The City Of Dreams

Summary: In New York all your dreams can come true. And sometimes it's a coincidence that leads you to where you're meant to be. - DL, FA

Author's note: Hey! It's Hannah554 and Brinchen86! We decided to write a story together about our two favourite ships. Here is the first chapter! We hope you'll like it. Reviews are very appreciated! This is an AU fics- they all have different jobs.

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Categories: Romance/Friendship

Rating: T

1. Early Morning Chats

The sound of an alarm filled the room, the constant beeping growing louder as it was ignored until a hand appeared from beneath the mess of blankets and covers on the bed. It groped for the alarm, hitting the top of it repeatedly until it found the snooze button and the sound was silenced. The hand quickly disappeared beneath the sheets again and tired sigh of relief could be heard from beneath. The silence didn't last long, moments later the door to the bedroom opened, bringing with it the light from the hallway and the smell of coffee.

"Up you get sleepy head," the woman who entered said as she placed the steaming mug of coffee on the bedside table. "Don't make me drag the covers away again."

"Go away Lindsay," a muffled voice came from beneath the sheets.

"Alright Jess but don't say I didn't warn you," Lindsay replied grabbing the cover and preparing to yank it off the half asleep form of her roommate.

"Alright, alright, I'm up," Jess replied, the form beneath the covers moved until Jess's head poked out of the top. She glared at Lindsay for a moment but murmured her thanks as her friend passed her the coffee that had been on the bedside table. "I hate mornings."

"After living with you all these years, I've kind of noticed," Lindsay replied smiling as she stood up to leave. "Come on, you've got that new piece of art work coming in this morning that you've been all excited about adding to your collection, now get up before you're late."

"I'm my own boss, I can't be late," Jess mumbled stubbornly as she sank deeper into the covers. Lindsay pulled them back and ignored the glare her friend was directing at her, it lacked it's full impact when she was still half asleep.

"You can if you miss the delivery guy, now I'm going to finish getting ready, don't make me come back in here," Lindsay told her and then stood up to leave. Jess continued to glare at her back as she dragged herself from the bed taking the coffee into the bathroom with her. Twenty minutes later she was showered and dressed for the day, dark brown wavy hair brushed into place, eyes fully open and at least looking more or less ready for the day.

"Out of everyone in New York, I had to end up sharing an apartment with a morning person," Jess grumbled as she walked into the kitchen where Lindsay was finishing the remains of her cereal and coffee. Jess dropped some bread into the toaster and grabbed a plate from the cupboard; she poured herself some more coffee knowing she wouldn't be fully awake until she'd gotten a couple more cups of the stuff down her. She wasn't usually this bad, she was far from a morning person and could be cranky as hell until she got that first cup of coffee down her but she'd been at work until late making sure everything was prepared for the arrival of the new art work this morning.

"You're lucky to have me," Lindsay said with a smile as she downed the last of her coffee.

"Anything interesting to write in your column this morning?" Jess questioned and Lindsay shrugged.

"I'm not actually sure yet, I'm not worried, I usually have something by the time I sit down to write it and even when I don't I just write whatever comes to me," Lindsay told her sounding particularly mellow about the whole thing but Jess knew how much she loved her job, she'd worked hard to get herself her own column in the paper.

"I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great, everyone loves your column," Jess replied and Lindsay shrugged and changed the subject like she usually did when someone complemented her.

"So what exactly is this new piece of art work you have coming in today?" she questioned and Jess gave her a look that told her she knew what she was doing.

"It's by a new artist, this is only his second piece but he's already got the spotlight on him, I was lucky to get it," Jess told her as her toast popped out of the toaster and she turned around to grab it, pulling the butter out of the nearby cupboard and smearing it on the toast.

"I can't believe how much of that stuff you put on there, do you know how bad for you that is?" Lindsay questioned wrinkling her nose as Jess ate her toast.

"You remind me every morning," Jess replied with a smirk.

Lindsay rolled her eyes and stood up, grabbing her purse from the kitchen counter. "I have to run or I'll be late, no going back to bed."

"I'm not that bad," Jess called after her friend who just waved her off as she left. Jess sighed and finished her coffee, grabbing her purse and second slice of toast as she followed Lindsay out of the apartment. The delivery wasn't due for another hour and while she fully expected to be waiting around for it for hours she knew if she was late it would arrive early, deliveries just worked that way.

With a satisfied smile, Don glanced at his watch. It was still early in the morning, most of those nine to five workers would have just left their beds and be on their way to their offices. There were days when he envied them. Having a steady working schedule, doing the same work over and over again without any unexpected surprises. Then again he knew he wouldn't be able to stomach such a job. He had to stay at crime scenes in the middle of the night, soaking wet due to the rain? He would have to deal with suspects who didn't get that running away wouldn't get them anywhere? Fine. It was worth it. At least his job never bored him. And having flexible shifts also could have its advantages.

Sure, sometimes he was annoyed when his cell started ringing in the middle of the night because some idiot had decided to kill someone else once again. Of course it was no fun to be out all night in the freezing cold. And he could imagine much better activities than chasing people through alleys, possibly slipping and ending up in the dirt. But this was his job and his passion. It suited him perfectly. No matter how much he cursed it sometimes, his job was the best he could imagine for himself.

But now this didn't matter anyways. Time for a break. A breakfast break so to speak. Bending down next to his desk, Don grabbed the large bag that was resting there; an old, slightly dirty leather bag. It wasn't like he couldn't afford to buy a new one but why should he buy a new one when the old one was still doing its duty? Releasing a sigh as he did so, he pulled the small paperbag out of its hidden place in the old bag. Leaning back in his chair again, he opened it, once again sighing at the piece of bread, thickly covered with butter, that he found inside. Gone were the good old days when his parents made him food for school but the ones he managed to make early in the morning in a hurry were better than nothing. And bread with butter; there was just something oddly delicious about it. No matter what his best friend tried to make him believe.

Just as Don attempted to bite into the thick slice of bread, a hard knocking at his door caught his attention. Before he could tell the person to come inside, the door flew open as Danny entered the office, just as forcefully slamming it shut again. It was a habit of his friend; storming into a room to flop down into the chair across from his at the other side of the desk.

"Why do you even bother to knock when you come in anyways?" Don asked, finally taking the bite of his bread. It was like a tradition between the two men who had known each other since they could remember. It was possible as babies they had already been lying next to each other, seeing who could scream louder. Danny was no fan of waiting, and impatience could be one of his names. Don didn't mind though; if someone was allowed to burst into his office or apartment, it was his best friend.

"It's not like there's anything I might disturb," Danny replied with a grin. "Not that you have a hot secretary or something."

Don rolled his eyes, swallowing the mouthful of bread. "Funny, Dan. So, may I ask what gave me the honor of seeing you at this office so early in the morning? Don't tell me you got yourself into yet another complicated case again."

"Do I ever do that?" Danny asked back. At the way his friend raised his eyebrows at him knowingly, he lifted his shoulders, sighing. There was no need for pretending anything. He liked to get himself into cases that got complicated. Many times Don had stepped in before the situations could get out of hand. Over the years they had become a fantastic and well working team. "I didn't get myself into trouble, really. I'm not that much of an idiot. No, this time I would just like some help with a case."

"Some hot woman who wants to prove her husband is cheating on her?" Don questioned. He just couldn't help it. "Why exactly do you need my help here? Or better yet, for what?"

Danny rolled his eyes. "As if that's the only kind of cases I work. No, seriously. There's a guy who needs me to get something back. He's quite a rich guy, you know. A banker. Loads of expensive stuff. Obviously that's well known among robbers."

"The rich kind of clients?" Don laughed, shaking his head in amusement. Sometimes he wondered why his friend even bothered to do this job; rich people and Danny just didn't get along. Many times he had been close to exploding about those people's attitudes. It was funny to watch and knowing that once again his best friend had to deal with a client who he would never ever go near outside of his office was an amusing image he enjoyed a lot. "Whoa, Danny, your favourite clients."

"At least they're paying well," Danny replied, ignoring the teasing grin his friend was giving him. "May I tell you why I'm here now or not?"

"Fine, continue." Once again leaning back in his chair, Don signalled he was listening.

Danny nodded. "The guy came to me because someone stole an incredibly expensive piece of art work. An old painting. Very precious."

"Why's he not going to the police to ask for help there?" Don wanted to know.

"Hello? Rich guy. Those never act like we would," Danny answered. "Well, he said he doesn't want anyone to know he actually owns this art work. It's something everyone's after and he has no idea how whoever stole it even found out he had it. Also how he got it possibly wasn't legal."

"Let's pretend you didn't just say that," Don said with a wink. "So, what exactly do you need me to do then? Get Mr Rich Man his art work back?"

"I'd like to know if more cases like that turned up lately," Danny explained. "And if this happens in the future, it'd be good if you informed me."

"Will do." With another sigh, Don tossed his half eaten breakfast onto his desk. "Let's see if I've got something for you already." With that Don got up, heading to his office door as Danny followed him. Yet another breakfast break he had to interrupt but for his friend he was willing to do that. Working with him was always interesting as his friend seemed to have a talent for getting the most strangest cases one could imagine. This one would surely be no exception.

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