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I gazed out the window as the Mustang zoomed through the streets of Forks. I had no idea where Edward was taking me, nor did I really care at the moment. Hell, he could take me to the hospital and I wouldn't care.

Feeling something on my leg, I looked down and smiled when I saw Edward's hand holding onto my thigh. I then placed my hand on his, which caused him to slowly turn his hand over and lace his fingers through mine. When we got to a stop light, he pulled my hand up to his mouth and kissed it softly. He looked over at me and smiled softly then spoke in that sexy voice of his. "I love you Isabella."

I Smiled wide at him then leaned over the center console and kissed his lips softly. "I love you too Edward." We were then jerked out of our little world when a car honked behind us. Looking ahead, we saw that the light was now green, which caused me to blush.

Edward continued to drive and we made small talk along the way. After ten more minutes, he pulled into a parking lot. I smiled widely when I noticed that it was in front of my favorite bookstore. "Eddie, what are we doing here?"

He just smirked then cut the engine. "Patience, Bella." He quickly got out and walked around the front end. I looked up at him through the window as he opened my door. Taking his hand when he offered it to me, I got out of the car, my eyes still locked with his. The intensity of his gaze caused me to blush and look down at my feet. He placed a finger under my chin and tilted my face up then leaned down and softly kissed my lips. "You're so beautiful Isabella."

I smiled softly up at him then bit my lip as I finally took in what he was wearing. The black button up hugged his torso perfectly making my mouth water slightly. And his Khaki's hugged him in all the right places. He looked amazing and I just wanted to pull him back into the Mustang and take advantage of him.

He led me to the front door of the bookstore, which looked closed since all the lights were off. I looked at him with a confused expression on my face, which only caused him to msile more. He opened the door and led me inside, where right in front of the register a small table was set up for two, complete with lit candles and flowers. I looked up at him in awe, tears threatening to fall from my eyes. ""

He just smiled and placed his hand on my neck, his thumb softly moving across my cheek. "I'd give you the moon and the stars, Isabella." He leaned down and softly kissed my cheek, then looked towards the counter at the girl who stood there. "Emily, thanks so much for helping me with this."

I looked at Emily and smiled wide, then quickly walked to her and hugged her. she and I had been friends for a few years. "Wow Em, thanks for this."

Emily just smiled and hugged me back. Her mom owned this store and the both of them always made sure that when a book came in that I wanted, a copy was set aside for me. Hell, they would sometimes stay open later when I was too caught up in a book to leave. "No problem Bells. That guy really does love you, you know."

I smiled and nodded, then hugged her again. "I think I'm just beginning to realize that." Emily then walked up the stairs that led to the apartment over the store, where she and her mom lived.

Edward walked to one of the chairs and pulled it out, smiling over at me. "Shall we, my love?"

I walked over to him and sat down, looking at him as I did. "This truly is amazing Edward."

He smiled down at me then walked over and took his seat in his own chair. "It makes me so happy that you like this." He picked up a bottle of Sprite that had been placed in a bucket of ice next to the table and poured us both a glass. After handing me mine, he then took the lids off of our plates, revealing two plates of mushroom ravioli.

Smiling, I looked up at him then back at my plate once more. "This looks amazing baby." I then picked up my fork and took a bite, moaning at the taste. "And it tastes just as amazing as it looks."

The both of us ate slowly, talking about random things between mouthfuls. The fact that we could have such easy conversation made me smile to myself. I had always thought that he and I were so open with eachother, but now that everything truly was out in the open, I realized that I never had felt so at ease around him. Before, it always seemed like there was something lying just under the surface of the looks and touches, no matter how subtle they all were. Now that I finally knew what it was, I couldn't be happier.

I jumped slightly in my seat when I felt something brush against my calf. Looking up at Edward, I saw that he had a slight smirk on his lips. "Eddie, what else do you have planned for tonight?"

He smiled at me as he continued to rub his foot against my calf. "Well love, your favorite couch is open, how about we sit there for a little bit and talk?"

I bit my lip then looked towards the bookshelves, the call of all the books getting to me. "Uhm, why don't we talk while we look at the books?"

Edward smiled at me then stood, hold his hand out towards me for me to take. "Anything you wish." I smiled up at him as I placed my hand in his then led him back towards the back corner of the store.

Once we were between a few of the shelves, I began looking at all the Shakespeare, biting my lip. Picking up Romeo and Juliet, I turned it over and ran my fingers softly over the cover. Looking up at Edward, I smiled as I spoke. "This...this is my favorite."

He took the book from my hands and began looking through it. I watched the concentration on his face as he looked over each page before flipping to the next. Then, his lips turned up in a smile as he found what he must've been looking for. He then began to read, causing my knees to go weak. "'Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.'" He then looked into my eyes and smiled. "Ever since we had to read this in ninth grade, that quote has always reminded me of you."

Tears welled slightly in my eyes as I leaned up and kissed him. My arms wrapped around his neck and my fingers tangled themselves into his hair as he pushed me back into the shelves. His tongue ran across my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I granted. When I felt his tongue touch mine, I let out a moan and pushed my body against his. His hips pressed back into mine, causing me to feel his erection, making me moan even more. Finally, I needed to breathe, which caused me to tear my lips from his.

He picked me up then carried me to the couch in the front of the store, which he laid me back on. He then climbed on top of me and started to kiss down my neck to my collarbone, causing me to begin moaning once more. "Oh shit, Ed, no, not here." I sat up and carefully pushed him back. "We need to stop. I don't want to do this here." I looked into his eyes and bit my lip. "I want to though, so bad. Just remember that. I put my hand on his cheek, which he closed his eyes and leaned into.

"I want you too, Bella." He leaned in and chastely kissed my lips, which caused me to smile. He then stood and looked up at him with a questioning look. "Bathroom. I err..have a little problem."

I giggled then nodded, watching him walk towards the back where the bathroom was located.

Right after Edward shut the bathroom door, I heard a noise and looked in the direction it came from. I stood and raised my eyebrows when I saw Emily creeping slowly down the stairs, carrying a bag full of what looked like toilet paper. She turned her head and looked at me, her eyes going wide at the realization that I heard her. After a long pause, Emily broke the silence. "Uhm, hey Bella. Where's Edward?" she looked around then tried to hide the bag behind her.

"He's in the bathroom Em. But, I'm guessing that you're not bringing all that toilet paper to him, huh?" I crossed my arms and waited for her answer, though I already knew what it would be.

"Uhm, no. But hey, listen, if anyone asks, I was upstairs all night. I never left, ok?" She began to slowly walk towards the front door while still looking at me.

I slowly shook my head, though smirked at her. "No problem Em, just make sure my dad doesn't catch you TPing, ok?"

Emily nodded then bolted out the door. I giggled as I sat back on the couch once more. Moments later, Edward reappeared, looking at his phone. "Shit Bell, I gotta get you back to Alice's. It's almost midnight."

I quickly stood and took his hand, looking up at him with a pout that I knew he couldn't resist. "Can I drive baby?"

He groaned and looked away. "Bella! You know I can't resist that look!"

I reached up and moved his head so that he was looking at me. "Pweaseeeeeeee?"

He groaned again then reached into his pocket and handed me the keys, causing me to squeal and throw my arms around his neck, kissing him. He then wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me back for a few moments before stepping back and leading me out to the Mustang. "Just remember babe, let her run." He winked at me then opened the drivers side dor, letting me inside before jogging around to the passengers side and getting in.

I started the car then drove to Alice's, making it there in half the time. When I turned off the engine, Edward got out and opened my door once more, then took my hand and let me up to the front door. I smiled up at him as he reached over and brushed a stray pice of hair behind my ear. "Thank you for tonight Edward. It truly was amazing."

He smiled down and me. "I'm glad you enjoyed it Bella." He then leaned down and kissed me softly. "I love you."

"I love you too." I smiled as I watched him begin to back away towards his car. Once he was halfway there, he turned and jogged the rest of the way to his car, waving at me as he drove away.

Just as I was about to turn and open the door, I saw a police car pass by the house, with what looked like Emily sitting in the back seat. "Oh fuck, good job Em!" I quickly ran inside to grab Alice, telling her that we needed to head down to the station and bail out our friend.

Alice looked at me with shock written on her face. "Was she TPing again?!"

I nodded, "Yep. And I wouldn't be surprised if Josh was in the car with her."

Alice shook her head, handing me a pair of regular clothes. "Well, you better change or your dad is gonna be looking at you weird."

I nodded. "We're gonna have to teach Em and Josh how to TP without getting caught."

Alice just smirked. "Bells, you are the master, so yes, I suppose."

I winked at her then went to change, a smile plastered on my face. Even bailing one of my friends out of jail wasn't gonna do anything to spoil my night.