Time War: Dimensions In Time


Kim Possible had fought all kinds of menace. She fought Robots, Supervillains, Aliens and The Supernatural. But the one thing that had finally brought her down was something far more vicious, the stuff of nightmares.

Danny Phantom had fought all kinds of menace. He had fought Ghosts, Ghost Hunters and his own dark side. But the one thing that had finally brought him down was the same thing that had taken down Kim Possible.

Both of the heroes had fought valiantly. But both of them had failed miserably.

The name of the evil that had taken them down was that of an inter-dimensional demon. Its name was, Trickster.

The Trickster, one of the most powerful beings in creation, entered the universes through the Medusa Cascade. The Medusa Cascade was a mysterious rift deep within both universes.

When the Trickster entered the universes, he consumed everything. He laid waste to all eternity. Women, Children, Every single thing in existence was his. And the ones that weren't killed or tortured became his slaves.

For a while there was resistance, but soon that too, died.

But some of the resistance remained, and this is the story of how they fought back.

In the year 2030, five cloaked people gathered at the site of Stonehenge. Stonehenge was one of the biggest mysteries known to man.

The tallest of the five pulled its hood down, to reveal that it was in fact a robot. The robot spoke in a monotone voice, "I've acquired the artefact.". It then proceeded to remove a small talisman, from left pocket on its cloak. "Great work, Rufus!", A male voice said. The figure that spoke, pulled down his hood, to reveal that it was Ron Stoppable.

"With this Talisman we can change all that the Trickster has done.", A gravelly male voice said. "True words, Vlad." Ron said. "We need to use it, now. Before the Trickster finds out.", Vlad replied. "Agreed.", Said a tall, and heavily built man. "But do we know if it will even work, Wade?", Said a younger male voice. "We don't. But it's our only chance, Jim.", Wade said. "Then let's get to it.", Jim said.

"Not so fast, Gentlemen.", Said a sinister voice. "Trickster.", Jim said. The group turned around, to face their nemesis. "I'm so pleased, that you all remember me.", Trickster said sarcastically. "With all due respect, Trickster. Up! Yours!", Ron said, giving him the middle finger. The Trickster giggled evilly. "Oh, how I will miss your sense of humour.", Trickster said. "What do you mean by that?", Vlad asked. "This.", Trickster replied, lazily. Trickster then extended his arm, and shot forward. He stopped inches away from Vlad. All of a sudden, a large blast of white light shot out of Tricksters hand, electrocuting Vlad.

Rufus tossed the talisman to Jim. "Use it!", Rufus shouted, as the rest of the group tackled Trickster.

Jim looked down at the talisman, that he gripped tightly, and spoke loudly, "Klaatu Verada Nikto.". "No!", Trickster shouted, as a glowing blue aura, enveloped Jim. "Nooooo!", Trickster screamed, as the aura completely covered Jim, and then vanished, taking Jim with it.

In the Kim Possible Universe…

In the Year 2006…

Kim and Ron had just graduated High School three months earlier, and for obvious reasons had decided to, as Ron put it, Marinate for the week. That meant no work, no nothing. Just fun, Sun and each other.

The Possible family had only just finished rebuilding their home, which had been destroyed the same time that, Kim & Ron had graduated.

In the Danny Phantom Universe…

In the Year 2007…

Danny Fenton, otherwise known as Danny Phantom, had just revealed himself to the world, after a rather nasty incident involving an Asteroid.

For Danny, this meant no more happy slaps or wedgies from the Jocks, and Girls actually said "Hi!" to him. And to make things better for him, he had just gotten together with his lifetime friend, Sam Manson. For Danny, life could not get much better.

Back in the Kim Possible Universe…

Kim sat back down on a deck chair. Ron looked at her and said, "Bikini or fully dressed, I still love ya.". This elicited a loving smile from Kim. "Thanks!", She said happily. Leaning over, she gave him a short but passionate kiss.

Ron stood up and walked towards the newly built pool, and quickly dove in.

Kim watched as he went under. A mischievous grin, spread across her face.

Ron was under the water with his eyes closed. Big mistake. He faintly heard a heavy splash, so he decided to surface.

When Ron surfaced, he noticed that Kim was not around. "Kim?", He called out. She was nowhere to be seen.

Ron then felt, two smooth and slender female arms wrap around his chest. "I'm right behind you, Ron.", Kim said. Ron's gentlemen's vegetables immediately went hard, when he saw her two piece blue bikini on the ground, and when he felt Kim pulling him closer to her.

Ron turned around to face Kim, but he did not leave her intoxicating embrace.

The two teens smiled at each other. Ron kissed Kim, and was surprised when she opened her mouth, yet still had her lips pressed against his. Ron opened his mouth and was greeted by her tongue, which now played, passionately, with his.

Kim pulled her head back and smiled lovingly at him. But her smirk soon turned to one of mischief, again. Ron gave the same mischievous grin, back. "Gimme some sugar, baby.", Ron said in a suave, Bruce Campbell, style voice.

Kim replied to Ron's suave comment, by moving quickly forward and kissing him.

Ron was mildly surprised, and largely aroused, when Kim slid her hands down the back of his shorts. He gasped slightly, when she ran her hands over his backside. Ron responded to this, by moving his arms forward and caressing her backside, softly, with his hands.

"Is that a gun in your shorts, or are you just happy to see me.", Kim joked, referring to his growing erection. "What do you think?", Ron said. "I'd say it. But I'd rather feel it.", Kim said, causing Ron to become harder.

"Are you sure you want to?", Ron asked. "We're not in school anymore, and we're both teenagers. So, hell yeah.", Kim said. "In the pool, or in a bed?", Ron asked. Kim thought for a second, before saying "My bed.".

Ron was about to get out of the pool, when he heard the front door open. "Kimmie, we're home.", Kim's father said. "Shit!", Kim whispered.

Kim immediately removed her hands from Ron's shorts and reached for her bikini.

It was now night, and on the outskirts of Middleton, in the sky, A swirling blue void opened up in the sky.

"Oh, Boll...", Jim said, as he fell out of the void, and then fell ten feet to the ground, screaming quietly when he hit the ground.

Jim stood up and brushed the dirt off of him. He then realized that he was stark naked. "...Shit...", He whispered to himself.

Jim looked around to see a house, and luckily for him, there was a clothes line, with clothes. Jim stared at the house for a second longer, "...Nobody's awake...", He thought.

Once Jim had nicked a rather cool set of clothes, from the clothes line, he looked at himself, up and down in a broken mirror. "...I wish there was some other way...", He thought.

Jim looked around and then saw that a policeman was watching him. "...Shit...", Jim said as he ran off. "Hey, stop!", The officer shouted.

The police officer, chased after Jim, for about four minutes, before Jim turned a corner, into an alleyway.

The officer did not expect a fist to smack him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Jim picked the officer up and pinned him against a wall. "What year is it?", Jim asked the officer. "What?", The officer quizzed. "What year is it?", Jim asked again. "April 18th, 2006. Why?", The officer replied.

Jim pulled the gun off of the officer's belt and aimed it at the man's head. "Take your shoes off.", Jim ordered. "What?", The officer asked. "I Said, take your shoes off. Now!", Jim shouted. "I can't do it with a gun aimed at my head.", The officer said.

Jim slowly stepped back, keeping the gun trained on the officer. The officer carefully took his shoes off, and pushed them towards Jim. "Right, now. Get lost.", Jim said, aiming at the officer again. The officer taking the warning, ran off.

Jim quickly put the officer's shoes on, and then ran off.

Kim had been lucky enough, to be able to put her bikini on, before her parents caught her completely naked, in the pool with Ron. Ron on the other hand, had just stayed in the pool.

Back in the Danny Phantom Universe…

Danny sat in his room, reading an old comic. "Oh, Danny! Sam and Tucker are here!", His mother called out. "Okay, mom!", Danny shouted.

"Hey, dude!", Tucker said, in exhaustion. "What's up?", Danny asked him. "You know what's up. I'm thinking of resigning.", Tucker replied. "You're mayor, and you wanna quit?", Danny quizzed. "Honestly dude. It's worse than being with Lancer for a day.", Tucker said. "That's bad.", Danny said, chuckling.

Sam entered the room. "Hi, Danny!", She said, smiling. "Hi, Sam!", Danny said.

Sam glanced at Tucker. "What's up with, Scrooge?", She asked. "Hasn't he told you?", Danny asked. "No.", She replied. Danny grinned and said, "His mayoral position is getting to him.". She chuckled. Tucker just sighed, in depression. "Jeez, he's worse than you.", Danny said, hiding a smirk. "Hey!", She said, and threw a nearby cushion at him. The cushion hit him directly in the face. "Ouch!", Danny said, half laughing. "Well you deserved it.", She said.

Tucker's cell-phone rang. "I'm here.", He said grimly, after picking it up, and flipping it open. He listened for a few seconds, before closing the flip-phone and saying, "I've gotta go. Got more business.".

Jim had found a car, parked nearby, and had decided to hotwire it. "Yes!", He said quietly, as the car started.

The sound of police sirens floated in the night air, as Jim sped off.

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