At the end of her fifth year Courtney Rose was still stuck in the awkward stage of puberty. While most of the girls in her year had molded into their looks and filled out their blouses, Courtney was stuck in that strange in between. In between a young woman ready to take on the world and a child who just wants to hide under her bed sheets.

Her hair was a dull frizzy mess of black, something that she struggled with nearly every day just to get into a ponytail. And her eyes where a flat green, no amazing shine that made them look like polished jewels that the other young witches seemed to have. Her robes never seemed to fall in the right places, and she still seemed to be tugging along that baby fat that no matter how scattered around the castle her classes where, she never seemed to get rid of.

She never really got around to making friends with people other then the few she knew in her dorm or her classes. Not because she didn't like people but more so because they didn't seem to like her. The closest thing she had to a best friend was a boy she had been potions partners with for three years. They had started prefect duties together during the past year, which only made the small infatuation she had for him grow.

Most of the students at school who did know who she was seemed to spend their time making fun of her "mad scientist" father. He was actually a potions inventor, but he hadn't had a major break through in the potion's world for many years Or even a small one. Not that it bothered her or her father, but it would be nice if they didn't have that ammo. Her armor was chipped enough.

Now, at the start of her sixth year, Courtney doesn't have the outward apearance of "awkward girl" anymore. Her hair grew out a few inches, so the long dark locks fell to her hips, making it almost impossible not to brush it three times a day (She also found a shampoo that she mixed with anti-frizz, but that's another matter). Her eyes had a glow about them, why she didn't know, but she just seemed happier his year. It may or may not have to do with the secret she now carried around her neck.

She lost a few pounds, fifteen to be exact, due to her restricted diet throughout the summer. Then, below what she always saw as "extra weight", curves emerged. They gave her an hourglass figure, not perfectly defined but she felt it looked fantastic, considering. It helped that she now filled out her robes better. She still didn't get around to making many friends, if only because it didn't interest her as much anymore. She was a little more concerned with that necklace that she never took off. Her father's newest invention.

Courtney's POV

I was sitting in the prefects compartment reading an old-almost falling apart- copy of Shakespeare (A Collection of Plays) and half listening to the chatter coming in from the window due to the people who had yet to board the train and were still talking to their families. I have never did completely understood the need to well up with tears and act as if I'm never going to see my father again.

He'll be right there in the small red house on the corner when I get back.

Unless he paints the house.

My pale hand was at my neck, my nimble fingers moving the small vile across the silver chain, a habit I had picked up after my father gave it to me for my sixteenth birthday. The purple and silver liquid could hold a revolution in it's mixture, if it works. If so, I get to name it (and 'the potion of total awesomeness' isn't yet taken). I didn't hear the compartment door click open, or shut, until Remus sat down across from me.

My breath got stuck in my lungs for only a moment (new record!) as he sat down; he smelled of a cologne I was never able to place. Almost like wet Earth and Moonlight. He looked tired, as he often did, while he held head was in his hands. I don't think he's noticed me, something that sent a small sting of pain behind my ribs.

I had figured out he was a werewolf forth year, I never did tell him I knew though. Why would I? If he didn't want me to know, I would pretend that he was nothing more then another boy who just so happened to be in my year.

"How was your summer, Remus?" His head snapped up as I placed my book face down on my lap and smiled at him. His reaction made me wonder if the changes I had noticed over summer where visible. Then, of course, my mind wanted to know if he liked them.

"I didn't even recognize you, Court." I just shrugged at his admission. Have I changed so much that people would no longer recognize me? More importantly, did he feel it was a good change? Does this mean that he would feel, if even for a moment, what I have felt for him since we made our first potion together?

"…and that's about it. How was your summer?" I looked back to him and noticed a new scar on his shoulder, I wonder if he told me how it happened while I wasn't listening.

"My dad made a new potion, but aside from that, nothing to exciting." That's true, as long as you do not feel as though watching after two werewolves as they change and documenting everything about it to be interesting.

The other prefects were starting to pile in, and Remus immediately started talking to Lilly Evens and Chris McIntyre about something I can only image had to do with their OWL results. I went back to reading my book, as thrilling as listening to top three students in the school talk about their studies seemed to be.

I wonder what play is after this one. I hope beyond hope I will not have to suffer through Romeo and Juliet. It may just be the worst love story known to man, in my opinion. The book itself was once my mothers and I've never really read her books before.

"This year we want to keep an eye out, even more so then last. There have already been a few detentions given, and we aren't even to the castle yet…" The Head girl is talking, she opened her mouth wide while doing so and pronounced every letter perfectly. I should at least pretend to pay attention, yeah?

She finally shut up, an hour later, and the people started leaving to join their respective groups and friends. I was left in the extra wide compartment, alone. I almost started changing into my robes when I realized one of my fellow prefects had left their bag lying on the bench across from my own. I frowned for a moment, debating over whether or not learning whose it was was worth it before my Good Samaritan side decided for me.

I picked it up and attempted to look for a name without prying to far into it's contents—and therefore into someone's privacy. I didn't find one, but I did notice the initials. R.L.

Do you know what that stands for? I'll give you three chances to guess, and no, it's not Rufus LeStrange or Ramilda Long. It stands for Remus Lupin.

Who happens to sit with the other Marauders.

I'm changing into my robes.

I have been staring at this bag across from me for nearly twenty minutes; we will be arriving at the castle sometime within the next hour and at this rate he'll never see it again. I stood up and fixed my hair the best I could with the reflection of the window, then I did the bravest thing I have done at Hogwarts in all of my six years here. I left the large compartment, Remus' bag in hand.

I walked down the corridor, which only seemed to be much longer then need be, my own bag hanging off of my shoulder. I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed that the door was open, only a few steps away, the light flowing out into the corridor. It seemed to be a was a particularly dark evening. Not just because of the weather, but because my plan to set the bag down, knock, and run for my life had been foiled by a door.

I've never been alone with them as a group before. There where always crowded halls and filled tables between us. I felt like I was about to see the animals at the Zoo without glass. I actually half expected a sign that told me not to feed them.

I took another step, and a beep breath, and heard the laughter—bark-like of Sirius, nervous laughter of Peter, and loud and full of James. Yes, there most defiantly should be a sign somewhere. I couldn't her Remus and for some reason, and this made me feel slightly better with the thought that he may not be in there. I stood in front of the open door and knocked lightly on the frame, they all looked up. Just like if you tap on the glass at the Zoo. Unfortunately this included Remus, who was red and trying to avoid meeting my eyes.

"I think you forgot this in the prefect compartment" I stepped in, holding my breath with his bag out in front of me. They're not like their house animal, are they? Wont claw me to death for entering their territory without a trainer? When he took it from me his hand brushed mine. I had to turn away and started to mover to the door. I was trying not to make any sudden moves when I felt a hand on her wrist.

I think I may have preferred stepping into a cage at the Zoo right about now.

"Remus, who is this lovely girl?" Sirius stood, still holding my wrist and offering his seat to me. I feel as if I am the only girl who's stomach would turn at Sirius' touch, and not in a good way.

I didn't take the seat, I simply removed myself from his grip and turned my attention to the still red Remus, "I'll see you in potions, Remus."

I turned and left, nearly sprinting down the corridor trying to get away from that compartment. If that was a Lion's den, I just nearly excaped with my life, didn't I?

I need to get back to my own compartment anyhow, I think I left my book on one of the seats. I honestly thought it would have taken longer for me to will myself to even knock on their compartment door. Even if I was going to run right after doing so.

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