in this story.


Chapter 1

You are The One And Only

St. Lucia gakuen for girls. The most spectaculer school in japan. The school have outrageous requirement. In this school every single girl must have a super handsome butler by their side.

Kayama Rika and Aoyama together they lived in one roof. Aoyama always stand by Rika's side, never leave her even for 1 second. They trust each other. Aoyama really know that in his heart, he do loves Rika not the way a butler love his lady but in the way a man loves a woman. He also know that Rika know his true feeling about her. Even they don't say a word but they know each other mean and true feeling.

"Rika-sama the helicopter already set..if you wish we can go now" Aoyama asked Rika.

"Aoyama, must we go ?? I really don't want to go." Rika whimper to her butler

"But your mother.."

"Okasan can go by her self... she really don't need me" Rika keep argued.

".... Rika-sama... if you go now, I will stay with you till mornink.. how bout that ?" Aoyama whispered to RIka. Rika things a while, a million time Rika ask Aoyama to do that but he never grant. He always have a million reason that butler-should-not-stay-to-close-to-lady-in-night-it's-dangerous-especialy-on-their-condition. Rika smile and point her pinkie.

"Promise" she said

"Promise" Aoyama smiled. They cross their pinkie.

Rika and Aoyama go to helicopter landing field. The weather not good, the wind blow so hard, Aoyama so careful to take care of his lady and bring her to helicopter safety.

"Sir...everything will be alright, right ?" Aoyama asked to the pilot.

"Quite danger.. but It's ok I will go slowly.. we will arrive safety.. I garanty." The pilot said.

They get into the helicopter, Aoyama make sure that Rika safe with the belt. He sit next to her. The Journey isn't very good. The wind blow so hard and it also make the heli go up and down. Several time Rika scream because of the thunder and the shock.

"Aoyama" Rika nearly cry.

"Rika- sama... just relax we will be there soon" Aoyama took Rika's hand and hold it tight. In few minutes more, they hear sound of alert. It means the heli is in danger. Pilot inform Aoyama and Rika to take the parachute.

Rika start panic. Aoyama try to relax her.

"Rika-sama. I will always protect you, even must change with my own life" Aoyama pullled Rika to his massive hugs.


"I will open the door... you two jump after that" The co-pilot gave them command

"Rika-sama, hold my hand... anything happend don't let go...remember!!!" Aoyama said

"I do.. Aoyama..." Rika said scaredly

"Do you trust me ?" Aoyama asked deeply

Rika nodded. There a courage in her heart. She knows Aoyama will always by her side.

"JUMP!!!!" Aoyama yelled.

Rika and Aoyama jump from the helicopter, wind blow so hard and accidentaly Rika's hand slipped and separate from Aoyama.

"Rika.. Rika.."There is a woman called her name.

Slowly Rika open her eyes. There is a bright light and she smell hygienic scent.

"Where am I ?" Rika said weakly

"Thank God you are awake!! you really scared me Rika." Rika's mom hug her only child

"okasan, where am I ? What happend ?" Rika trying to remember. She remember academy, helicopter, Aoyama, She jump and...

"OKASAN !!! where is Aoyama ??? okasa where is Aoyama !!" Rika shocked. She look around and search of Aoyama.

"Rika relax you just awake.. relax.." Rika's mother try to relaxing her.

"No okasan !!!tell me where is Aoyama ???" Rika still yelled.

"Aoyama.. he.."

"what happend !!!!"


"OKASAN !!!"

"we can't find him.. he lost.. the co pilot said jet he try hard to help you open the parachute but he can't open his own and wind blow so hard.. he doesn't know what happend next.." Rika shocked when she hear her mother story. She feel that her world already disappear.

"Rika.. I already try hard to find him but the police only found this." Rika's mother give one gray coat.

Aoyama's coat.

"It found near the heli body.. till now no one knew where is Aoyama."

"Aoyama.." Rika cried, she hold the coat tight. She lost her precious butler. Not only a butler, for Rika loosing Aoyama, it means she lose her own life too.

~ 2 weeks later on , Rika come back to academy~

"Rika-san" Fujiko called Rika not answering, she just starring at Fujiko in silence. Since the deadly helicopter Rika never smiled again. Her heart goes as Aoyama goes.

The rescueing team already give up to search Aoyama.

"Rika-san.. your mother tell me that your new butler will come today." Izumi said.

Rika nod, she doesn't have any mood to study in class. So she going back to her room.

Rika sit on tea room in her own chamber. She see the clock, 4 o'clock, "Aoyama, it's tea time..I want jasmine tea with strawberry shorth cake" She thinks, she knows that Aoyama will never attend to serve that.

"Aoyama.." Rika groaned. Tears start wetting her cheek.

Suddenly there is someone touch her shoulder.

"Aoyama !!!" She turn to see who it was.

"Kayama Rika - sama..." there is a man standing in front her and bows.

Rika sigh and dispointed,"new butler right ? You can go to your room.. I don't need anything."

That man bow to Rika and turn to leave.

"wait !!!" Rika called

The butler stand still

"Your name ?" Rika asked without see his faced. She tooks Aoyama coat.

"Ao.. er.. Shirotta Tezuka" He said. Rika nod and asked him to leave her alone.