This one is set with the current events about Syed and Christian, so there maybe spoilers in this one for those who haven't seen this Fridays episode

Syed POV

He said he loved me, he said twice.... and i said the same without thinking.

....I really wasn't thinking, cause I didn't need to think about it, I do love him, I adore Christian. But I can't my god won't allow it...

Seeing my dad with that cast on his leg made me feel as if its my fault going against the religion and sleeping with a man instead of a women.
I didn't want to end it with him, but what happened to dad i felt like I had to end it with Christian.

Reading those forums about how gay Muslims are gay and are still good Muslims seems all to difficult for me to do now.... I'll just marry Amira and then that's the end of that. right? no more lying about where I slept, or, or who I was with...
Yeah its sounds simple enough, but when I slept with Christian it felt so good and words I can't think of to describe how fantastic it felt, then when I would sleep with Amira would it be the same, I hope so then I could probably forget about Christian...

hehe you know that sounds impossible at the moment forget about that man, his kind words, gentle eyes, soft lips.... just thinking about him makes me wanna run over to him apologise and jump in his arms and cover him in kisses

No! Syed stop it, you ended it with him, don't make this more difficult for yourself, go home, get a cuppa and then go to bed sleep this day off.

I know its short but thats all I could think of.

if anyone is intrested im gonna be writing alot more Christian and Syed fanfics 3