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The fluttering sensation just barely woke me from my slumber. I relaxed as it turned into a massage of my scrotum. I let out a slight whimper, but relaxed further as the pressure increased. The massaging moved to cup my cock just as a second hand traveled to my puckered muscle. My whimpering grew louder as I felt myself stretch. I opened my eyes but found utter darkness.

"Shhh," a voice said and I relaxed further as the sweet friction continued on my dick. I felt another finger stretching me, but it felt so too good to demand whomever it was to stop.

I felt my precum being used to lube the hand working me and I felt myself growing nearer to my release.

"Ah, ah, ah," he said and I grunted as I felt him pressing into me.

"Fuck," I panted as he continued to work me. My arms were still wrapped around Bella in the position we fell asleep in, so I knew he hadn't given us much time to rest. "Felix!" I hissed as quietly as I could, and then he was bent over me, still inside me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

My right arm was trapped under Bella's neck, but my left moved to cup his head, bringing his face even closer to mine. Who would have thought we would end up here? Certainly not I, but here the three of us were.

Felix and Rosalie were the last surviving relatives to Aro and his empire, and as such they were entitled to all of his money and lands. Rosalie didn't want any of what she called his 'blood money', so Felix took it all. He'd always had a soft spot for Bella, but she had made it clear that while she did love him to an extent from how he had cared for her, it was me she chose. So he took his money and left, leaving Bella and me to put the pieces of our lives back together. It was far easier said than done. For one thing, we were both horribly scarred emotionally from all the things we saw and had done, and we both bordered on crazy for a little while, not knowing what to do with ourselves.

Surprisingly, it was Jake that fixed us initially. He saw how hard we were having it in 'the real world' and suggested a few 'sessions' to ease us out of the lifestyle. It turned out we both craved to learn more. More about being subs, and also more about learning to become dominants.

Bella took to the roles of Domme like it was second nature, and watching her take charge of a man three times her size turned me on to no end. It was when she dommed Jake and I both, making us do things I hated to admit that I liked, I realized who I really was. I had been trapped in a life of mediocrity. I had thought I needed to fit the stereotype of 'normal'. Why, when my family was the way they were I'm not sure, but I did, and once I embraced my bisexuality and the fact that I truly enjoyed the lifestyle, I had no problem with letting myself go. That was when one night, lying in bed, Bella told me what she wanted. We hadn't hesitated to move in together after we arrived home, to a lovely little place of her choosing. She told me of the letter she had received from Felix. He had bought an island he named "La Bella Principessa " after her and wanted us to visit. It had gone on about how terribly he missed us both. I felt a sort of kinship with him after all we had been through and hadn't hesitated to say 'yes'.

And here we were, six weeks later…"YES!" I cried as I came, with Felix coming right behind me.

So caught up in what we were doing, I didn't notice Bella had moved from my arms, the light from the bathroom illuminating her in backlight. Her arms were crossed and she did NOT look happy. "WHAT is this? Your Mistress falls asleep and you think you can just have a good fuck without me?" She was tapping a bare foot against the bamboo hardwood flooring. She should have looked ridiculous standing there naked, her arms crossed over her breasts, but with Felix's cat-o-nine tails in her hand, she looked terrifying. I glanced back at Felix, who looked sheepish and at the same time, amused.

"I'm sorry, Mistress…" he began.

"SILENCE!" she shouted and I knew we were in trouble. Deep trouble. "Floor. Now." She commanded.

Felix and I both jumped from the bed and quickly knelt at her feet, ankles crossed, hands laced behind our necks in our best subservient poses.

I chanced a glance at Felix and saw the used condom hanging off his rapidly hardening cock. My own was responding to her commanding presence and she couldn't quite mask her pleasure at having us both under her control. Her face turned into a scowl once more as she slowly walked around us. She "tutted" and shook her head. I know, because I could hear her curls bouncing and her earrings jangling, but I didn't chance a glance up at her. I shouldn't be the one in trouble, I didn't initiate the exchange, but I had the feeling she wouldn't care. My Bella was out for blood and she would stop at nothing until she drew it.

I heard leather snap against flesh and knew she had hit Felix, though he made no sound. "Disgraceful!" she sneered and the leather sounded again. "I'm ashamed to call you my sub!" Again, the leather stung his skin.

Bella stopped in front of me and I could smell her excitement with her naked pussy so close to my face. I longed to lean in and lap at her until she was writhing with need, but I knew that would only lead to punishment. Not that I would mind…I had come to love the punishments that came from people I knew and trusted. Being a sub was an awesome gift when given freely, but when it was taken, it was horrid. "Now," she said to me, "what am I going to do with you?"

I knew better than to speak, so I waited patiently.

"Speak," she stated, and I knew I had the green light.

"Ma'am," I started, "it was dark. I didn't know what was going on. I thought it was a grand game Mistress had planned for us. Had I realized…"

A slap to my face shut me up. "Lies!" she snarled.

Fuck! Mistress Bella was one sexy bitch when she was mean.

"You lie to me!"

"No, Mistress!" I declared. "I didn't know!" I fell to my hands and kissed her hot pink painted toes. "Please forgive me for getting caught up in my own pleasure. Please, let me make it up to you!"

I felt hands in my hair, roughly tugging me back to my knees. I did as commanded and her hand then slid down to cup my chin, forcing my head up. An evil smile graced her features. "I believe you," she purred. "But as for your fellow sub…I think he needs to be…taught a lesson."

She broke character to wink at me before she became Mistress Bella again. "You!" she bellowed in Felix's direction. I heard flesh meet flesh and knew Bella had slapped Felix. Had I looked in his eyes, I felt sure I would have seen humor, lust and adoration. As much as I loved seeing Bella in charge, Felix reveled in it. He loved seeing her in control over herself as well as us, and had he seen her with the multiples I had, he would have had a fit and probably would have exploded at the sight.

"I think my pet needs to show his love and devotion to me," Bella cooed and I was disappointed to realize she was talking to Felix. "Take off that ridiculous used condom and come back to me. Now."

I heard Felix scurrying as fast as he could on his knees to the trashcan by the bedside and hurrying back to her. "Very nice," she said. I looked their direction from the corner of my eye and was torn between excitement and hurt as she propped her leg up on his shoulder and he began eating her out. He hadn't been commanded to use his hands, so it was just his mouth working her. I must have let out a sound, because she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Awww, sub Edward is feeling left out." She gave Felix a shove and beckoned me forward. I eagerly moved over to her and she put herself in the position with me she had previously been in with him. "Watch," she commanded to him. "Watch how sub Edward pleasures me."

Like Felix earlier, I hadn't been given the order to move my hands, but my mouth eagerly began working her, licking and nipping at her slit and pleasure center, hitting all the places I knew she liked so well.

"You may do as you wish to pleasure your Mistress," she told me gently and I grasped her ass with one hand as I ran the other one up to tweak her nipple. She groaned in ecstasy and fisted both hands roughly in my hair once more.

I kept her right on the edge of reason until my knees grew sore. That was when I plunged three fingers into her and bit her clit, sending her screaming in a downward spiral of pleasure as her honey coated my face.

I drank her down and licked her clean before placing her leg gently back down on the floor and leaning back on my heels. I stole a glance at her face, reveling in the flush on her cheeks and the satisfied little smirk on her face. My Bella had found herself these last few months and what a glory she was to behold.

She let out a purr of contentment and a slight shiver from her pleasure. A look at Felix showed me he was not happy being out of the loop.

"You," she stated, pointing at Felix. He was like a dog being given a treat as he crawled to her.

"Stand," she commanded me and I did as she asked.

"Suck him off," she said to Felix. "And if you do a good enough job on him, I might let you service me."

He moved to me and I had to smirk. Felix was not, by nature, a sub, and certainly did not enjoy servicing another sub when he was commanded to do such. He didn't mind fucking, but didn't like to be fucked. And trust me, that little mouth of his was going to be fucked thoroughly. Bella had to teach him a few things once we arrived here on his island. She hasn't let him dominate her yet and I'm not sure she would even willingly ever again. Sure, they have had sex, in a loving, caring environment while I was present and completely fine with the scenario, but other than Jake and myself, whom she trusts everything with, she hadn't let anyone take control over her, and even those times, it was quite clear how nervous she was. I hope that one day, she'll let herself go, but until then, I completely understand her desire to be the one in charge. The scars from Aro would stay with us forever.

I felt the heat of Felix's mouth envelop me and it was all I could do not to grip his coarse black hair. I stayed perfectly still while he sucked and nipped at me until Bella said softly, but in her Domme commanding tone, "Show him."

I looked over at her for conformation. She was now reclining in an overstuffed chair. "Tell him how much you are enjoying it, Edward." I watched her for a moment as she spread her legs, one draped over each side of that chair, and held in a whimper as she shoved a big pink dildo into her pussy.

"Fuck," I muttered, letting myself go as she instructed. I stared down at him as he licked and sucked my dick, his hands still laced behind his neck. I grasped two large tufts of his hair and pulled him to me as I began fucking his mouth in earnest.

"Show him no mercy," Bella instructed, and I hated to admit how much I enjoyed seeing the tears rolling down his cheeks from him holding back his gag reflex. I still had my own scars too.

"Yes," she hissed and I turned my attention back to her as I worked, watching that fake cock slamming into her as her other hand alternated between rolling a nipple and working over her clit. I let out a moan from the combination of the sight before me and Felix's ministrations.

"Take him over the edge, Felix!" she called, and she and I both cried out in unison as we came.

"Fuck," I groaned again, staggering slightly before I fell back to my knees and into position once again. I was left alone as she stood and walked to Felix. "Have you been punished enough, my pet?" she pondered aloud and I knew he hated this and would probably pout the rest of the day. "Hmmm," she continued, "I don't think you have quite grasped the consequences of your indiscretions, Felix."

She moved to the bed. "Both of you, look at me."

We did as she asked, and found her lying on the bed, her pussy once more spread wide for us to see. "I long to punish you further, Felix, but I find my desires are too great just now. Edward, come fuck my pussy. Felix, watch, do NOT touch, and if you are good, I may reward you with my ass."

Oh, I knew that had to be driving him mad. Since he had not been inside of Bella at the compound, he had always longed for her. He had considered it such an honor to be able to penetrate her vaginally. But now, she had taken that away from him in punishment for being with me. That had to be eating him up inside.

I went to her eagerly, pumping my cock to ensure it was at its maximum hardness for my mistress and she purred when I sunk just the head inside of her. "Yes, Edward!" she cried eagerly as I forced my way in. Her eyes met mine once more and I could see her struggling. She had issues dominating me since I always gave myself over to her with every ounce of love I possessed, but she managed to stay in command, telling me how she wanted me to touch her and what position to move into for her maximum satisfaction. I was glad I had already come twice. With this third erection, I could stay hard forever, it seemed, until she commanded me to come, which I knew would be a long while from now. She had a lot on her mind and knowing her as well as I now did, I had a feeling of how she wanted me to end up.

"Felix," she said finally. I looked over at him and almost felt sorry for him. He had been watching us patiently for over forty five minutes, eagerly tracking our every movement as Bella had us change positions after every one of her orgasms. "Step off, Edward," she stated gently. I moved away from her and she looked at us each in turn. "My beautiful boys. Do you love your mistress? Answer, please."

"Yes, ma'am," we said in unison, our levels of devotion plain in our voices.

She nodded and I noticed there were tears in her eyes. She swallowed hard as she moved to her knees. She kissed us each gently by turn before she turned over onto her hands and knees. "Both of you, suit up," her voice took on a twinkling of merriment and we stumbled over each other in our haste to get to the nightstand where the condoms and the lube were located.

"Felix, you have been such a patient boy. You may work me from behind. Edward, you may have your way with Felix as your reward." She paused, and added, "Thank your mistress for her grace and mercy."

"Thank you, Mistress," we said once more before we both got into position.

I moved my hands automatically to Felix as I watched his own preparing Bella. Fuck, if that wasn't a sight...and that was when I realized how deep my own feelings for Felix had gone. I knew he loved Bella, knew too, that Bella, on some level, loved him. But I hadn't realized I had grown to love him also. Maybe not as much as Bella loved him, and certainly not as much as I loved Bella, but it was there and it was growing. I didn't know what the future held for us after this, but I knew now that Felix would be in our lives for good.


I watched them "suit up" as Bella had put it, and continued on until the three became a sticky pile of loving bodies upon the sheets. Their content murmurs and tender kisses warmed my still heart. They would be alright.

I had never stopped watching them. From the moment my heart stopped beating until now, I had stayed with them, needing to make sure Bella was saved. When Edward showed up, my heart had almost pulsed with life. I had known he would save her, even though he came too late for me. In watching them, my memories cleared until I saw what had happened and what my mind had created as an escape. It did not much matter to me in the end. Edward had saved me; he saved everyone I gave a damn about- Bella, Alice, LJ... My son, my beautiful son who was just the right mix of Alice and me.

It was for LJ specifically, my relief that my son would never endure what I had gone through, that I gave up any notion of Heaven or Hell and made myself the overseer of Aro's torment. When the good doctor saw fit to send Aro to the other side, we were waiting. Every last soul Aro had crushed had been anticipating the day he crossed over. And we weren't kind. Now, Mama always told me that a good, God-loving man would turn the other cheek, love his neighbor, and all of that. But Mama never looked into a heart so black, and well, all our cheeks were scarred from his whip. We didn't have an unspoiled cheek left to turn.

Some had found peace just knowing he was gone. Others, like myself, wanted to see him suffer more than any biblical punishment could create. After the hell Aro put me through the devil didn't scare me at this point. Today though, I had found my bit of peace. Everyone was going to be alright.

Edward's family had gotten their shit together. Following the legal investigations and being cleared of any charges due to proof of blackmail, Doctor C went back to Esme. They're happily doting over Rosalie and Emmett. They help Alice a lot with baby LJ; it's hard seeing people associated with Aro holding my son, but deep in my heart I know that those left from that life will use their skills to protect my family.

Jake was the hardest person for me to accept, not that I really had a choice in the matter. When Jake returned to Alice, I wasn't too sure I wanted her to take him back. Yes, he had been Bella's first, and had done for her and Edward what I had hoped someone would do for me, but his love for her went beyond that. Besides, the bastard had fucking broke Alice's heart. She thought she had been wrong. She was wrong about me and that was enough. He came back though; I couldn't. Aro took that away from me.

The mist solidified as I walked away from Bella and her boys, and back to Aro's new dungeon. The cuffs shackling him to the web alternated in ice, fire, and electricity before healing his wounds so that we could begin again. His would be an eternal punishment.

I entered the room in time to see Chelsea take a hand at the whip, inventing new ways to pain him. Seeing me, she held out the tool to me and I shook my head. I had a far better way to hurt him.

"They're happy, Aro. You lost. Your crowned jewel was everyone's savior. They're free." I was free. I felt the lightening in my heart. It was time, almost.

"Ah hell, one more for luck." I grabbed a flogger that had razor blades down the lengths of leather and ran it up and down his back slowly, watching blood bead up and then drizzle over the scarred skin. Trading it for the cruel whip he had enjoyed using on us, I left him one last line before returning to whisper in his ear. "Thank you, Master," I sneered, "for teaching us all such a lovely way to pass the time. I do hope you're enjoying it. If not, try and turn the other cheek. It's what you taught me a good slave does."

I passed a young male who had befriended me at Maria's right away and smiled. "We aren't angels nor demons, we just enjoy torturing evil souls." His eyes brightened as I quoted back something he had told Aro on the first day. "I won't be back, at least I don't reckon so. Make sure no one forgets to rub him down with nettles now and again. I think that is almost worse than anything else we can do." My boot heels clicked across the dungeon floor before the timeless mist swept me away to where I really wanted to be.

His room smelled of lavender and baby powder, even a remnant of Alice's perfume, as the sun began to set outside. A mural of a zoo in shades of blue reflected the pink and gold dusk rays on one wall behind the bed. Walking in, I could hear Alice and Jake talking down the hall in their bedroom, and it no longer hurt me to think of her with someone else. She was happy, and I loved her enough to be happy for her. My eyes drifted to the photo of Alice and Jake standing in front of the county courthouse, with her wearing one of my pale green dress shirts belted over a pair of black tights. A wreath of green and red roses decorated her short cap of curls. Even through their impromptu wedding photographer's lens, I could see their love for one another.

The photo didn't hold my attention for long after my little boy pulled up onto his feet at the edge of his crib. LJ had climbed out of it more times than I could count while I had been there, and he was giving Alice a run for the money at keeping him out of trouble. I stood helpless as LJ hooked a knee up on the edge of the security gate and climbed up and over. My hands turned to smoke, going right through him as I tried to soften his landing.

"LJ, you shouldn't do that." At my words, his hair rustled as if I had made an actual breath.

He toddled over to my old chair, stumbling into a bookcase before regaining his balance, and ended up awkwardly climbing up onto the frayed seat cushion. I stood there, with unshed tears building in my eyes, as LJ used the slowly dying daylight to look through a photo album Alice must have made, that had photos of her and me from when we first met all the way through to her holding him.

"Dah-dy." Chubby fingers touched a picture of me kissing Alice before I left for Maria's.

"I'm here, LJ." I knew he couldn't hear me, but I said it anyway. Maybe somewhere deep inside, his heart knew I was there.

"He can't see you." A soft whisper turned my attention away from my son. Alice stood in the doorway, wrapped in a bedsheet. "I can't see you either; but I know you're here." Heat licked up my arm from my hand, and I looked down to see our hands entwined. "I love you, Jasper. I'll see you again one day."

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