Two years later

"Graduation, yeah!"

"Oh Lord, please stop her."


"Amari. Stop. You're embarrassing yourself. Stop it."


"You still have university," Zero walked in, breaking my spirit and stopping my happy dance. My face fell. Booo you, Zero! I snort. "Right, because I'll be going to university right after graduation." The smallest of smiles pulled up on his lip at my complete lack of dedication to…whatever. To school. It didn't matter anyway, because in a few hours, I was done! I survived Cross Academy!

Not in flying colours, my report can tell you that.

I turned to Hana and she was blushing. Zero was in a suit and he looked mighty fine in it, I had to admit that. Although he was nineteen – a late bloomer, sure – he was graduating with Yuuki, Hana and I. I grinned at him. "Aren't you excited to leave?"

He gave a short laugh. "You have no idea."

"The Night Class, huh?" I repeated, raising an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes. "How much of them will be there?" All of a sudden, Kaien Cross decided it was fine for the two classes to mix. I personally didn't mind but Zero seemed bitter about this. And sure, I was fine with it…until I arrived at the ceremony and they were so freaking pretty that I had to look down.

Still looking good, Amari. Don't let them get you down.

One of them stood out, however. A girl with bright copper hair and large blue eyes. Her eyes skipped over everyone but suddenly stopped when she noticed me staring. She looked at me oddly, and I looked away. Weird, getting caught staring at a girl…but, again. Didn't matter, school was pretty much over, after all.


"Sorry!" I say immediately turning around frantically – only to bump into someone. I looked up through my eyelash, the breath knocked out of me and met the eyes of a tall, blonde man with green eyes. He must have been an alumnus. He seemed genuinely surprise to see me, but I only smile.

"Sorry about that! But I'm on a bit of a rush so –"

"No, it's fine, maybe you should –"


"Sorry I just –"

"No, no, I –"

I stopped the disastrous conversation and we both burst out in laughter. His warm, deep laughter joined me and I couldn't help but feel happy. I give the stranger another smile before running off, yelling about how I'll get there but I was running too fast and slammed into the wall instead of successfully turning a corner. I fell back from the impact and someone caught me.

This was not good. I was a hot mess. I apologized again, and God must have been on my side because this was another looker. I flushed a bit at how close this mahogany-haired boy was next to me. He blinked when he saw me, and I smiled uncontrollably. His blue eyes met my violet ones, and we stilled for a moment, staring. It's just that something...


Déjà vu.

Congratulations - you have finished reading this! :D I do hope that you enjoyed this, and I have to admit that the last couple chapters I just wrote up really quick for the sake of finishing rather than...you know, actually creating a suitable ending. I'm sorry for that! But this was a really old story and it irritated me how...bad it was. Hopefully this version is a lot better!

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P.S. Yes, there is a change in the character. From the beginning, Amari is very...well, she was irrational and highly distracted. And as the story developed, her narration becomes more serious. Granted this is because of the difference in my writing style (from Grade 7/8 to now), let's just also pretend its the character growth instead :D

I apologize whole heartedly for Amari's character. She has her moments, but she is also very clearly a Mary-Sue, which I despise very much. But there are some admirable parts about her...like her lack of filter. It makes her slightly more genuine, even if she is a genuinely bold and selfish character. I also apologize for any OOC moments, and lack of plot growth within the last couple chapters. I am well aware of how I sped things up, but again, refer to the earlier post note.

A lot of apologies! But more gratitude. Thank you once again!