Pairings: KaiShin & ShinichiKid (Yes, that difference is necessary.)

Warnings: Sort-of Love triangle. If you've read The Seduction of Kid you know what to expect.

And now, presenting the sequel to The Seduction of Kid~!


words: 426

Kaito sat back at his desk, hands clasped behind his head and a pencil dangling laconically between his lips. His eyes, rather than being focused on the board up front where his teacher was droning on about something, were focused out the windows as he pensively watched the clouds ramble by. It had been a good while since that strange encounter on the rooftop with the small detective, and, yet, his mind still wandered back to it. He wished he'd been paying more attention to things so he, at least, had some idea what had happened.

He had, however, been too busy with problems of his own. Like the fact that Aoko had declared, in no uncertain terms, that, as soon as she was out of school, she was going to begin training to follow in her father's footsteps. Call him what you will, but Kaito rather thought that killed any hope of romantic attachment between them. Not because Kaito had anything against hanging around law enforcement, but because it would hurt her too much in the end, and, maybe, him too. It was just better to let it go in his opinion, than to chance irreparable damage to something they both cherished.

Oh well, they did well enough as friends anyway.

Then, of course, he'd found out through a transmission from one of his spy doves that his favorite little critic had up and disappeared. Word was he'd gone home. And here he'd been under the impression that things were going so well... Of course there was that strange riddle, and those even stranger happenings with the Mouri girl's kidnapping. It really had been pure luck that Kaito had been in the area, following a lead on that ring of jewel thieves Snake owned a premium membership card to.

He'd almost hoped the little brat would lead him into the thick of them, but whatever he'd run into there hadn't been related to his own problems.

Kaito had sulked for days after the small detective's disappearance, at least, until Aoko's yelling had gotten through to him, followed by the unexpected surprise of running into Kudou Shinichi on that last heist.

Hakuba made a weird sound a few desks away and Kaito glanced over. The detective hadn't been paying attention in class as of late, and seemed to be absolutely enthralled with something in the papers. Kaito barely glanced the things over but for his own heist information.

Absently making a mental note to pester Hakuba as soon as possible he focused on the clouds again.