Remus' POV

We're leaving on tomorrow to go home, so I am spending today with Courtney. She spends most of her Summer in Russia with her father, his brother, and Justin. While I spend mine in England with the Marauders. We wont really be seeing each other over summer but we're going to try and write at least once a week.

Her father is going to continue to send me the potion, as well.

I am currently standing outside the Room of Requirement whole she is inside "getting ready". I'm not really sure what she's planning. We had skipped dinner to finish our packing so we could spend the majority of the evening together. The only thing I know for sure is that we're going to be eating, she's kept most of her plan in the dark.

I have been standing out here for nearly fifteen minutes and when she (finally) opened the door the first thing I notice is that her hair is completely black, not a blast of color anywhere. She still has her red lipstick on and no other make up, it's almost a signature. She looks up at me and smiles this soft and much-too-innocent smile. She's wearing a black dress that clings to her curves. Without a word she walks into the room, letting me see what had taken so long to prepare.

There are candles everywhere not the large ones that are in our dorms, just a lot of small tea lights on the floor in clusters. There is a table in the center of the room.

Steak, the same thing we would have been able to have if we had gone to dinner, but it seemed better then if we had gone.

I gave her a white rose, she had never told me her favorite flower so I conjured one that reminded me of her instead. She hugged me before walking to the table. While we ate we spoke about summer, this past year, her potion, the Marauders and everything in between. We joked about when we were younger, and how much she and I have changed since we first met in fourth year.

It was fun, it seemed like a real date, one that we wouldn't have been able to have even if we went to Hogsmeade. But I couldn't stop my self anymore, and after the table and all of it's contents disappeared, I kissed her. My hands rested on her hips and I pulled her in so she was against me and she moved her hands so they were on my shoulders. My eyes where closed, when her lips are against mine the world spins and if I keep them open I get dizzy. But when I opened them, the room had changed, the only important difference was the bed.

The sheets are a deep crimson and they seem to be darkened by the dimness of the lighting. She sat on the edge and I sat down next to her. We kissed again,this time it was heavy and heated. I moved her so I could press her back against the sheets and so I could be on top of her. It allowed me to kiss her neck, to nip gently at her collarbone and to be able to pull my shirt off when she starts to get it off.

I felt her heat through my pants and I can't help the low growl that jumps from my lips.

I moved us so she could rest herself on top of me, I know where I want this go, but she needs to decide as well. The only think I can feel is her kissing my neck, biting it and then smirking against my skin when I growled again. I pushed her back down and started to kiss down her chest while I pulled the zipper on her dress down. She wiggled her arms free and lifted her hips while I finished pulling it down.

Her bra is black and has a lace trim that rests on her cleavage, her panties matched and together they stood out in emphasis against her creamy skin. I kissed around the lace then down her stomach, I would have moved further down her body but she pulled me up and kissed me hard, her hands fighting with my belt. I kissed her neck and bit it softly, the low moan that escaped her made me bite harder. I fumbled with taking her bra off while she pushed my pants over my hips.

I took off her bra and threw it across the room, loosing it in the darkness and started kissing her breasts. They weren't too big, or too small, hey were perfect. I kissed her nipples, biting them softly until they were hard pink nubs.

I moved down her stomach and kissed above the hem of her panties. I pulled them down slowly and watched her, waiting for her stop me. She didn't stop me so I kissed her inner thighs. I could smell her, it was a new scent that drove me crazy.

I kissed the soft lips of her sex, I was barely touching them but I hear her intake of breathe, quick and sharp.

I licked her as lightly as I could, I wanted to taste her and too tease her. I moved my fingers to her opening, while I sucked softly on her clit, and worked her softly.

She was tight and molded around my fingers perfectly. She was moaning and gripping the sheets, her back arching and her hips bucking upwards.

She came while biting her lip, gripping my hair and letting out a small string of curse words. I licked her clean while her body twitched under the touch and then moved kissed back up. I barely made it to her neck before she pushed me over, onto my back, and straddled me.

Courtney's POV

I kissed him hard, faintly tasting myself on his tongue. I didn't spend as much time as he had while moving down his body. I only stopped every few inches to nip at his flesh. When I was at my destination I pulled his boxers down and stared at his length. He was larger then I thought he would be, much larger.

I wasn't expecting it.

I kissed the tip, testing his reaction before running my tongue down the shaft, as slowly as I could. I looked up at him when I started to softly suck on the tip only dipping my eyes when I started to move my mouth further down. I can't fit his entire member into my mouth so I settle for working the rest with my hand. I heard his groans, they were low and harsh. He had scars everywhere so I counted them while watching his chest rise and fall.

He kept looking down at me, his eyes seemed shocked every time I caught the with my own while I moved my head up and down. I wanted nothing more then to bring him to oblivion. I was aching for him, it was a soft throb between my legs that throbbed a little harder every time he moaned, mumbled soft words or groaned when my teeth softly grazed against him.

"I'm going to cum." his voice was a harsh whisper and I pulled away, straddled him again and kissed him hard.

I needed him.

He flipped me over so he could hover above me and bit into my beck hard. I moaned loud into his ear, I didn't mean for it to come out as loud as it did, but I was quickly loosing my ability to think regulating such things. He positioned himself against my opening and I looked up at him. He changed, his eyes were softer.

Kissed me softly, his eyes looking to mine and silently questioning me.

Did I really want to do this?

I nodded and he kissed me again while pushing himself in softly. It was painful, not the blinding pain they tell you it will be, but it was like stubbing your toe. It felt like it would go on forever but it only lasted a few seconds. He was allowing me get used to the few inches before moving in more until he was against the small slip of skin, he was looking into my eyes, giving me a chance to back out of it again. So I kissed him, and he pushed through, ripping the now tender membrane. I shut my eyes tight as he slipped into me completely, getting used to the feeling. He mad waited a few moments before he began lifting his hips and pumping in and out of me softly.

I didn't feel any pain after a minute or so, instead I left this fire like pleasure and I moaned. Nothing I said came out completely as words, it was mixed with soft groans. "Faster. Harder." and he complied with each request.

He kissed me when I wrapped my legs around him, I was grinding myself against him, trying to match his hips.

He bit my neck again. I can feel it become tender as a hickey forms. When I open my eyes he has the look in his own. Animal.

He put my arms above my head, holding my wrists in place with one of his hands while he's pushing into me, and I grinding with him.

He was groaning and I was coming. The little taste of wolf I knew he was holding back that had slipped out was enough to send me to the edge.

"Remus.." I breathed.. I bit my lip. I needed him.

"I'm coming." Remus growled, those words were enough to make my back arch and press my chest against his. I felt his stomach muscles tighten against my own as he filled me, releasing himself into me.

I followed him before he was able to finish fully. Moaning loudly as he slowly came to a stop.

We hadn't moved, but he kissed my lips softly. I was trying to will my body to stop shaking.

When he laid next to me still catching his breath and kissing my shoulder, I just smiled. I couldn't form words yet, and even if I could, I didn't want to be the one to break this perfect silence.

"Courtney?" His voice was barely above a whisper, but he pulled me closed while saying it, pressing his chest against my back.

I turned y head to look at him. "Yes?"

"I love you." My breathe caught in my throat and I looked into his eyes, I was looking for anything to tell me that I had heard incorrectly, or that he didn't mean to say what he did.

"I love you too, Remus." I said it while turning my body to him. When his name finished slipping through my lips he kissed me.

What a nice way to end he school year.


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