Is it worth it - what we do

I used to think so once

and so did you.

Now something's different,

something's wrong,

and I've been tryin' to

put my finger on

what changed.


Seems like a lifetime ago since we

first hit the streets - so sure

that me n' thee

could change the world,

make the difference.

It all seemed pretty clear back

then -made sense.

Not anymore


What changed? - when did me'n'thee

against the world turn out more

like me'n'thee

against each other.

And when did

we first start to question why

we do this job -

what for?


Maybe we just got sick of it.

Sick of all the pain - tired

of all the hurt.

Nicky once asked

me, "why d'ya

wanna be a cop?" - now standing on

this beach with you I

have an answer.


I don't anymore - I've had enough of

wondering what if the next time

we don't make it.

So Hutch if

you're about ready to

pollute the ocean with that badge

then I am too – so

Mind If I Join Ya?