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Dark Jewel

Edward POV (Chapter one)

"I'm leaving, Ali. I'll see you tonight!" I called as I slipped my coat on.

Alice walked into the foyer just as I turned. She had baby Jasper on her hip. "And where do you think you're going, mister?"

"It's a little thing we like to call 'work,' Ali-cat," I smirked at her.

She rolled her eyes. "Really? I had no idea. Give us a kiss." She puckered up.

"Alice!" I sighed. "You know, you're not my sister by blood."

She shrugged. "And you're not my boyfriend. But this works, doesn't it?"

I kissed her cheek. "I love you, Alice. Even if you make me crazy."

She giggled. "I love you too, Edward."

I grasped Jasper's hand where it was flailing about. "Okay, little man, you be good for your mom today, okay? See if you can talk her into making those White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies Uncle Edward likes so much, yeah?"

The baby gurgled at me. I kissed his downy hair. "See you guys tonight," I said as I made my way out to my car.

The drive into Seattle took a little while from the lake house, however, the view alone made it worth living there. When I walked into my home-away-from-home, I called out a 'hello' to the receptionist and made my way up to my floor.

The day passed rather quickly once I got into the groove. Being a doctor was a fairly rewarding job and I was fortunate enough to have no student loans thanks to my adoptive father, who was also a doctor. In fact, both of his 'sons' were doctors. Alice was the only one not doing anything, and she had been on her way to finishing her MBA before baby Jasper. And she had adamantly stated that as soon as he got a bit older, she was going to go back and finish and start her own business. She was thinking of something to do that was web based and I couldn't blame her. If she could work from home, then she would be there for Jasper all the time.

I had one last patient to check on, and older gentleman named Billy Black. He had diabetes and had for years. His wife had died and his son was MIA, so he'd had no one to care for him and ensure that he took proper care of himself. He was a now double amputee and his kidneys were failing.

"Hi, Mr. Black. How are you today?"

"Great," he said. "One of my old buddies came to visit me today."

I nodded as I checked his chart. His stats were even worse than they had been yesterday. I put on a fake smile and said, "That's great."

He nodded. "Yeah, we were friends. He lived next door to me and the missus until he grew up and started a family. He was so surprised when my wife got pregnant with Jakey. He was a midlife baby, you know." He sighed. "I miss him. I just wish I knew where he was. I would just like to tell him I love him before I…"

I put my hand on his. "Mr. Black, I'm sure that Jake doesn't know you're sick. If he did, I'm certain he'd be here looking for you."

He smiled sadly and nodded. "Thank you, boy, for easing an old man's burden."

"You have a good night, okay? I'm heading home."

"Hot date?" the man teased.

I snorted. "My sister and her baby live with me, or rather, I live with them. Trust me, the only thing hot in my hand tonight will be a cookie for dessert if Alice caved and baked me some."

Billy chuckled. "Where's your sister's man?"

My teeth clenched. "He died. He was an FBI agent."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. My friend, Charlie, is an agent too. Poor fella lost his daughter. She went missing not long before Jake did…"

"Charlie Swan?" I asked, now paying rapt attention to him.

The man nodded. "Yes. He grew up next door to us. Do you know him?"

"Somewhat," I said evasively. "That is to say that I've met him before, yes." My phone beeped in my pocket and I pulled it out, reading a text from Alice;

Where r u? LJ's hungry.

I smiled at it. "I've got to go. My nephew's getting hungry, and we try to eat together."

Billy smiled. "You take care of them, okay?"

I nodded. "I'll do. Take care, Mr. Black. I'll see you tomorrow."

I stepped out of his room and hurried to gather my things from my locker.


The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I shivered. It was cold here in Seattle. Yeah, what else is new? And I had forgotten my coat. It was still sitting on the bench next to my locker. Nice.

Since Jasper's funeral, I had all but moved in to the house on the lake. It had been willed to Alice, apparently. She and LJ, or Little Jasper, as we'd taken to calling him, was living there in Jasper's old house. He had also set up some sort of a trust for her, which honestly, surprised me. I really thought him a selfish asshole. I was still holding to the fact I might be right.

I was a more than a bit wary of the situation, however, Alice, in her Alice way, stated that she knew he had somehow known about their baby and he knew that they would need looking after.

Sometimes I thought Alice was a little off her rocker, but then she'd say something like "Don't forget your coat, it's supposed to be freezing this afternoon," and it'll be like, sixty three degrees that morning. I'll roll my eyes and humor her. Then all of a sudden, I'll walk out of the hospital that afternoon and it's thirty degrees. She knew stuff, and that was a little freaky.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Alice, of course. I pulled out my phone and looked at it.

Edward? Where are you? I'm worried. Call me. Ali.

I smiled. I was running an hour late. She knew I had surgery today. I always get home late when I have evening surgeries. I was dialing her number to call her back when I felt the oddest sensation that someone was following me. I looked around the dark parking deck. No one. It was very quiet tonight.

I shrugged and deciding to call her from the car, and out of the wind that was now blowing, I hurried along toward my old faithful Volvo when I felt that sensation again. Really…I knew I shouldn't be reading Anne Rice novels before bed…but I couldn't help it. The vampire Lestat was an interesting character.

The Volvo was in sight then I heard footsteps…and they were getting closer. I slowed my pace yet again, wondering if it was someone trying to find me before I left, but no one made their presence known, and the footsteps stopped. Odd. I must have been hearing things.

I rounded the corner and saw two huge, looming shadows. I blinked. Now, I'm not a small man. I'm six foot two and a hundred and seventy five pounds of muscle. But these guys…they were huge. They would put my brother Emmett to shame. "Excuse me," I said politely.

I went to walk around them when they moved in closer. I sighed. The fear was there, but the annoyance was more pronounced. I wanted to hurry home. Alice needed me. She was worried about me. I wondered then if her 'sixth sense' had kicked in and she 'saw' this happening.

The two beefy men held out their hands to stop me. "Look, I may be a doctor, but I don't have a prescription pad on me." I pulled out my wallet. "I have eighty dollars in my wallet, plus some credit cards. Take them. Just…let me get home. My…" here, I laid it on thick, "my wife and child are waiting on me."

The largest one chuckled. "You here that, Dee? He says his wife and kid are at home."

The other one, Dee, snorted. "Yeah, right. Masen, you aren't married. You're just living with that Brandon whore because she's the closest thing to a sister you got."

My mouth fell open and suddenly it occurred to me these weren't your average muggers.

"And furthermore," The larger one added, "That kid is Whitlock's, not yours."

I felt my eyes narrowing. Jasper! This is because of you, you dumb fuck! I swallowed hard. "Gentlemen, I don't know if you realize it, but Jasper Whitlock is dead. He is gone. So…don't take this out me or Alice. If it's him you want, I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"Oh…it isn't Jasper we want. We done had him. No, it's you…"

That was the last thing I heard before I felt an electrical charge and felt my head crack open on the concrete deck of the parking structure.


I awoke in a brightly lit room. I was naked upon the white linoleum floor and my head hurt like a bitch. I opened my eyes and fought to keep them open as the light penetrated my skull. I moaned and moved my head, trying to pull myself up. I got to my knees when I realized I was chained to the wall.

"Ahh, he wakes," a dark, sinister voice said. I looked up and blinked three times before I saw the owner of the voice. He was an older man, very regal, very…evil looking.

"Wh-who are you?" I asked, and I hated that my voice shook. I'd heard horror stories. I knew I was a fairly attractive man. And this guy looked like he wanted to eat me for lunch. Surely, he was not as strong as I was, but I didn't know who was watching. And I felt certain someone was watching me.

The man chuckled. "I am your new master, Edward."

"H-how do you know my name?"

"I know all about you, Edward. Why else did I make sure Alice had everything she needed monetarily? I knew I would be taking you from her. It almost isn't fair for me to take you after I had Jasper as well, but…well, when I see what I want, I take it."

"A-and you want me?"

"More than words can say," he said, and then he licked his lips.

I shivered and realized life as I knew it was over.


Days passed. At least, I think they did. I couldn't be sure. All I knew was I was in solitary confinement. I saw no one. The light stayed on and the only time I rested was when I passed out from exhaustion. I was given no food, no water, and I was chained to the wall with only a small amount of space to maneuver around so I didn't get stiff. I hated having to void into the bucket in the corner, but seeing as that was my only option, I had to make do.

After an eternity, the door opened and in walked the two goons that had attacked me in the parking structure. My eyes narrowed automatically before they both cracked their knuckles. "This is going to be fun," the bigger one said.

The other smiled. "Chelsea is going to love him."

I opened my mouth to ask who Chelsea was when the one planted his fist in my face. I tasted blood immediately and the other one punched me in the stomach. I curled over in half and dry-heaved from the pressure to my stomach.

"Why's Aro want this weak little bitch anyway?" the smaller one, Dee, I think his name was, asked.

The bigger one shrugged. "I dunno. He said something about this guy being a jewel or some shit. And he does look like a dandy."

The smaller one cracked his neck and gave me a sinister look. "He does look pretty."

"S-stay the fuck away from me!" I yelled.

They both chuckled and grabbed me. Even as weak as I was, I started kicking and screaming as hard as I could before a beefy arm wrapped around my neck and blessed blackness surrounded me.


I awoke hoping like hell I was in my bed at the lake house. But when I tugged on my hands, they were connected to something. A tug of my legs had me notice the same thing. It was then I realized I was hanging on something. I opened my eyes and saw that I was attached to some netting. And I was still naked.

My eyes darted around the room and I noticed it seemed to be large, however, there was only one large light dangling down from the ceiling, directly in front of me.

I blinked and caught sight of a woman wearing a cloak of some sort. She, too, held a sinister smile and I began to wonder if everyone in this hellhole did. I assumed, since it was blatantly obvious I had been kidnapped, that they were all sinister.

"Wh-where am I? What do you want?"

She chuckled flatly. "It's always the same inane questions. 'where am I?', 'what do you want from me?', 'what can I do to get out of here?'. Oh, but you aren't getting out of here. Not if I can help it."

"Chelsea, don't play with your food," that same cold voice chastised. It was the man I'd met in the bright room.

Her head bowed. "Of course, Master. I'm just excited to break in a new toy for my master."

He patted her head like she was a dog before pulling her to him and kissing her soundly, groping her body in a disgusting display. I looked away.

"You are ashamed of what you see?" the man asked me.

"I'm disgusted," I spat.

The woman gasped and her eyes grew wide, but the man just laughed. "Oh, yes. I was right. You are a spitfire, Edward. I look forward to bending your will."

"What are you going to do to me?"

He walked over to me and ran a hand down my face, not stopping as it traveled down my chest, down, down, down. I blushed crimson as his hand cupped my cock and balls. "This is mine now, Edward. It does not belong to you anymore." He pumped me for a few moments, and to my horror, the organ betrayed me and began to rise. He smiled again. "Oh, yes, I look quite forward to seeing what this will do. You will be an excellent addition to my fold, Edward. I look forward to playing with you soon."

I felt two hot tears roll down my cheeks as he pulled a knife out of the sheath at his side. He held it up to my throat before he slid it down my body, creating just the smallest of gashes on my chest. I cried out from the pain and his eyes lit as he trailed the blood with his finger before sticking it in his mouth. "Mmm, delicious. I can only imagine how good your fear will taste when I'm inside you, filling your hot, sweet ass. Oh, yes…God."

He turned then. "Chelsea, I want him worked and worked hard. I need him to be trained as soon as possible. I need him bent to my will. He will not betray me as Jasper did. Do you understand?"

She bowed low. "Yes, Master. How do you wish me to proceed?"

He rubbed his chin as he looked at me. "I believe you need to see what his pain level is first. I want to hear him scream."

She rubbed her hands together. "My pleasure. Shall I have Felix and Demetri brought in? Dee especially seems quite eager to have a go at him."

"Not just yet. Let's see what he can tolerate before we beat him to a bloody pulp, shall we?"

She made a little whining sound. "But I know how much you enjoy watching their blood drain from their bodies."

He laughed lightly. "You know me too well, Chelsea. Now, if you wish to bring Jane in here to assist you. That might be something quite enjoyable."

She bowed once more. "Yes sir, I will do that."

He touched her nose with the tip of his finger, much like one would a child's. "Just remember. I'm always watching." And with that, he was gone.

I looked at the woman and she smirked. "Oh, slave, we will have such a good time together."

I swallowed hard as she moved over toward the table I could just make out on the edge of the light. She picked up some sort of thing that looked like a riding crop. "This, dear Edward, can bring you lots of pleasure, but it can also bring you lots of pain. Let's see what we can get it to do for you." She moved toward me and I shied away as far as I could into the netting.

She clucked her tongue. "That just won't do, Edward. You need to learn that I will always win. You are less than a maggot, not even worth the oxygen. If it were up to me, I would just kill you for fun. But, you are delicious and this cock of yours," she grabbed it and I whimpered as she tightened her grip. "This cock deserves some attention."

She turned, her cloak swishing away from her body, showing the fact that she was naked beneath. She walked over to an intercom box on the wall and punched a button. "James!" she shouted. "I need James. Send that little cocksucker to me now!"

I swallowed hard as she turned back to me. "Now, let's see what you've got." She flicked the crop over me a few times, just testing me. It didn't hurt, in fact, it felt rather good. I started to moan as it flicked over my skin.

Chelsea was giggly as she continued to work me up. My cock was standing proud despite the situation when suddenly a man walked in. He was average, just your run of the mill kind of guy. His dirty blond hair hung in a ponytail down his back. His eyes, dead blue eyes, traveled over me. He wore nothing but a pair of blue jeans. "Mistress," he said with his head down once more.

"Ah, James, yes. Just the man I was looking for. Come."

He sank to his knees before the woman and she lifted his head by his hair. "Suck him. Make him good and hard so I can see just what he needs to learn from us."

The man, James, smiled a wide smile and crawled on his knees to me. He licked his lips and eyed my cock hungrily. It had deflated somewhat, but it still twitched in his direction. I didn't know what that meant, but suddenly it was engulfed in fire. He was sucking my cock!

I tried to move, to shake him off, something, but he started doing things to me, started making it feel really good. The woman was also doing things, teasing my nipples, flicking them with that riding crop. It felt so good. It didn't even bother me that it was a man doing what was going on down below, it just felt so wonderful…

I was right there, right at the breaking point when Chelsea pulled James off of me. I whimpered and she grasped my cock once more, tugging and pulling, taking me back to the edge. I was there again, had already started to cum when all of a sudden, a horrid electrical shock ran through me. I screamed even as I came, my body unable to control itself as I lost all control of not only my orgasm, but my bladder and bowels as well from the strength of the current.

I was screaming and crying and ashamed and suddenly a very slight woman, just about Alice's size came out of the shadows. "Oh, he likes my playthings, doesn't he? Do you want another taste of my toys, Edward? You'll find them…shocking."

I screamed again as she touched another weapon to me, electricity running through me once more. "No! Please! No more!"

"Is that enough?" the little woman asked.

Chelsea shook her head. "No, Jane. I think we're just getting started."

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