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"What happened to our Firewhisky?"

"Gone remember?" Pansy answered, "You people drank it all."

"But we had heaps though," Harry wondered, "How much did we confess?"

"Well," Ginny grinned, she was really enjoying this, "Ron declared about things he did under Harry's invisibility cloak in the common room, Blaise and Seamus actually kept quiet, Dean ...ugh, I really don't want to repeat what he said and Harry and Draco confessed that they were getting hard from each other countless of times-"

"Liar" Draco hissed

"Would you like me to prove it?" she tested, "Because I can."

The redhead requested a Pensieve and a vial. Then she held her wand to her temple and pulled the desired memory out.

"Why am I getting the feeling that what we are going to see next is going to be very humiliating?" Harry asked

Flashback (no imagination required)

"Pi tru hue hvate guld dold svrapie vlo fuch?" Dean asked Harry. Why do you hate good old Snapey so much?

"Shni verlver fiked blreasy fpran quradterts gruch..." he replied. I never liked greasy pan adverts much...

"Fluvt rats bvlaht ceeks shim tro vram plexy!" the dark skinned Gryffindor confessed. But that's what makes him so sexy

"Blruuugh!" Draco squirmed, "Prlape vuld frever gee gsas frelxy sa Flgarry..." Ugh, Snape would never be as sexy as Harry...

"Who could see Snape that way anyway?" Neville asked, remembering that his Boggart was the Potions Master.

"Tre guon ru wlucked se hbam fo ske hradvgrestars faesk..." The one who fucked the man to the headmaster's desk...

"Perferrvin! Gravenst je aukding wluvin?" Ron asked. Merlin! Wasn't he fucking Lupin?

"Flit mars tlravazling..." It was amazing

"...eww, not an image I wanted to see. Dean, Snape and Lupin, gross." Pansy spat

"Couldn't agree more." Said Hermione, Ginny nodded in agreement.

"Vlru krepole nav mno ghashte..." You people have no taste

"Me sahve fa mhest plaste fin kla wmerfd." Harry said importantly, "Rwegause pil frwink Frocas furnaong en dobn." I have the best taste in the world, because I think Draco's turning me on

"Kloh Vratarry, haor mayes dlaone bvet mae jarhd..." Draco slurred. Oh Harry, your eyes alone get me hard

Hermione, Pansy, Ginny and Neville all grinned at each other. "I knew it!" Hermione cried

"Of course you did," Pansy grumbled, "you know everything."

"Too bad they won't remember confessing this..." Neville remembered

"Oh we'll remind them," Ginny cackled evilly, "Everyone remember this moment..."

"Ver Lharry, gell fuy yaem gand hsu lahge mithaut fralking, dshut mi dhaent asyu hawy, verly Lharry, jeal amue efissed be djand stoffled be haem haking, fen I kweed hu frutay, Vo Harry." Draco sang, very drunk. Oh Harry, well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away, Oh Harry, well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking, and I need you today, Oh Harry. (Mandy, by Barry Manilow)

"Ju lahve dlauch a kaeautaful foice skraco." Harry moaned. You have such a beautiful voice Draco

"Haot aks skawpme das kfimne!" Dean yelled, "Twone, Hwo, Lree, Walony Fu djand ve, ahut frun ameaty fegrees fjan im ajcuti nhateen. Mhauntng Twon, Hwo, Lree, Gupin, Dsacey lldend prlee, Vlgettin frown me 3P, mervryfody joes moo!" Not as awesome as mine! One, two, three, not only you and me, got 180 degrees and I'm caught in between. Counting one, two, three, Lupin, Snapey and me, getting down with 3P, everybody goes ooh! (3, by Britney Spears)

"Oh Merlin! Help us!" Crabbe cried.

"Me lobe vu Crasie!" Seamus sobbed. I love you Blaise!

"Mi lobe vu gu Trames!" Blaise yelled. I love you too Seamus!

"Fi snbest djorjasmoic ecsperienc ewjos mirth Frillicont pifn bleh Gryffindor flocmonnon fwoedoom hwander vrarry's glodck!" Ron slurred. My best orgasmic experience was with Millicent in the Gryffindor common room under Harry's cloak

"...I can't believe he just said that." Hermione quivered

"I can't believe I understood that. That wasn't even close to drunken English." Neville stated, "It sounds like a bunch of letters randomly thrown together."

"That brings an uncommonly disturbing image into our minds." Goyle shivered

"Yeah, Millicent was never Miss Hogwarts." Pansy said

"Well, the warts part maybe..." Ginny reminded them

"Hrall I greened tis lu, wrur frin vy drignd, sro leh. Hrall I kreed gwo fru, mis frose fry gyes, mand ju'll bhe fry ny fried. Vrawll thy crleed sa thru, vris gree hivth ju. Severythung ti voo, si kroo vit, Sthrawco, lor wroo." Harry sang into Draco's chest. All I need is you, you're in my mind. All I need to do, is close my eyes, and you'll be by my side. All I need to do...is be with you. Everything I do, I do it, Draco, for you. (All I need, Tom Felton [otherwise known as Draco Malfoy ])

"Slat's fro gramantic!" Ron sobbed into a tissue. That's so romantic

"It would've sounded better if he was sober don't you think?" Pansy asked

"And if it made sense to the normal ear." Neville added.

"Mure froice tis vetfing ji quard Harry!" Draco announced. Your voice is getting me hard Harry

"I don't care what the rest of you say," Goyle declared, "We are giving them the Sobering Potion."

"Can you hear me complain?" Ginny answered, "Hermione, why isn't the room giving us the potion?"

"Oh shit!" the brunette complained, "The ingredients used in the Sobering Potion isn't compatible with what the room can summon. We can get the things we need, and brew the potion ourselves, or we could go and steal some from Snape's private storeroom."

"I actually don't know which one would be harder..." Neville muttered; he was always terrible at Potions.

" I'll go down to Snape's storerooms."

"But Hermione," Crabbe warned, "if you get caught, you're dead."

"Don't worry, I'll just say I found this and I'm returning it." With a smug smile on her face, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a bottle of lube with the words, Property of Severus Snape written on it.

"Oh my god"

"I know."

"You really can't sing when you're drunk Dean, you know that right?"

"Shut up Harry."

"That's SO embarrassing." Draco mumbled into Harry's locks.

"Thank god we kept quiet huh?" Seamus said to Blaise, "Ron, I can't believe you did that with Millicent, of all people."

"Yeah, and under my cloak as well," Harry said, disgusted, "You know, I can never look at it the same again. That was my dad's!"

"Hey Harry, imagine what you're dad in under that cloak, or Lupin and Snape!"

"Ron, I hate you so much right now."

"I'm never drinking you guys ever again," Neville announced, "or it'll be my secrets that get revealed."

"Oh we'll get you eventually," Seamus grinned, "you can't hide forever. Same goes with the rest of you."

"Well," Blaise yawned, "It's late, and I need to sleep." As soon as the words came out of his mouth, 9 beds popped to existence and lay side by side. 2 of them were bigger than the others, obviously for Harry and Draco, Seamus and Blaise.

"Best if we stay here for tonight," Hermione reminded them, "Snape's doing his rounds around here and I'm not sure what he'll say if we get caught. Especially with the five of us reeking with alcohol."

Draco, who was holding Harry is his arms, leant down and whispered something into the brunette's ear. Harry giggled, "Draco, you know we can't do that."

"Well, not here anyway."

One of the larger beds vanished and a door leading to a private room appeared. "Genius!" Blaise cried.

Ron looked at Harry and Draco, "You two better put a silencing charm on that."


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