Hello, readers! The editing is over! I chopped off major parts of the plot so that it wasn't such a mess and I tried to make Amari less of a Mary Sue, but there's only so much you could do. Cleaned it up a little to make it better than the original version I wrote in the seventh grade but I did want to preserve some of the aspects.

For past readers who are disappointed, I suggest you go read the House of Night series because I guess I was highly influenced on a subconscious level since the plots were nearly identical.

This story is old and abandoned, read at your own discretion.

Warning: Mary-Sue, "randomness" (notice the quotations, because I'm not calling this story random in a rand0m! xD sort of way but genuinely the most random shit ever), OOCness among others.

Beware, but, if you proceed, enjoy :)

All characters and whatnot all belong to Matsuri Hino, with the exception of my own :D


The One Where I Almost Died

A sixteen-year old girl began walking towards the gate of Cross Academy. The wind blew her long black hair, making her groan and fight so that the goddamn hair would stay still. Failed. That mess of a girl was me: Amarante Kaiya.

This is so stupid, why the hell would I need to go here? I tried to run away, but that of course, didn't work considering I sucked at anything that required stealth of any sort. You just think I was exaggerating but no, you are mistaken. Oh and what else? I was late - extremely late in the school year, and I can bet you that was going to suck for me. Big time.

In the middle of my complaining, a short girl with shoulder length brown hair and big eyes walked towards me happily with a dude with silvery hair (it makes me want to me to touch it...okay weird, right?) and lily-coloured eyes stared emo-ish at me…

I must have messed up already, from that looked of that glare. Of course, of course.

"Welcome to Cross Academy!" the brunette said, "I'm Yuuki Cross, and this is Zero Kiryu, we're here to lead you to the dorms. But er…" She looked around hesitantly. I tilted my head sideways, hoping she would say that there were no more rooms and how I should leave now before traffic. Anything.

"Well, you see…Zero and I got in sort of trouble…we're late for the night class's arrival," she laughed nervously. While she was speaking, I was staring at the handsome man. Okay, he was the epitome of attractiveness now that I get a close up. Like seriously good looking. Goddamn, those cheekbones, those eyes, that jaw, that neck. If only he would smile…or at least not frown all the time - he looked like he wouldn't mind killing me. I looked back at Yuuki, at her red eyes with tints of brown in them.

"Night class?" I ask, but she was already taking my wrist, explaining (not to mention yelling, thank you very much) what was happening.

"You see, there are two classes - the night and day. They go to class at dawn and since they're all very beautiful," did I heard right? Girl just called them beautiful? What did I walk into! "...the day class stops and wait - well at first. Now there are fan clubs and we have to get there before the girls rip apart the night class' clothing!"

"I get that." Sort of. No, I'm lying. Who in their right minds would go so far? But as we approached another gate (oh great), crowds of screaming girls were waving their arms as the golden gate begin to open slowly (movie slow-mo, much?). A group of gorgeous teens came out (pause - TWILIGHT MOMENT). Zero was standing in front, glaring at any girl who even tried to come closer to the night class and he looked miserable doing so. As while Yuuki was screaming them to stop, to no prevail.

The thing I didn't get was what was so good about these people? Sure, they were perfect looking but wasn't it a bit weird to have a class during the night time? And how is it a coincidence they all have perfect features (did they believe in ugly friends? Hmm…) I shook that thought away as I appraise the students. There were five boys and three girls. One was tall, serious looking, pale (actually they all were), with the eyes the same as Yuuki. He had dark, collar length hair. Okay, he was breath-taking, I admit that. Vogue, call him up!

There was another boy, with neat, tidy honey blond hair and ivy-green eyes who seemed to enjoy everything a lot. Then there was a golden blond with wavy hair, icy blue eyes who seemed even more enthusiastic and note to self: don't trust the dark blond. There was a tall, silent-type looking guy with windblown bronze hair and red eyes. He was...scary, intimidating…and definitely hot. There was one more but he looked….blank. He had the sort of mahogany-red hair that was tousled and perfect looking that seemed impossible to achieve without looking like it took hours to do, pale-white skin complexion and cerulean eyes.

He seemed like an emo.


I wonder if he was friends with Zero?

The girls were also an image of perfection. One was an ash brown, wavy haired girl with eyes a lighter shade. She reeked of the "I'm-better-than-you" perfume that made me gag inside. There was a silent girl with cropped silver hair who looked like she hated the world, and I was about ninety-nine percent sure she was calculating a way to enslave mankind in her head. Yet another potential friend of Zero, I noticed. And a girl that had silky burnt orange-coloured hair in perfect pigtails and cobalt eyes.

Okay, so these students were all freakishly gorgeous. And you know what? BOO THEM. Freaking people that drop little girls (and boys..?) self-esteem. I sighed, leaning against a tree. What a start to my day here. Had I arrived earlier, I probably wouldn't have seen these stuck-up rich kids. I didn't belong here – in fact, why my mother was so insistent, I will never know. The idea of me getting in academically with a scholarship was laughable.

I looked at a bush.

OoOo….pretty. Then laughing at myself at how easily I get distracted, I turned my gaze back at the group. One of them caught my eye - the lighter blond one. He smiled at me charmingly, as if he was a prince. I snorted and rolled my eyes, looking back at the green bush.

The pale blond strode up my way, blocking my vision of the bush. He looked at me amused yet a bit strangely. What was this guy's problem? I'd say I would kick his teeth - but of course, I was only saying that to cover up the nervousness I felt. And even if I did do that stupid thing for whatever unexplainable reason, I would run. Like fast and out of there.

"Hi," he said with a smile. He was too perfect-his teeth, his voice, his hair - not to mention his smile... I looked down, snapping myself out of it.

"Sup," I say plainly, clearly not a question. But also clearly, he wasn't going to leave me alone. What can you expect from the attractive people? Surely he knew the effect he had on girls. I wanted the too-fine Zero to come and stab him (I wouldn't think he mind, considering Zero looked like he'd burn them alive if he would get the chance).

Or I'm rambling because of the nerves.

"I'm Takuma Ichijou, vice-president of the night class," he introduced politely, with another one of his optimistic smiled. I tried not to frown, but I was curious why he even bothered to introduce himself. This had to be a game.

"I'm Amarante Kaiya, the easily-irritated girl who wouldn't mind a certain blond to walk away," I said in a way that seemed friendly (not to mention with a cruel smile) as I turned around. Keyword being seem.


Oh, wow.

That other guy-the red head was there, staring at us with unreadable eyes. His eyes flickered towards me for a second then back at Mr. Cup-Is-Half-Full behind me.

"Ichijou, we have to go," he said passively. I wanted to hug him for some reason (which has nothing to do with the way he looked...at all). But from the orange-hair girl's look I see from the corner of my eyes, I could tell she wasn't exactly happy with him being here.

"Right, oh, this is Senri Shiki," Blondie said. He acted like we were friends, as if he could just introduce me to anyone, but I did appreciate him telling me the red head's name.

He didn't bother commenting and turned his back on me and walked off. The orange hair girl (which I will call Ms. Orangie for now untill I figure out her name) waited for Shiki to come then walked with him through the path way. Ouch-again.

"Oh well, nice to meet you," he waved as he jogged along with the others. The golden haired blond guy turned around when he heard Ichijou come towards them, and then his eyes wandered towards me then winked.

No, my ovaries did not explode. I had enough respect for myself to not trip over some blond that every other girl like. My face scrunched up and I looked away to see Yuuki come towards me.

"Sorry for running off like that, Amarante," she apologized. I just smile at her.

"Just call me Amari," I tell her with another soft smile. There was something just plain good about this girl. Like she was still innocent despite the fact she was a teenager - and trust me, no teenager was ever completely innocent…

The sky began to darken as she explained the rules of staying here. Basically the same things as any other academy (not that I would know but a girl can imagine). When Yuuki was finishing up, we were at the girl's dorm.

And my wish came true.

"I'm so sorry! This room was supposed to be empty! I didn't know how that happened!" Yuuki screamed animatedly. I just laughed at the irony. "Um, I'll go find another one, you could…er…." She scrambling for some solutions.

"Wander?" I guess with a smirk. She hesitated looking at me. "I won't tell if you won't," I said with a grin. The fifteen year-old brunette giggled.

"Okay, just don't get caught by Zero," she warned as I began walking out. The sky was dark blue with shadows forming on any flat surface. The trees look oddly creepy with its branches-like claws, and the moon was bright white as it shined above me. I walked slowly, listening to the comfortable sound of my boots crunch on the dirt. You might as well enjoy it.

I whistle a random tune as I walked rhythmically, letting the cold seep through me so I could get use to the cool air. It soon was comforting, feeling the breeze move against my neck and arms. And look at that…

I wanted to grin like an idiot when the red head came back to view, along with the rest of the group. I should make them a name…like….The Muffin-haters. They didn't seem to like anything and muffins were just ugly looking cupcakes (but we love them anyways). Ichijou was in the front along with everyone else staring at me like I was a lunatic. Hey, I'm not the one wandering around at night, forming a group while discussing my hatred on a certain bakery food! I wanted to say - but I lack of courage, especially in this situation. Thank the Lord I filter about 90% of my thoughts. Still, they looked at me as if I had said it. Horrified.

"Hello…?" I slowly began. The brown haired girl looked at me sharply, her eyes turning into a glare, while I just glared back defensively. Then her eyebrows pulled together in frustration, looked at Ichijou then let out a breath of air, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

"Kaiya…how long were you here?" Ichijou ask slowly and suspiciously. I shrugged nonchalantly, not understanding why he seemed a bit serious.

"Too long apparently," I said as I turned around, getting ready to make a run for it. I felt a cool grasp on my wrist that made me turn around and raise an eyebrow at Ichijou.

"I should introduce you to everyone first." Who asked? I just want to get away! Still, no use running away when I was clearly surrounded.

"By everyone you mean the muff- I mean your friends right?" Man, that would've have been horrible if I let out my nick name for them, and embarrassing. I also noticed the tall dark haired one and the silent girl wasn't here. "Not that it's really necessary -"

"It's polite," he said. "This is Rima Touya and Senri Shiki whom you have already met," he said gesturing towards Miss. Orangie. Okay, so the orange-haired girl name is Rima. That was a pretty name, acually.

"This is Akatsuki Kain and Hanabusa Aidou," he said, pointing them out one at a time. So the perve who winked at me was Hanabusa and the bored one is Akatsuki. Simple enough. Weird how their looks were causing almost no impact on me now. I must really have some sort of...defence for this now. Cool.

"And last is Ruka Souen," he said sheepishly with a smile. So the pretty yet deadly sort of girl who was trying to push me around was Ruka. She did look a bit intimidating, but I slightly tilt my chin up to show her that I wasn't afraid.

"Everyone this is Amarante Kaiya," he said, like a teacher telling his students to behave. I nodded slowly, waving awkwardly. This felt so long...dragged out. Kain looked at me with a sort of awe-ness to it, Okay, was my name that weird? Hanabusa, however was looking at me with a sort of lust in his eyes (probably because he was a pervert and people go after new meat...).

Literally, out of nowhere, something silver flashed at the side of my face. I instantly knew it was a gun. I turned around sort of dazed and saw Zero holding it.

Emo, cute and dangerous...

Wait, a gun?!

"Shouldn't you be in class?" Zero asked with fierceness and hate in his voice. I saw Shiki looking directly at me, and turned my attention back to Zero. Who was holding a gun. At Ichijou. With his hands in the - WTF? His fingers were on the trigger! You didn't shoot people who ditches class. Like, I may be a horribly at ditching things (almost every attempt was a miserable failure), I would've have stayed in school (Which I eventually do considering I'm never successful, I repeat never successful) if the consequence was getting shot.

Okay, I was over reacting; relax, Amari, breathe! But when I look back at Zero's pale purple eyes, all I saw was absolute loathing and utmost seriousness. Consciously, I stepped in front of him - it would be horrible if my first day here and someone would get shot. Like, really bad.

"Zero, relax," I say, my voice both calm and still. Go me! I didn't quiver. He looked at me (and possibly, everyone else did too, great) then slowly put it down.

"Okay…I never knew you guys was that serious about the 'no-skipping' rule," I mutter as I looked down. I heard a chuckle from behind me. Shocker, it was Ichijou. I was glad though, that he lightened up the mood so easily

"It's a bit more than that, but yes, thanks anyway," Ichijou said, as he waved the others away. One by one, they all went towards the campus. The last one to leave, aside from Ichijou, was Shiki, who was still staring at me oddly as if he had never seen a girl before.

For the fun of it, I winked at him.