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Ok on some level I really know that I shouldn't have dragged Sara into the cubicle that it's a bit trashy and icky but I couldn't help it and now I have her pressed up against me I'm really not finding the will power to stop. In fact whenever she does I cut her questions off with kisses because honestly when she works out that its actually me who is kissing her, touching her, what will that mean? Yeah I've been lusting after Sara for the last year or so but do I want her? Okay yeah I'm officially crazy of course I do..

"Catherine" Sara's timid voice snaps me out of my thoughts. Crap I really should have been paying attention. She tries to pull away but she's trapped between me and the door. I grind my thigh against her and I feel her buck towards me, having a momentary lapse in concentration.

"CATHERINE? SARA?" Sofia's voice breaks the moment and Sara looks nervous.

I silently place butterfly kisses over her face and down her neck, biting on her pulse point which draws a low moan from her.

"GUYS??" Sofia isn't giving up easily, but then neither am I so I start to slide my hand down the front of Sara's jeans, biting her bottom lip Sara clearly thinks better of this and makes to grab my wrist, just as I brush over the edge of her panties. I whisper softly to her "If we leave now she will know something, why not just enjoy it?" She kisses me but removes my hand. I give her my best pout which she kisses off my face giving a light chuckle.

"Sofia?? Yeah I'm in here not feeling to good" Sara finally replies. She holding my eye but I'm not impressed and I get even "Yeah I'm here too" haha Sara has just gone quite pale "Sara rushed off in such a hurry I wanted to make sure she was okay, she looked awful so I offered my services to hold back her hair if needed!" Catherine said it quite chipper causing Sara to glare at her.

"oh" Sofia sounded confused. Not that I blame her! I go back to the task at hand and capture Sara's lips with my own, sucking gently on her bottom lip which I know she loves from the groan she releases each time I do it. Not one to miss an opportunity I deepen the kiss sliding my tongue over hers and trying hard to suppress a smug grin forming on my face.

Sofia clears her throat and ripping her lips from mine Sara states in a rather squeaky voice "I'll be out in a minute Sof no need to hang around, Catherine can sort me out if I need it" I raise my eyebrow and mutter "oh really"

"riiiiiiiight" Sofia is clearly contemplating but a few moments later I hear her footsteps fade.

"Damn Catherine Willows you are such a distraction!" Sara grumbles and places a chaste kiss on my lips before walking out the cubicle. I groan in frustration this is so not cool.

Okay to cut a long story short I didn't get to sleep with Sara, she was quite wasted and Nick insisted on seeing her home… Damn men! So I went home horny as hell and had to sort myself out which would have been fine but it seems Sara has forgotten everything that has happened or alternatively remembers but doesn't want to do anything about it! Either way

So I decide to do the only thing I can, get everyone round to mine for drinks (not as many as the other night so she will have no choice but to remember) and take it from there. I am such a genius!

I have dropped subtle hints but maybe they are too subtle. Sara just looks at me curiously which is just frustrating frankly. So when Greg strolls out of Lindsey's room with twister in tow another genius idea forms in my mind. I mean what is not amusing about twister with a group of adults who are tipsy!?! And so begins another game…

Grissom volunteered as the spinner, and so the usual twister comedy began, Greg being flirty and trying to get as close to Sara as possible each time Sara chuckled and rolled her eyes. Greg got a bit adventurous and fell, I would say I was sorry to see him out of the game but he was getting a little TO close to Sara. With Greg out of the way I decided to make my move. At first I started to do subtle movements which made Sara grin and within minutes we'd become tangled round each other, but then so was Nick and Warrick which meant nobody was really focusing on us. My turn and my right foot is on red, the only free one is inbetween Sara's legs so as I move I make sure to catch her crotch with my knee. I see her swallow a gasp and a nice red graces her cheeks, mission completed. The flirting continues and eventually I win, what can I say I guess Sara's right I do use my sexuality to my advantage!

After the game ends I head to the kitchen to refresh my drink, I don't know why but Sara seems reluctant. Hmmmm maybe I should just try talking to her instead of playing these games, at least now though she'll have to see it coming right? I sigh to myself.

I feel someone wrapping their arms around me, pressing me close.

"Why the sigh?" Sara husks in my ear

I start to relax in her arms and reply "What are we doing?"

I feel Sara tense, she's silent. Never a good sign! "Er well I'm hugging you and about to do this…" I feel Sara kiss my neck, soft butterfly kisses working her way up my neck. I smile but damn this girl drives me crazy!

'Why is it we only do this when we're drunk?' Sara whispers

'I'm worried you don't want me sober' I reply honestly 'I'm older, have baggage, a temper, a kid…' Sara interrupts me with a finger on my lips, she shakes her head slightly and just murmurs 'you're crazy' and kisses me gently.

I snake my arms around Sara's waist and look into her gorgeous eyes 'well then Miss Sidle, you free on Friday? Pick you up at eight?' She rolls her eyes and whines 'I have to wait that long?' I kiss her pout and nod. Considering that now I will have to wait until the date until I can touch her and GOD DO I WANT TO TOUCH HER. But I also want to do this right.

And that's how I managed to get myself a date with Sara Sidle, where would I be without alcohol and games I wouldn't play sober.