Chapter 11: Smiling Angel

Two weeks had passed since Spencer's attempt on Rush's life and Amber had been shot protecting him. The crew of Destiny were shocked beyond believe when they were informed of what transpired and since then everyone gave Rush some slack and were being slightly nicer towards him.

They had held a funeral service for Spencer in which Amber was able to attend by leaning heavily on Rush and TJ who both strongly protested but couldn't dissuade her. Amber spoke at the funeral and said "I can't judge a man based on his last actions. Spencer was a good man, just a little clouded towards the end. I don't hate him."

Then like always life continued on as normal. Most people were still a little weary of Amber and concerned that she could read their emotions but that faded as the young woman never acted upon what she sensed from the others. In fact many aboard the ancient vessel went to talk things over with Amber and she eventually became the ship's psychiatrist, they would seek her out and tell her their fears and troubles and Amber would listen and offer advice but most of the time she just listened.

Rush kept true to his word and never let her out of his sight except for the toilet but in all honesty Amber didn't mind, she found it adorable that he would follow her everywhere like a little puppy. She told him that once but it didn't go down very well.

"I'm not a little puppy." He stated and crossed his arms over his chest.

She faced him and smiled cheekily at him. "No you're right. You're much more adorable." She leaned in and kissed him. She had intended it to be a short peck on the lips but it turned out that Rush had other ideas.

His arms instantly uncrossed themselves and wrapped around her back, careful not to touch her waist as she was still tender and recovering from the bullet wound. He brought her body closer so it was pressed against his and deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue into her mouth to taste her.

He always found it strange that she tasted of strawberries even though she hadn't eaten any for months. Even though it was strange he really enjoyed it, after all he was rather fond of strawberries. She moaned into him as his tongue stroked hers and he would've taken her back to his quarters and had his way with her for several hours if only she was properly healed, which unfortunately she wasn't.

They reluctantly pulled apart when the need to breath became urgent. Rush was only slightly out of breath unlike Amber who was practically panting and he couldn't help the smirk that formed on his face. He hadn't realised he was that good a kisser.

Amber placed her hands on his shoulders and managed to say "You've got to stop thinking such things just because I kiss you. Remember I can read your thoughts and see the images you picture. TJ said I need another week before I can do anything physically exhausting."

Ah, He had forgotten that she had mentioned something vaguely along those lines. Rush found it quite alluring and sexy that she could see all the things he had planned for her and did she just say he only had to wait a week? 'Good thing it's only a week, much more and I would've gone crazy.'

"I'm not going to apologise. You're very distracting and I can't help but get carried away." He replied innocently and kissed her forehead before unwillingly letting her go. "Anyway as much as I love spending time alone with you, Colonel Young is waiting for us."

Throughout that week Rush would purposefully pull an image of the two of them naked in his room into his mind when they were working alone together and would chuckle as Amber would just stop what she was doing and just stare at him and be speechless for ten minutes. He loved the way she would blush bright red and then not look at him for an hour.

Amber was just pulling her T-shirt back down when TJ announced "You're fully recovered. But still I want you to take it easy, avoid the fitness class for now. Check back with me if you have any discomfort."

"Thanks I will do." She replied and hopped off the bed with a huge smile decorating her beautiful face as she made her way towards the control room. She hadn't allowed Rush to join her and so headed straight there as she knew that was where he would be.

When she reached the control room, Rush's back was to her and Young and Eli were standing in front of him. Whatever they had been discussing stopped immediately when Young and Eli saw her enter the room. Just as Rush swung round to see who had joined them, Amber lifted her arms up and gently placed her hands in his hair and kissed him passionately.

She didn't give him time to respond as she pulled away and grabbed his right hand in her left and spoke to Young and Eli "Excuse me Colonel, Eli, but I need to borrow Rush for a couple of hours and I don't want to be disturbed unless it's an emergency." She smiled sweetly at them and ignored their discomfort that she felt coming from them.

Amber spun round and practically dragged Rush after her as she quickly made way to his room. She ignored the curious gazes that the other members of the crew were giving them, sure they all knew that they were together, but it was odd to see them holding hands. They never showed public affections except for the couple of times when they'd been accidentally caught making out in the corridors.

Rush had been so engrossed in his work that he had forgotten about Amber's check up with TJ until they were suddenly in his room and the door shut behind him when Amber jumped him. As soon as her lips made contact with his it dawned on him that he hadn't been physically intimate with anyone since his wife and that he would be committing the final act of someone taking her place.

"Rush?" Amber's whispered question broke him out of his thoughts. She had her hands on his chest and her cerulean green eyes were looking at him with uncertainty and worry.

He didn't know what to say to her. He didn't want to talk about his wife as it would ruin the mood and he didn't want to risk Amber accidentally feeling his pain when she'd already endured so much, he didn't want to burden her with the past.

'It was several years ago now and she'd want me to be happy.' He thought and he knew the answer to Amber's question.

She was still looking at him and he didn't say anything. He simply just took her head in hands and began kissing her like his life depended on it. Their kisses were hot with desire and hunger, both of them had been alone for too long and the need to assure themselves; that they were no longer alone was overwhelming.

Tongues battling for dominance, hands roaming everywhere on each other's body and Rush wasn't even aware that they had started removing clothing until they collapsed on the bed and he realised that they were both naked. He took a moment to really look at her, sure he had seen her silhouette when she was in the shower, but he couldn't help but think she was a divine beauty when he saw her lay underneath him.

They made love to each other and it was the best thing that he had experienced in a long time.

"You're lucky, you know that right?" Eli said to him as they sat in the mess hall a few days later. It was nearing Christmas and so they were having a pop quiz and it was boys versus girls.

"Yes Eli I am very aware of that." Rush answered as Chloe turned over the cards and found the next question.

Suddenly a burst of laughter came from the women's table and Amber, TJ, Vanessa and Lisa Park were laughing the most and the guy's looked over from where they sat on their side of the room and Rush couldn't help but smile at Amber's expression.

Amber was sat on the edge of the table closest to theirs and she had the biggest smile on her face that he had seen since they got on Destiny that wasn't caused by him. 'She hasn't been like that since before she was abducted.' He remembered Daniel Jackson saying that she was dubbed the 'smiling angel' of the Stargate programme because she was always seen smiling at everything and everyone. Even when things looked bleak, she would smile with hope and it was highly infectious.

At that moment, Amber eyes drifted over to him and she smiled her loving smile that she only used for him. He had been the cause of the revival of the 'smiling angel' and he was damn proud of it.

She may have been given the title of 'smiling angel' of the Stargate programme. However the only thing that mattered to him was that they had each other and that he loved her and she loved him in return.

But most importantly, she was his smiling angel.

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