By ValerieRichards

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Author's note: I wanted to write this as soon as I was done watching the show for the first time. This is my first Aaron Stone fic, so please be as nice as you can. This chapter is going to be in Jason's POV.

Chapter 1

Aaron Stone, my hero. It was also my brother's avatar on Hero Rising. Was he real? I don't know, but if he was it would be pretty cool. As for my brother. Well, he was very weird. He would get injured a lot and came up with these bogus excuses for them that I know aren't the reasons.

"I've got to meet some people downtown. You going to be okay for a while" Charlie asked me. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't worry, aliens aren't going to come kidnap me or anything" I joked. He snorted and rolled his eyes before leaving. Stan was off doing something somewhere. I think he had said that he had some errands to run or something. Anyway, I had the house to myself and everything was going great. The next thing I knew, there was a knock on the door.

"Open up" a very deep voice ordered. I cocked an eyebrow. This guy was a creep. I looked out the window and saw someone dressed up like they were from Hero Rising. I laughed. It was probably one of mine or Charlie's friends that play Hero Rising too.

"What's up" I asked. The guy gave me something square and heavy. I struggled under the weight of it and sent him a questioning look.

"Give that too Aaron Stone" he said before disappearing. That magician was cool…..and weird! I put the thing on the floor and continued playing videogames until Aaron came home again.

"What's this" he asked me pointing to the square metal thing. I shrugged my shoulders and continued playing my game.

"The guy that gave it to me told me to give it to Aaron Stone. Seriously, that dude was bugging" I said. Charlie suddenly got very tense and picked up the package.

"I'll take this up to my room and take a look at it" he said nervously. I shrugged my shoulders. I was still determined to beat the boss I was fighting against in my videogame to really care what he did with it. The next day, mom left for her trip that last for two weeks or so. Of course, she left Charlie in charge.

"Look, I don't care what you do. Just don't trash the house or kill yourself in some way" he told me. Basically, he meant stay out of trouble and don't get hurt. I agreed and he left the house along with Stan.

"Is Jason home? I need to speak with him" a voice called through the front door. I went and opened it thinking that it was just some delivery man or something. When I opened it, I was grabbed so quickly and nearly dragged to a black van. Something shut the door to my house and whoever had me picked me up and threw me into the back of the van before getting into the front seat.

"Let me go" I screamed as the van took off. I was scared, but you're not supposed to show fear in these kinds of situations. The people in the front laughed evilly. I looked out the back windows. We were moving very fast and it would be risky to open them and jump out.

"Aaron Stone will…." I heard one of them say before I saw Charlie riding his bike towards our house. I took a chance and opened the door.

"Hey! Shut the door kid" one of them growled at me. I, of course, ignored it and leaped out. I started to scream Charlie's name and he turned around. The van stopped and the people inside got out and ran towards me.

"CHARLIE, HELP" I screamed. Charlie's eyes widened in fear and he ran towards me. I ran away from the people who were chasing me and towards my older brother. He would help me; he always did.

"Come back here" another one yelled. One of them caught up to me and grabbed my arm and reeled me back in. As soon as he held my shoulder, I elbowed him in the stomach. I managed to reach Charlie and he held me for a second before pulling me behind him. He growled at the advancing guys.

"You stay away from him" he growled. They converged on us and soon, Charlie was fighting these guys. Something hard hit the back of my head and I slumped to the ground in a daze.

"Charlie, I think I found one of them" I mumbled disorientedly. Charlie looked over at me with horror written all over his face. Then, the guy that attacked me grabbed me under the arms and dragged me back to the van.

"If Aaron Stone ever wants to see his baby brother again, he has to meet me. Tell Aaron Stone he'll should be getting a call about tonight's meeting" one of the guys told Charlie. I was thrown back into the van and they closed the doors. This time, they stuck me with a needle.

"Aaron Stone is going down" one of the men said in the front. In my drugged state I could only remember one thing; my brother's panicked look as the men took me back to the van.

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