Air; She needed air, needed it to fill her lungs and give her life and remind her that this stuffy castle was not the entire world. There was a universe out there for her to get lost in and she needed the cold air on her skin, in her hair, beating on her robes to remind her of that. It was very easy to get claustrophobic in this bloody school with everyone always breathing down your neck. Ginny was on a short fuse these days and she was quite literally the only person who understood why, despite Hermione's insistence she too understood.

She would be taking her OWLs at the end of this year and unfortunately had no idea what she wanted to pursue as a career. No bloody idea. Her mother sent her at least a letter a week reminding her that they would love her whatever she ended up doing but that she should probably go into Healing. Honestly all Ginny really liked to do was play Quidditch, which drove her mother crazy. That was perhaps part of the allure of the sport. Perhaps she would get lucky and get in a horrible irreversible accident that would land her in St Mungo's indefinitely. That way she wouldn't have to decide on a career, she would simply become a vegetable and waste away. She'd get some rest then.

As though having her darling mother pressuring her on a semi regular basis was not enough, the fact that she was rather close with the resident know-it-all did not help anything either. Hermione had two modes that she flitted back and forth between. Either she was all about research and studying, and working on whatever she and Harry and Ron had discovered this week, or she was infuriated with Ginny's brother and chewing Ginny's ear off about it. Ginny really couldn't care less what Ron did this time to make Hermione angry, it was always something after all, but even that she could have handled. What really irked the red head that Hermione was convinced that Ginny was still head over heels for Harry Potter, which was not true in any way shape or form. It was actually rather hilarious, she thought, that Hermione was so adamantly convinced that Ginny would love someone so bumbling who could hardly tell his back from his front.

Really, Harry Potter was a bunch of hype. He looked good in a Quidditch outfit and he could ride a broom like a pro sure, but that did not a sexy man make. When he was faced with speaking with a girl he was possibly interested in Harry always put his foot in his mouth. There would have been a time with Ginny would have clung to every awkward word he said and analyzed it to the umpteenth degree. Those days had passed however and now whenever Harry Potter talked to her and pretended not to be staring at her chest and wanting to pummel her boyfriend she found the first opportunity to leave and remind him she would never be his.

It was cruel and she knew it, but sometimes she would even put on a show for him. Once she had accompanied Dean to the Three Broomsticks during a Hogsmeade visit. It had been a normal date at first, Dean was very respectful as always which irritated Ginny to know end. He had improved by leaps and bounds with her encouragement but whenever she tried to talk to him about trying something new or tried to push him a bit further in their snogging sessions he would get upset and make up some excuse. She was too young. Ron would kill him. That wasn't the way he was raised to treat a woman. She was tired of it. And yet, she clung to his arm and allowed him to call her his because really she had no reason to leave him other than the fact that she wanted to be thoroughly fucked by someone. Perhaps he would figure that out. Probably not.

But, he always played along with her tricks that she played on Harry. That day at The Three Broomsticks she had seen Harry watching her across the room and had immediately enticed Dean into a snogging session. He wasn't really the best kisser but she wasn't kissing him to kiss him, after all, she was kissing him to tease Harry and drive him mad. It was a cruel game, but she had to keep herself entertained some way. It was getting to be a dangerous game to play however, as she had learned this evening in the Great Hall.

Dinner was never a special event. She usually sat with her brother and his friends for obvious reasons. Hermione liked to think it was because she wanted to spend more time with Harry, but it was simply because she could not stand the people in her own year. Tonight at dinner she had chosen the ideal seat next to Harry, sitting just close enough to him that she could accidentally brush his hand when she reached for the pumpkin pasties.

As fate would have it her doting boyfriend came and sat next to her. She had made a show of putting her hand on his leg under the table and smiling at him like they had a secret. The whole time she could feel Harry's eyes on her hand, as if burning to snatch it up. Feeling particularly bored tonight, Ginny had leaned in for a kiss as slowly and sensually as she could. It would have been fantastic, Harry's heart probably would have stopped if she had sat there snogging Dean right next to him. If only Dean wasn't the worst boyfriend ever.

Ducking out from in front of her, Dean had looked appalled that she was trying to seduce him at the dinner table. "Gin…we're at dinner."

Her cheeks had gone fire engine red, as she was sure her forehead and entire face had as well. In reality no one probably noticed. Ron was too busy staring pointedly at Hermione, Hermione was too busy reading a text book and eating at the same time, and Harry was too busy fuming about her hand being on Dean's leg for any of them to realize she was upset. She was, though, she was furious. It honestly didn't take much for Dean to set her off these days. But as distracted as everyone was in their own silly lives Ginny was sure they had all noticed when she abruptly stood up, emptied her boyfriends plate into his lap and stormed out.

She could hear them muttering behind her and even a few calls of her name as though to stop her but she wouldn't. She wouldn't wait for any of them to catch up to her to see what was wrong. Instead she hurried towards the doors to the Great Hall, intending to get as far away as she could. After a few minutes of aimless wandering, that goal morphed into reaching the highest tower of the school. In the Astronomy Tower she would be able to see for miles, see all of the world she was missing, and breath in the air that she was being deprived of in that god awful castle with all those idiots she called friends.

Finally, reaching her destination she was less livid than she had been upon her exit. She still hated Dean of course, but then again she knew that this wasn't about him. This wasn't about him at all. She was bored. She was so dreadfully bored and felt like she was wasting away and she just wanted to feel alive again. She wanted to feel…something. Unlike the former Ginny Weasley, she knew exactly what that something was, she just had no idea how to go about getting it.

She had tried, of course, with Dean. After the episode with Blaise she had started trying to teach him to be less caring, more selfish. It just didn't work. It wasn't in a Gryffindor's DNA to be selfish or passionate, she supposed. Except for her. She seemed to be the only one who was this restless and uptight all the time which made her wonder if anyone else desired what she desired so much. And if they did what did they do about it? Of course she heard the grunts and pig like squeals that girls tried to mask when they stimulated themselves in the comfort of their beds. She heard the stories of blundering, inept teenagers being caught with their hands down each other's pants on the ground. But Dean didn't want any of that. He refused to touch her in such ways. It was infuriating.

Then there was Blaise, of course. There was no way that she would ever approach him in public or even in private, she knew that was out of the question.It did not however mean that she didn't think about him. She fantasized about him taking her in a broom closet and having his way with her or attacking her in the dungeons. She dreamed of returning to that room where she had discovered him, dreamed of his hands on her again. And sometimes, she thought she saw him looking at her. When they were at meals or assemblies, or even when they saw each other in the hall, her breath would catch in her throat when she saw him looking at her with that glint in his eyes, the glint that reminded her of what they had shared.

"That was quite a scene you made in the Great Hall."

Ginny couldn't stop herself from nearly jumping out of her skin. Was it really possible that not a moment before she ahd been thinking about him, so close to fantasizing about his smooth hands handling her roughly and now he was speaking to her? How had he found her? Why was he here. She struggled to keep her heart beat steady, keep her breathing from hitching as she told herself he wasn't here to shag her. At the same time, she absolutely hoped that he was.

"What's it to you, Zabini?" She kept her voice even and even threw in a bit of ice for good measure. She was sounding thoroughly Slytherin if she did say so herself.

"Oh, Weasley…do mind your tongue please. I really couldn't care less, it wa a laugh for us at the Slytherin table really…What I'm really wondering is why on earth you're still feeling up that nit wit Thomas when I gave you a taste of the dark side. I thought you liked it." He had moved towards her and she tensed as she felt him coming. By the end of his little speech she could sense him standing close behind her. Still, he did not touch her though she found that every bit of her hoped that he would.

"What would you have me do then, break up with my boyfriend and confess my undying love for the Serpent who deflowered me? That wouldn't do well for your reputation I think."

He laughed. She thrilled at the sound, letting it wash over her as she looked out over the grounds. She didn't dare turn to him until he told her to, as she knew he would if he wanted her to. If she was going to get what she wanted from him he was going to have to go about it in his own way, and she knew that from the brief interlude they had had together.

"Very true, thank you for your consideration." He took another step towards her and she could feel his body flush against her back, wishing she had opted to leave her robes in her dormitory. She cursed cold weather as her nerve endings screamed for contact. His voice whispering in her ear made her forget her protests however. "However, I would rather you die a spinster than have to continue watching you feel up that filthy mudblood during my dinner hour." His cool lips trailed over the prickling skin of her neck as she registered that Harry had not been the only one watching the show she had been putting on with Dean. This was very interesting indeed.

She still did not move, instead opting to let him explore as he saw fit. "I didn't realize I should be saving myself for you, Blaise" She gasped when he bit the crook of her neck sharply as she spoke his name. Pushing back into him slightly she let her eyelids drop a bit.

"Of course you should, Weasley. I'm not about to share what's mine with those that don't deserve it." As he spoke to her in soft tones, he reached around her and pulled at her the front of her robe until it unfastened. She obligingly let him tug it off of her.

"I don't belong to anyone." She was adamant about this point. As much as she wanted Blaise to have his way with her she wasn't about to be his mistress, or his concubine or anything. She had needs that boys she wasn't ashamed to be seen with could not meet and he could. It was as simple as that. He did not seem content with this comment though. As soon as it left her mouth she felt the atmosphere change.

Sharply she was pushed forward and she stumbled. Tripping over her own feet she flung out her arms for protection as she fell. The sharp pain of her bare knees hitting the stone floor was nothing compared to a moment later when she felt his hand grip her hair and pull as he dragged her head backwards so she was looking at him. His eyes were bright with something. It wasn't rage but that's the only thing she could think of to equate it to at the moment.

"You belong to me, Weasley, whether you insist on masquerading with that filth or not. You're mine. Or do I need to remind you of that?"

And there it was. The fury that he caused inside of her mixed with her growing need for him to ravage her right there. On the one hand she should kick him full force in the balls and go back to her common room that very instant but on the other hand this was exactly what she had wanted, what she had been waiting for. She didn't feel loved or taken care of or treated like glass and that was what she needed. She was just feeling.

"Perhaps you do." That was all it would take and she knew it. Blaise needed no jibing, no hinting, no subtle hints that she wanted him to take her. He would do it whether she wanted it or not and she most definitely did.

In an instant he had flipped her onto her back, the hard stones hitting her spine a bit painfully. She breathed in sharply when he climbed on top of her, straddling her waist. She could already feel it, her center pounding at the close proximity of what it knew was coming. But it would be a bit yet, she discovered, for he made no attempt to unhinge her skirt. Instead he leered down at her, danger in his eyes. Reaching forward he put both of his hands on her blouse, the white color startling against his chocolate skin. She didn't dare try and interact with him just yet, she knew the rules. Instead she lay very still as he ran his hands up her sides and gently over her covered breasts. A sharp intake of breath on her part got a reaction from him. His eyes flitted to meet her own and a mischevious, almost menacing grin over took his face. He knew he had the power, that she had given it to him.

Ginny's eyes widened a bit as he hooked his fingers quickly around the fastenings of her shirt, making quick work of ripping it in half. That was going to be problematic later but as usual he gave her no time to think or protest. In one movement he had tugged down one of her bra cups and leaned in to cover the nipple hidden underneath with his mouth. Ginny squirmed a bit beneath him as he sucked and nibbled, simultaneously freeing the other breast and keeping it company with his free hand.

"Blaise…" The word was breathed and raspy despite her attempt to keep it level, domineering. She intended to tell him to simply take her, that she wanted it and he needn't waste time courting her various body parts. However, he seemed to have other plans. Growling her threw her a warning look, and her body stung with the cold air and absence as he jumped off of her. Hardly did she have a moment to react however when she felt his firm grasp on her wrist. She cried out briefly as he dragged her roughly backward a few feet.


Before she knew what was happening both her wrists were bound to a bench sitting dutifully by the entrance to the tower. In an instant he was on her again, licking all available skin and exploring all of her curves with his fingers, those magical fingers she knew were so multi talented.

"Tell me what you're thinking. I want to hear what I'm doing to you." His voice was unexpected as he didn't pause to look at her again. Instead she struggled to answer him as he moved lower on her body, placing his head between her legs and licking and kissing his way up her legs.

"I'm thinking that you're driving me insane."

He chuckled as his hands found the sides of her knickers and pulled them off of her. "That's what I like to hear." Returning to his work, she breathed in sharply as he hid himself under the fabric of her skirt. She wanted to be able to see what he was doing, to know what to expect. Her core was pounding and all she wanted was for him to insert himself into her but it didn't seem like he was intending to do that just yet which was proving to infuriate her.

However, when she felt his tongue lash out and flit at her folds she couldn't help but tense her muscles and groan in pleasure. He chuckled again, and the vibrations were just was welcome. She moved her legs so that he had better access as she closed her eyes and felt him exploring this new part of her. Squirming again, she whined when he placed his hands on either side of her hips to keep her still. When she had quitted he reclaimed one of his hands and though she knew it was coming, when one of his slender fingers slipped inside of her she couldn't help but arch up to try and meet it.

Though his remaining hand gripped firmly at her hip to try and keep her still, he did not chastise her as she expected. Instead he simply went to work sliding his digit in and out of her while teasing her with his seemingly expert tongue. She was building quickly and she could feel it. She was going to explode at the rate he was going, if he would just keep going. She fought to keep herself quite knowing that if he knew how much she was enjoying it he would take it away. Her body betrayed her though as her muscles involuntarily tensed around him and she tried to arch further into his touch.

As she expected, he was gone in an instant. Her eyes were open in a moment, pleading with his fiery ones for more contact, for continuance. Instead, however she watched him tap the bindings on her wrists, which immediately evaporated. She responded in an instant, not waiting for permission rather taking control as quickly as she was able. Nearly tackling him, she crawled on top of him, pulling at his blazer and his button down shirt at the same time. Following his lead, she ripped the buttons and simply reached inside to glide her hands over his smooth torso, not bothering to take the time to remove all that clothing.

He bucked against her, grinding his need into her as though to remind her what she had been doing. It was still his game, she was just a pawn and she knew it. But still the idea that he was letting her do what she wanted was intoxicating. Shifting slightly, she fumbled with his belt, finally just tugging sharply at his trousers and dislodging them with help from him. As soon as she saw it she had to touch it. Of course she didn't know how to judge such things as she had never seen another man's penis but she was sure his was of the good sort. At least the way it made her feel, the way it was going to make her feel, she knew it was good for her; At least, good in a bad way. She didn't care much.

Ginny did not wait to be told or invited to do so. His hands moved with her as she went to straddle him again, pausing only for a moment to make sure everything was lined up correctly, and then lowering herself ever so slowly down onto him. It was almost shocking, that instead of the blinding, never ending pain she had experienced the last time there was now this painful pleasure as he filled her. It was still new and she was sure it would hurt later but she wanted it now more than anything. But then there was the problem that she had absolutely no idea what to do now that she was sitting on top of him, encasing him.

Blaise had a pained expression on his face and his breathing was labored. She was sure he was making himself stay very still, enjoying the feeling just as she was. After a few moments he looked at her with those heavy eyes and slowly began rotating his hips against her. The effect was more than she could handle. Putting out a hand to steady herself, Ginny leaned over him, slowly learning the motion he was doing, mimicking his every move so that they were moving in tandem. She could feel herself reaching that tight point again where she was going to be unable to be of much use to him. Lifting herself off him ever so slightly she added to their established movements a bit, which made it all the more enjoyable for her. As her breathing began to hitch again and her eyes closed, more of her weight was put on the arm steadying herself.

"Are you going to come for me Weasley? I want you to do it with your eyes open."

His hips moved more quickly against her and she knew he was trying to help her get there, that he would enjoy watching it. She struggled to control her breathing and look at him but she could hardly control herself, everything was about that unyielding sensation building between her legs.

Without warning the world was spinning. He had flipped her again onto her back and was savagely thrusting into her, almost the same way as he had the first day, uncaring, unyielding. It was enough to send her into that soaring oblivion she had been trying to achieve. As her muscles tensed and she struggled to keep her eyes open, she heard him groaning, trying to reach his own peak. She dug her tiny fingers into the skin of his back and bent her knees to draw him further into him. With a final grunt he finally released into her. Their labored breathing mixed as he held himself above her for a moment.

Their eyes met and Ginny was slightly terrified by the depth of his black orbs. She felt like she could get lost, hypnotized by them. Blaise had already proven that he didn't need the Imperius Curse to control her. His face lowered to hers and he kissed the passionately, once, his tongue sneaking between her lips and sliding over her teeth before he pulled away and stood up, freeing himself of her.

Once again Ginny heard him mutter a cleaning spell that attended to both of them, and she watched as he readjusted his clothes. She shrugged on her ruined blouse and her robes, looking around for her knickers. Finally she saw them at the same time as Blaise himself did. Before she could move he had leaned down and picked them up.

"You should be more careful with these." Handing them to her he met her eyes briefly. They were still dark and menacing but there was something different. Ginny was less fearful for just a moment. He turned to leave, stopping in the entrance to the tower.

"Carry on with the mudblood if you must, Weasley. But remember it's me who makes your body quake the way you need it to."

And then he was gone, leaving her to catch her breath and try and figure out what the hell was going on.