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Down the Rabbit Hole

"Oh? And how exactly does he find these things out?" Molly asked, if that boy gave her kids ideas, well, she didn't know what she would do.

"Luck and determination are the two biggest factors, at least according to him," Hermione replied then followed the path Harry had made up stairs. She found him on the floor in his room looking threw a smattering of books that she could only assume were the ones he had gotten last night, well, earlier that morning.

Chapter 21: Horcrux… what?

"So, what books did you get?" Hermione asked settling herself on his bed.

"Well," he started. "I got a couple on defensive magic and a few on time travel. I could only find one on dimensional travel. So, we'll just have to cross are fingers and hope it's help full. I also got several on Black Magic which will hopefully have information on Horcruxes or other things Voldemort might have found… useful. Oh, and Malfoy came in the shop while we were there. Apparently the Dark Lord had ordered a couple of books."

"Okay, hold up," she stopped him. "Who is we?"

"Oh, Remus came with me. Right when I made it to the door Sirius and Remus came in. Sirius was completely trashed, but Remus insisted on coming with me." Harry said energetically.

"So, why did you blow up the Alley?" She asked in a disapproving voice.

"Well, I had to knock Malfoy Jr. and the shop keeper out so I could get the books. Then a couple of DEs came in, but Remus and I dealt with them. But, when we were leaving and going back to the Cauldron we came across a dozen or so and there really was no way for us to get out without causing a bang. So I caused a big bang!" He laughed. She thought he should do it more often. He had so much pain in his life and he bottled it all up. She was baffled at his sudden openness at breakfast, but hope that it wasn't a onetime thing. It just wasn't healthy to keep everything inside no matter what Snape said. Emotions weren't a weakness they showed humanity.


Remus had been thoroughly amused at Harry's antics this morning. He hadn't had the chance to tell Sirius and James about last night, but he felt he made progress with the young man, especially if this morning was any indicator. He had opened up! What he said was heart wrenching, but it explained a lot and hopefully if Lily began to understand him better she would lighten up and they could get close. They might be able to get ot know each other after all.

Harry might be a war harden solder, but he was still just a scared teenager.

Maybe, if they gained Harry's trust he would let them know how he figured things out. How did he know what the Order was up to the other night?

Remus needed to get Sirius and James alone so they could talk.

He caught their eyes and gestured toward the stairs. Remus stood and left. He waited in the drawing room for them to come; he waited no more than five minutes until they showed up.

"What's up Moony?" Sirius asked.

"Do you remember when we came in last night?"

"Not particularly, but I would like to know why you left me on the couch," he grumbled.

"Well, first off you're a heavy lump to be dragging all over the place, and second when we came in Harry was in the process of sneaking out."

"What?!?" James and Sirius yelled.

"Mmm, got as far as the door when we came in. He said he wanted to get a few books; so, I agreed to go with him."

"So, you got us all worked up because my son wanted to go to the book store?" James questioned.

"Oh, he didn't just didn't go to a bookstore," Remus stated calmly.

"Well?" Sirius prompted when he didn't say anymore.

"We went to Knockturn Alley," James and Sirius were about to interrupt, but Remus continued before they could. "He bought a custom wand as apparently the one he's been using he stole from a Death Eater because they snapped his. Then we went to a bookstore where we ran across a junior Death Eater running an errand. Harry decided to prevent him from doing so as a result we came across a whole horde of Death Eaters. He blew up the apothecary so we could escape." Remus finished.

"So, that's how he knew!" Sirius exclaimed.

"That is how he knew," Remus confirmed.

"Well, I think we should go talk to him. I can't have my son running around Knockturn Alley."

"Well, if it makes you feel better he wore a dark hooded cloak to hide his identity," Remus said smiling.

"Oh, that makes it so much better!" Sirius exclaimed.

The three of them laughed as they made their way to his room. When they stepped in they stopped in their tracks Harry and Hermione were laughing, something that they had not seen since his first night. "Are you seeing dead people again?" James asked suspiciously.

Harry laughed again before choking out his answer, "technically I never stopped."

"Why are we quoting sixth sense?" Hermione asked with narrowed eyes shifting to each of the room's occupants in turn.

"What's sixth sense?"

"It's a muggle movie, a muggle form of entertainment." Hermione explained while shaking her head at pureblood naivety.

"So what brings you here?" Harry asked.

"Well, Remus just told us about your night." Sirius told him smiling.

"Exactly, Now I have to ask if there is anything you would like to tell me before I chew you out for going to Knockturn Alley and buy dark books." James inquired.

Harry shared a look with Hermione before turning to look at the marauders. "Do you know what a horcrux is?" After they shook their heads no Harry went into an explanation, "in short, it is a dark object that holds a portion of the soul of its creator."

"It makes the… creator immortal until his horcrux is destroyed," Hermione added. "It is extremely dark and the more I learn about them the more evil they seem."

"Then why do you want to know about them?" Sirius demanded. It was no secret that he hated the dark arts.

"Because Voldemort created seven of them and the best thing to do is to learn as much as we can about what we're up against," Harry explained as the marauders faces paled. "The easiest one to get to should have been here. Regulas stole it and had Kreature bring it here. So, I needed to know, when you were cleaning this place out did you come across a locket with an ornamental S on it? One that you couldn't get open?"

The three friends looked at each other in realization, "yes," James whispered in horror.

Harry nodded, "Where is it?"

"We, we, we tossed it out," Sirius said as horror struck as the others.

"Is it plausible that Kreature stole it back and hid it some place?" Harry asked determined.

"Maybe, he did that to a lot of things," Sirius said carefully.

"Then we will just have to search the house," Hermione said in finality.

"Yes we will, every nook and corner," Harry confirmed. He nodded at the marauders as he and Hermione got up to begin their discreet search.